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Honeymoon Lingerie and Nightwear

By Swati Khatri

Honeymoon is the time to indulge in those romantic fantasies. Let’s have a look at the must have lingerie and nightwear for your special vacation.

You must have long planned this cherished vacation. We are sure your wish to whisper those sweet nothings in your sweetheart’s ears is what getting you going. When romance is in your heart and erotic desires are at flame, the best way to indulge in some fun is by adding on some sexy lingerie and nightwear to your suitcase. Wrap your desires in satins, laces and furs. Pick anything from stylish corset to colourful bikini or choose from that pink lacy baby doll to that black flirtatious camisole. “When choosing nightwear and lingerie look at comfort, also location of honeymoon is to be kept in mind while determining if the clothes can be skimpy or not. Remember your clothes should complement your body type and enhance your looks, keeping in mind the colours are effervescent and young to go” advises designer Pam Mehta.
Let’s have a look at the must have honeymoon wear.
Camisole- it’s the time for chocolates, scented candles and off course camisoles. A camisole is a loose fitted garment extending to the waist and exposing the midriff. It generally has spaghetti straps and comes in satins, laces and nylons. It also comes with underwire bra to give your cups that perfect shape.
Nightie/Night Gown- A nightie is a nightwear that comes in different lengths ranging from hips to ankles. These nighties can be worn with or without a bra. Coming in various fabrics like the silks and satins a nightie comes in different styles like that of the body hugging or loosely hanging at the thighs.
Chemise- When talking about honeymoon how can one forget adorning a net chemise. A chemise is a loose fitted sleeveless inner wear hanging straight from the shoulder to the waist. It’s longer than a camisole and has that comfort factor you are looking for.
Baby Doll- Feel like a sex diva in the soft and wild colours of a baby doll lingerie. It’s a short nightie loosely fitted at the hips. The underwire bra in a baby doll helps you accentuate your curves.
Corset-It’s often used to give your torso a desired shape. It’s a tight fitted garment extending from the shoulders to the hips. Designer Nidhi Munim opines that “a corseted look helps you show off your perfect curves”.
Body Stocking-These are long one piece stockings covering your body from torso to legs and arms.
Resort Wear- Resort wear includes the beach wear and dresses for the warm climates. “Multi strap bikinis are on the radar this season, you can sport neon straps for that trendy look” says designer Nidhi Munim.

Picture Courtesy: Designer Pam Mehta

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