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High Definition Makeup for Weddings

By Sanhati Banerjee

Wondering about the latest fads in make-up – hd, airbrush and all that talk on the flawless look? Here’s your all-you-wanted-to-know manual on high-definition make-up and the phenomenon of the ‘naturally’ picture-perfect bride.

A pancake makeup with various applications of a creamy or liquid base or pressed powder that is usually applied with sponge or finger tips. That’s traditional or regular makeup for you that is quite versatile in its offering of an inexhaustible range of shades and its adaptability to different situations. Brides of the earlier decades have been seen posing in this. As children probably, you had often sneaked into your mother’s vanity kit and dabbed on some of that gooey, thick substance on your face and hopped around as if you had won some fancy dress competition. But, off late you must have been hearing a lot about airbrush makeup and also come across a blazon of cosmetics flaunting the label ‘high-definition’. It would not be an overstatement to say that slowly there has been a HD makeup revolution sweeping across the upmarket salons and studios. What has brought about this revolution and what do you need to know about this? The aim of this article is to take you on a tour to this stream of niche makeup that has now been incorporated into mainstream bridal looks as well. 

Face-off with HD & Airbrush Makeup
We live in an age of technological edge where photography and video have become a very common and recurring phenomenon. From startup college photographers uploading instant photographs and videos on FB, from the enthusiastic housewife who poses happily for the family digi-cam with the perfect pout to professional wedding shoots, party videos and romantic couple photo-ops; what we see are clearer pictures with more depth and most importantly an element of style. What we see on our LCD or plasma screens are also pictures with more clarity and depth and often we hear the term HD ready with respect to our screens. Our TV screens and our photos are the new high resolution ones. Earlier, it used to be quite fine to go for a quick makeup application with heavy cake foundation and those thick lip liners or heavy blush-ons and even the cracks lines would not be visible. But now, this has ceased to be the case. Now, the shots are more realistic. Contemporary professional photography is veered toward capturing reality at its candid best – like the way we look in supermarkets, our dining rooms and in our offices. It’s not an artificial studio look.
The term ‘high-definition’ does not define a particular brand or type of makeup that we can apply on our face and be instantly HD ready. It’s a technique that needs to be perfected by the makeup artist. Also, when we are using the term high-definition to define our makeup, what we mean to say is our makeup is to perform well on TV and on stills but by making our skin look natural like our ‘real skin’ and not unrealistically made up or unnecessarily theatrical. Sonic Sarwate, M.A.C senior artist says “On HD cameras and hi-definition TV each and every pixel is clearly visible. It gives more detail of every element of the picture. So HD makeup is designed to suit the HD cameras, as heavy makeup can really be highlighted on screens. This is a more advanced and refined formula of makeup. Airbrush makeup is sprayed onto the skin instead of being applied with fingers, brushes or sponges. This makeup is also very refined so gives similar or favourable results for HD and is very popular with TV, movies, theatre, etc.” Colours are not broken, so we are not able to detect ‘start’ or ‘end’ points of colours. The colours are also more true-to-skin and not too pink, green, maroon etc!

Airbrush makeup is light-weight makeup applied through an air-gun machine that produces a thin, even layer of makeup that produces a matt finish. A small amount of very thin makeup concocted for airbrush use is put into the chamber of a gun. When the machine is turned on and the gun trigger pulled, a light spray of makeup comes out of the machine in the form of a light, fine mist. Again, airbrush is not a type or brand of makeup, but a technique used in Photoshop, a picture altering program, that makes models/subjects in the photographs appear flawless. Airbrush makeup is non-transferable meaning slight rubbing or brushing against something or someone will not cause the makeup to come off the face.

But you should not get the idea that high-definition makeup and airbrush makeup techniques are exclusive entities. In fact, airbrush makeup is one of the ways by which one can get the high-definition look. As Nidhi Khurana from Brush Strokes by Nidhi says “High-definition makeup is makeup of such a high quality that it allows us to easily create a look that will be read through a high-definition camera to yield a flawless and natural look. Airbrush makeup has become more popular with the advent of high definition cameras and televisions. Traditional powder or liquid based make-up can settle and appear in pores and wrinkles and be visible on HD film. As the airbrush makeup is sprayed on, it gels very well with the skin. Airbrush makeup wears longer than traditional powder or liquid foundations. So, high-definition look can be created by airbrush also!”

