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How To Buy Your Wedding Dress?

By Richa

You've decided on your wedding style, but now you are having trouble finding the perfect ensemble. Follow these basic dos and don'ts given by our expert to make sure the most important dress you will ever wear reflects your personal style.

Being a designer, I can safely say that I make a living judging people’s dresses. Not just me, we all, as human beings, constantly critique everyone’s looks at weddings. Especially, the wedding dress; it is the dress of all dresses, the one that would live on forever in pictures and albums for years to come. A lot of preparation is required way before the wedding date, right from booking the wedding venue to inviting guests, picking jewellery to choose the perfect outfits. Well, for a bride choosing the perfect wedding outfit is surely an important task. However, the process of selecting the perfect outfit is not always as fun and easy as it might seem. One has to go through many dos and don’ts before finalising the outfit.


While picking that one perfect outfit, one has to keep in mind a lot of other things, be it silhouette and the fit, colours and embellishments or fabrics. Since weddings are considered to be an auspicious affair, it’s advisable to wear traditional attire which can be trendy and that makes a fashion statement for others.

 If you are feeling so much pressure to find the wedding dress of your dreams that you think you may be going nuts, do not worry. We know exactly how you are feeling, and we are here with few tips for finding the perfect wedding dress. Read on, stress less and spend more time on the rest of your wedding planning to-do list. (Like tasting cake)


Live your magical time with these DO’S

  • First thing first, it is always better and advisable to choose a style that will flatter your body than going for the current trend. There has been a range of trends coming in for the wedding outfits but not all trends suit everyone. Therefore, it is better to play safe and look best by selecting the trend and style that not only flatter your body but also be a talk of the town.
  • To stand out with your partner, why not pick an outfit which complements the groom and his outfit and which fits well with the wedding theme. Nowadays, people have specific wedding themes for their special day for which they design specific outfits related to the theme or which says their story, so one can surely opt for this kind of a design. And by compliment, you can pick a contrast lehenga with the groom’s sherwani, or you can go for a similar shade.
  • When you have style and design ready for the outfit you want, what remains important of all is the colour. The colour of the outfit plays a crucial part. For an Indian wedding, going for a colour like black and white is a big no-no as they are considered to be profane.
  • Most communities have a colour or a dress code to brides when it comes to Indian wedding clothes for the pheras. Telugu weddings would mostly see the bride in an off-white saree with a rich multicolour border, while Tamil brides are most likely to wear a specific shade of red. Up north, brides generally wear lehengas in red or pink whereas, in the east, Bengali brides wear Benarasi silk sarees in red, pink or off-white. In case you do not have a specific colour code to follow as a bride, you can choose Indian wedding clothes in vibrant colours like red, gold, maroon, orange or pink with embellishments in gold or silver. The colour palette ought to be vivid and rich, in order to do justice to the event.
  • Now many brides are also opting for pastel shades like nude, beige, cream, violet, a pinch of baby pink for the wedding lehenga and without a second thought, they are making a fashion statement. Ditching the usual red and green and going for new shades is definitely a hit for all the brides getting married this season. One can also mix and match colours rather than settling for a single toned outfit. Pick two or three that will break the monotony and infuse brightness to your look.
  • When you are ready with the colour, style and design; now comes the fabric. The fabric that is outdated for sure is biggest don’ts while choosing an outfit. To have a long life for your outfit, go for a standard fabric, or fabric that will be there for years and always in trend. You can pick Gota-patti embroidery, Khadi silk, Jamewar, and many more.

Common Pitfalls to Avoid

  • Do not follow the trend blindly. One wants to go with the celebrity spotted lehenga or the one you saw at a ramp walk, but it is not necessary that whatever you see will look good on you too. Trends are just giving us ideas, but not necessary we have to follow it. Go for the one you are comfortable with and the one you can carry.


  • Indian wedding has this thing of going over the top with the outfit, jewellery, makeup and all. But in my perspective, one should never go overboard and draw a certain line while talking about jewelry and makeup. Keep it simple and elegant and carry yourself with grace, is the best what a bride can go for. Minimal is new style statement making it look classy and elegant.


  • Don’t try on too many wedding dresses. Trying on wedding dresses is a very exciting experience; however, if you try on too many, you will become overwhelmed with the choice available and not be able to make a decision.


  • Don’t be influenced too much by friends and family. Everybody is entitled to their opinion, but remember too many opinions will cloud your judgment. Just because your best friend wore a hot pink saree at her wedding doesn’t mean it will suit you too.


You may cry or you may not, you may choose the traditional red lehenga or you may not, you may choose a wedding dress you can breathe in or you may not. Everyone is unique, as will be every dress shopping experience. But in the end, remember it’s fit over fashion. And more importantly, it’s not about the labels. It’s about the love.

About the Author: Designer Dipti Sawardekar of brand NOURA

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