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Heres How to Make Your They lived happily ever after Scene!

By Harini S Santosh

Here’s mirroring your honeymoon yen, post marriage pickle and the relationship in between.

Marriage, the most precious moment in life! Portraying a blend of happiness, struggle, love, sharing and caring, marriage is a beautiful word. Even more precious is the night that fades off all the obstacles, barriers and second thoughts in the dimness of light while lust unites the pleasure seeking ones.
The blissful state with pleasure and compassion is just unbeatable. Who wouldn’t want to stay in the same mood and mode forever?
Those every minute messages, exchanging smiles in gatherings, tender touches, blushes and grim, a glimpse of romance at every step!
The initial few months of a relationship are often full of seemingly unlimited romance. The honeymoon phase is filled with a lot of ‘butterflies in the stomach’ moments with constant texting, smiles and of course, steamy sex.
Now, after the butterflies fly away leaving you more intimate with your partner, what next? Does the conscious challenge your beliefs?
An end to the honeymoon phase is actually typically a good thing. It’s the right time to reassess the situation. It’s a chance to find out how strong those feelings are and where their roots belong to.
If you find out that it is the beginning of something deeper and serious, then it’s time to celebrate. While a lot of couples struggle making it past this milestone, some who do, have an awesome shot at life long term.
Sex – the word that is hushed in public and wowed in private moments is actually the most important part that enhances life and boosts up passion in marriage amidst couples who just tie a knot.
However, when it is about sex, it’s not rushing onto the beds at every single opportunity to sneak into a condom and then get to work instantly after. Yes! Your playtime with your pleasure-giver decreases a bit after the honeymoon phase, but if you are truly a great match, you will surely continue to find your partner sexy and romantic, inviting to get intimate frequently.
The most surprising, enlightening and sometimes very harsh truths that couples encounter after marriage actually would teach them what love really means!

Tenacious, Lust-filled and Romantic Even After the Honeymoon Grid! Why Not?
When love is new or a married life is new, couples are inclined both physiologically and psychologically to take the positive experiences just for granted similar to other circumstances in other genres of life like profession, hobbies or interests. Everything is thrilling for a time! Then, as if some autonomic forces play in and propel, the expectations change and people tend to take up new and improved circumstances for granted or we get adapted to it.
This could be implied to a relationship also! Well! Why do the expectations expand and why does the ‘desire’ for passion fall down and why does sex life turn into a mere monotony? Where does the steam disappear? Why do couples not urge for that very passionate sex that left them in bliss, then?
Here are a few possibilities:

Why Sex is Not as Steamier as It Was Just After Being Married?
A lot of couples love the ‘passion period’ - the mutual excitement and bonding they share with each other during the honeymoon phase. They expect to always get drenched in those supercharged feelings which are extravagant with a lot of blissful emotions. The couples therefore strive to relish the thrill of those soaring emotions and never want to move off. Since not every situation is as chic as the honeymoon period, they start losing interest.
Well! Passion of course draws two people close, but there must be something more to hold them steady, especially when they indulge in marriage which involves intruding into each other’s daily lives.
The readiness to move on to the next phase though isn’t readily there, it can be developed gradually to smooth things and bring the passion back. The crazy-in-love times can become a prolonged affair, but with some planning. However, this is just one side of the coin.
This coin has three sides! Funny, but true! The other side could be the technology interference that causes intimacy issues.
While having difficulty with commitment is just one of the reasons why couples don’t have steamy sex on regular basis, there are quite a lot of reasons that are merely hidden under the carpet and most of the times invisible.
As a couple, it is important to be intimate with your partner. Warm cuddling, steamy sexual intercourse, soothing personal conversations and sharing secrets with each other are those activities that create some intimacy and closeness between the two of you.
A lot of couples in the present day are having a ‘sexless’ marriage relationship, literally having sex once a month or hardly 10 times a year. Surprising! Isn’t it?

Does Technology Affect Your Sex Life? Yes Of Course!

A lot of research studies concluded saying technology intrudes into the minds of pleasure seekers resulting in low sex drive. Yes! Technology as in the digital one, texting, gaming and watching television endlessly especially have become the major reasons behind couples being in a sexless marriage.
Most men and women after being married for a couple of years or after dating for years, complain of their partners always reading text messages or simply engaged with the social media.
With work pressure, deadlines and stress to complete work and stay online to the official members at work round the clock, couple tend to keep their phones which have the whole world in it as a result partners are responding to text messages and even answering phone calls during the pleasure moment.
Hilarious fact is that people touch their smartphones more than they touch their partners! Well! What does it mean if your partner prefers to check Facebook or Twitter instead of sweating in pleasure?
On the other hand, sex and technology enmesh through many forms of internet dating. Most people wish to find love through dating websites and quite a lot of them wonder if they should actually give it a shot.
With almost everyone having access to the internet right through a smart device that can just be sneaked into the pocket, cybersex and online dating have grabbed great attention.

Stirring Back Passion Into Your Relationship
Sex is not just a mechanical play. It demands passion and urge to give pleasure and take it for some extremely blissful outcome.
Interrogate your thoughts, invigorate your sex life and bring those most passionate moments back into your lives to share happy bonding and love.
Here is what you should do to retain the passion in your relationship and to boost your sexual desires…

Understand Why Sex Moved Down Your Priority List
If you have thoughts about getting back the passion in your life, first thing you should do is to figure out how, when and why sex moved down your priority list. Don’t assume that no one under the sky behaves like lovers and has passionate sex after having children. Moms and dads also have passionate sex and there is nothing so awful in it. So, stop assuming!

Recommitting to Each Other
Sex should be moved upwards on the list of priorities and each of you should make a conscious decision of recommitting. Physical intimacy is utmost important in a relationship.

Create an Opportunity
If you think situations are not just right every night, make changes so as to contribute to the situation by creating an opportunity. Visual stimulation also works really well. Women can dress up like never before to mesmerise their men or the men can arrange for a date.

Talk Your Desires
Each one should let yourselves demand and get what you want. Yes! Just claim your right and voice out your needs to your partner. Sexual satisfaction and “feeling wanted” by your partner is a state of healthy relationship.

Stop Complaining

Most couples tend to complain, get frustrated and angry at not being able to get the pleasure they seek. It’s important to stop complaining and start creating what is desired to make a relationship beautiful.

Getting Creative
Think of some really creative ways of driving up your sex life. Put some fun, excitement and energy in, to bring back that passion into your relationship. Most importantly, don’t feel embarrassed to ask what you want. Ask it or do it to fulfill desires and keep your partner satisfied.
Remember relationships especially marriage are meant to keep two people happy, if things go haywire, fix them with positive thoughts and enjoy every moment keeping away interruptions and intrudes. Have a sexy life with strokes of happiness!

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