Elaborating on the intricate relationship between the two, Bharti Taneja, owner of Alps Beauty Clinic and a reputed aesthetician and cosmetologist says “High-definition makeup involves the use of superfine particles that blend impeccably into the skin and photo chromatic pigments that work for all kinds of lighting. Though this technique was originally designed for films and television, it is now very popular in real life for providing a flawless coverage especially for weddings. Its extremely fine texture is supple and easy to apply to cover imperfections, diffuse pores, smoothen out the skin that reflects natural and artificial light at all angles. High-definition makeup covers a vast arena and airbrush makeup is a part of it. The artists use airbrushing that covers the face with a smooth and soft thin layer of makeup without any physical contact with the skin keeping the process hygienic. The makeup is light and free of any speckles ready to be perfectly captured by the HD Cameras.”

The Artistic Apps
When your cosmetic product says it has HD properties it means it contains silicon that will cement over cracks. Compact powders that contain HD properties are finely milled and one can’t feel these on fingers. For brides to get that high definition, “ready for my closeup” look, they need to find a professional trained makeup artist in HD makeup techniques to bring out the best of their features. Getting HD camera ready means having to look like yourself with natural, glowing skin with a little colour but not the inch thick makeup look.

Aashmeen Munjaal, ace makeup artist throwing light on the different types of foundations and coverages says “Different foundations, as well as different application techniques, lead to different degrees of coverage. Sheer foundation provides the most translucent coverage, and contains the least amount of pigment. Alcohol-based foundation is typically very sheer, and does not hide discolourations and other flaws. If you have very light freckles, highlight them with sheer foundation instead of trying to cover them up. Light foundation, which contains approximately 15 percent pigment, will hide unevenness and blotchiness, but will not cover freckles. Medium coverage foundation will cover freckles, acne, and blotchiness, especially when it is set with a tinted powder. Sometimes called corrective makeup, full coverage foundation is extremely opaque. Makeup artists use it to hide birthmarks and scars, and for stage makeup. It may contain up to 50 percent pigment.”

Bharti Taneja opines that HD makeup camouflages imperfections, covers blemishes and still manages to appear invisible blending seamlessly into the skin. She further says that since HD makeup is very vast and versatile, it includes the following:

  • Silicon makeup, where the particles are small and silicon based providing a smoother texture that lasts longer.
  • Mineral makeup contains mineral pigments that nourish the skin providing a beautiful glow.
  • Airbrush makeup is fast and hygienic because a soft and smooth layer of makeup is applied without coming in direct physical contact with the skin.
  • High-definition makeup done with specialised products sits on the skin to reflect the light in subtle ways ensuring a smooth texture.

Nidhi Khurana says that airbrushing for makeup utilizes a freehand technique to apply makeup while manipulating aspects such as distance and PSI strength (air pressure) to produce certain effects and coverage. Airbrush makeup will either use a circular motion or forward-back motion with the airgun when applying foundation. Both dual-action and single-action airbrushes can be used for airbrushing makeup and require slightly require different techniques. Airbrush makeup is applied by layering several passes of makeup. This allows the artists to build upon previous layers to produce subtle changes.

Bridal Clarity
Brides too want that flawless look today. With destination weddings appealing to a very niche section, the demand for this niche makeup look has also shot up. The resort bride, the morning bride and definitely the bride who is for a subtle urbanity in her look are all up for this fresh, seamless and light makeup look with intense natural tones what with the full-fledged coffee table books, pre-wedding style shoots and high-voltage videos. With the focus on you and the close up on your face, the HD lens is likely to pick up every uneven skin texture, blemish and pore and expose wrinkles and ‘show’ your traditional makeup. This can be avoided by using high-definition makeup. As they say, every frame deserves the bride’s attention.

Shival Ghai of Xpressions Makeup Studio says “For weddings it is gaining popularity, as brides are now going for neutral and cool tones, both of which look brilliant with high definition make up due to its lightweight quality and subtle application. There is also the option of contouring and highlighting like no other with this, and this can make you look slimmer and enhance your natural features.”
Aashmeen Munjaal says that whereas HD suits all skin and age types, airbrushing can’t be used in dry season because of gun pressure. “For the best blending,” Aashmeen says, “any makeup should be akin to body temperature when you apply it.”

