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How To Choose A Perfect Wedding Venue

By Richa

Budgets are good when it comes to booking a beautiful venue for your wedding but a comfortable venue is what your guests are really looking forward to. So read on to know how you can choose a perfect venue to make your guests happy!

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Wedding planning is a humungous task and we need not days or weeks but months to put things in place. We ensure that everything including food, decoration and service given to the guests is of premium class. Most of the weddings that you might have visited must have all the arrangements at the best and for your own event, you try to do even better; but what is the one thing that you are afraid of when you receive an invitation? Clothes? Well, you can manage what to wear somehow. Gift? You know that if not anything, the ‘shagun ka lifafa’ will save you. If, as a guest, you can manage these things then the only thing anyone can dread is the venue. Selection of a budget wedding venue in Delhi, which isn’t only comfortable for you but also accessible for your guests, is very important to make your event a success.

When you organize a wedding function, your utmost priority is your guest. So, while making the arrangements you must put yourself in place of your guests and think from their perspective about what is and what isn’t comfortable for you. It is only after you understand your guest’s mindset; you can throw a successful bash. To make sure that next time you book a wedding venue you don’t falter in an y aspect, here are some tips for you to consider while choosing the best venue!



It is not necessary that you have to choose a farmhouse on the outskirts of the city to organize the wedding. If it is too far off, then it puts off the guests much before they even start dressing up. The venue should be in some central area where public transport is also available so that those who plan to come by a cab or train can find a ride home easily. We usually try to cut down on our budget when reasonable banquets and hotels are readily available within the city. It only takes an extra moment of thought and effort to see it from the convenience point of view.  


Marry Me Tampa Bay


You have your guest list with you, you know how many people you need to accommodate and how much space those number of people need to feel comfortable and not clustered together to feel like they are clambering at the event trying to find sufficient space for themselves. The venue you choose for your event should have ample area where food is served and the tables should be placed closely placed so that they are accessible and the guests are not left eating while standing with the plates hanging in there hands. The other aspect is also quite important; more than sufficient space. A venue too large for the wedding where the guests are not much is also a negative especially because the venue looks dull when guests are too scattered.


The Conservatory at Painshill


A wedding venue is usually a multi-usable area for different kinds of parties. So, to have a clear layout for the area in concern with the ceremonies that are to take place, catering, tables and extra seating are some of the key points to be kept in mind. A chaotic wedding venue is not only confusing for the guests but gets annoying if the guest has to run around without a clue. Each element of the wedding should have a dedicated area not marring the space for other elements.


Most of the guests at the wedding commute by their private cars and with 500 people at the venue, it is a hiatus when it comes to the number of cars for which you need enough parking spaces available. Let’s face the truth here; nobody wants their vehicle to be driven recklessly by untrained valet to fit in your car amidst the whole lot. Comfortable and preferably free self-parking options at the venue prove helpful in making your guests feel comfortable. Moreover, you don’t want any mishap like stealing or accidents to take place at your event.


Rambagh Palace, Jaipur


A clean restroom is a must have facility at the wedding venue with amenities like hand dryers, sufficient toiletries and a baby diaper changing table for moms with little kids. After all, the facilities are a part of services and a wedding is best remembered for excellent services. In fact, if you want to go an extra mile for your guests’ comfort and your pocket allows, then wheelchairs for elderly and a guarded play area for kids is a great option. You also must ensure that the linen and napkins at the venue are also tidy for an enhanced experience.



When you think as a guest, you tend to look for a venue that proves to be a haven for your guest. If you keep these in your checklist then we are sure, your guests will return happy and rejuvenated by a wonderful experience and a happy guest is always a mark of a successful event. Happy Wedding Planning!

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