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How to choose a top wedding photographer in Delhi

By Richa

Looking for the perfect shutterbug to document your special day? Let’s see if we can help!

Image Courtesy: pdphotoworks

Everybody is a selfie queen/king nowadays; hence, we all know the power an image can hold. And when it is about that one special day, your wedding day, you would not wanna leave any stone unturned. That means careful R&D is required beforehand regarding professional dexterity, artistic approach and personal demeanor when choosing your photographer. Given that, there is an exhaustive list of top wedding photographers in Delhi, it is crucial to select the one who is THE BEST.

Choosing the best wedding photographer can be tricky and overwhelming. How do you know what makes a photo go say ‘Yup! That was one amazing moment’? That’s when you ask to yourself - what should I be looking for when looking at a photographer’s portfolio? Don’t fret! We’ll tell you what traits to lookout for when searching for the top wedding photographers in Delhi.

Image Courtesy:

See a few full wedding albums that he/she has produced. Photographers tend to show a collection of their best images but all from different weddings, so you're seeing the best of the best. The dilemma with that is you won't get a well-rounded idea of their absolute work experience. Ask to see two or three full galleries from real weddings that they’ve shot and not just their highlighted work. This will also help in judging the constancy of his/her work, wedding after wedding.

A top wedding photographer does whatever it takes to get the WOW! Shot. This doesn’t mean they have to get obtrusive or disrupt the proceedings in order to click images but they should be on their toes throughout the ceremonies. And they should not settle for ‘just good enough photos’.

Image Courtesy:

Make sure that the photographer’s ego knows its place. Everyone has an ego but only a true professional photographer will know how to keep his/her ego - the bad part – in check. However, sometimes, some photographers cling to their egos and refuse to understand the vision of their clients, which might result in few good photos but not a complete and true love tale that you wanted.

It’s not just about taking the pictures but it’s about crafting the images that reflects love and immortality of the moment. So, it is very much important that the photographer should have a vision of clicking the images with a purpose.

Don’t hire the wedding photographer whom you don’t really like on a personal basis! Their artistic style might be good, but remember that he/she is going to be a very substantial participant in your D-day. So make sure you’re at ease with their personality. If you find they are irksome, rude, or if you think their jokes are cheesy, keep looking. The list of top wedding photographers in Delhi is immense; you won’t have any trouble finding another one.

Believe us - once the wedding party is over, and your brain is a warm humming buzz, before you hit the pillow you will say, “I can’t wait to see the photos.” That is why if you truly want things to go smoothly, you need to hire proven professionals. Period.

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