The Artist’s Play
The skill, experience and imagination of the makeup artist who is in charge of applying any form of high-definition makeup are of utmost importance. High-definition makeup or airbrushing is no magic tool that it will instantly transform you into a dazzling diva. The success of this technique or media depends on the creative play and skills of the artist to study your skin type and create the best effect for you. It is also important to repose faith in your artist.

At the end, you must also consider your wedding budget before you think of opting for this as HD/airbrush makeup is a much costlier option as compared to traditional makeup. Another thing which you must take care of is grooming your skin to its healthiest and softest conditions by following a sound pre-wedding skin care regime. Remember, only with great skin makeup will look most flattering on your skin and make you look so to the camera.

You can CHECK OUT these outlets for High definition Makeup

Aashmeen Munjaal’s StarSalon (Unisex Salon) & Aashmeen Munjaal’s Empire of Makeovers (For Ladies Only)
Know the Brand: Aashmeen is an established name in the field of makeovers in the capital and after the success of Empire of Makeover; Aashmeen recently opened her new unisex salon called ‘Star Salon’. The salon aims to treat its customers like stars by providing them solutions to all their needs under one roof with its exotic treatments.
USP: is customer satisfaction. As a makeup artist she believes it is her duty to make everyone look smart.
The Airbrush Makeup Package: Package depends upon the kind of makeup done.
For Pre-wedding packages start from
` 10,000 onwards; for Wedding packages start from `15,000 onwards
Duration: 2 Hours & 35 mins
Contact: Aashmeen Munjaal’s StarSalon
• E-15, South Extension Main Market-II,
New Delhi 110049, Tel: 011 40541866
• Ground Floor, Moments Mall,Near Kirti Nagar Metro Station, New Delhi
Aashmeen Munjaal’s Empire of Makeovers
• H-86,Empire of Makeovers, Ashok Vihar Phase - 1, Tel: 011 2722267

Xpressions Makeup Studio
Know the Brand: Xpressions is a studio-cum-salon chain designed to specialize in the services of a wide range of makeup including bridal, high-definition and party, hair designory, hair rejuvenation and spa, and fitted with state-of-the-art equipment and furnishing.
USP : Eyelash perming, airbrush makeup, permanent hair extensions, semi-permanent eyelash extensions etc.
The Airbrush Makeup Package: Airbrush make up packages start from ` 20,000. Pre-bridal package & bridal package start from
` 20,000, which include ` 7,500 worth of pre bridal services, as well as hairstyling, saree/lehenga draping, nail art.
Duration: 3 hours
Contact: Xpressions Makeup Studio:
• A-57 Lajpat Nagar-2, Tel: 41881512, Mo: 9891567002
• 28 Bunglow Road, Kamla Nagar, Tel: 41530646, Mo: 9911567020
For more info, visit:;

Alps Beauty Clinic
Know the Brand: Bharti Taneja, the owner is a renowned aesthetician and cosmetologist in her own right and early on in her long-spanning career she had recognised the challenging trends in beauty and pioneered the fusion of scientific techniques and traditional methods.
USP: Non surgical treatments without the use of steroids and giving a correct advice of what the client has come for. Wedding packages and makeup is another USP.
The Airbrush Makeup Package: Wedding package for Airbrush Makeup including sagan/coctail, bridal, and reception is ` 45,000 It includes hair accessories, saree draping, nail art, makeup and hair styling.
Alps Cosmetic Clinics Pvt Ltd:
• Helpline-9871444666,9212444666
• Vikas Puri – Tel: 011 25501772, 011 25555750
• Kamla Nagar – Tel: 011 41530696, 011 23844316
• Gurgaon- 4081755, 4081744

Brush Strokes by Nidhi
Know the Brand: It is a stylish professional make-up studio catering to all with a love for the chic and sophisticated in makeup.
USP: High-end makeup for fashion photo shoots, bridal dos and parties as well as hairdos and nail art for wedding etc.
The Airbrush Makeup Package: For airbrush its starting from ` 12,000
Duration: 30 to 60 min
Contact: Brush Strokes by Nidhi, S-393 Greater Kailash, Part-2, New Delhi -110048;
Nidhi Khurana’s Contact: 9818273522

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