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Happy aromatic wedding to you

By Richa

An increasing number of people are turning to the ancient power of essential oils as a way to lead a more ‘natural life’ and reduce anxiety. Read on to know, how can a bride-to-be incorporate aromatherapy in her wedding?

 Close your eyes and imagine (of course first read the entire sentence and then imagine *silly me*) – the aroma of coffee brewing, smell of your favourite food (like pizza or cake), remember your childhood memory in the park with your grandparents and having a euphoric feeling from the smell of champa flowers all around or that ex-boyfriend perfume that suddenly stir up memories of the past. Fragrances grab our attention. But not just that, aromatherapy is powerful and it helps us relax, provides mental clarity, helps cope with emotional conflicts, and energises us physically, emotionally, or mentally. Love potion, elixir for timeless skin, mesmerizing reed diffusers or your everyday calming attar - aromatherapy affects emotions in many different ways.

“Aromatherapy is the art of utilising plant oils, constituting essential oils, for physical benefit and good health. An essential oil is a liquid that is filtered from the leaves, stems, flowers, or other parts of a plant. Essential oils have been discovered to render both psychological and physical betterment if used accurately and carefully. Aromatherapy encourages the use of natural elements including cold pressed vegetable oils, jojoba, hydrosols, herbs, milk powders, sea salts, clays, and mud,” opines Dr. Naresh Arora, founder of Chase Aromatherapy and Skin Care.

Some of the benefits of aromatherapy, it:

•Gives you energy
•Gives you healthy joints and muscles
•Create a sensual and fascinating atmosphere
•Rejuvenate both mind and body

Aromatherapy allows you to harness the olfactory power of plants for healing, or simply to enhance your state of well-being. It is not at all a new concept; it has been around for centuries, although traditions and methodologies have changed through the ages.

Make Your Wedding an Aromastic One!

“Your marriage is a special event. To keep the excitement of your special day alive, use the aroma of essential oil. First step, come with your natural perfume for the occasion. A scent would be a first choice as these adored oils are a combination of elegant floral filtered into sandalwood essential oil which acts as a natural element to protect the aroma on your skin all day long,” suggested Mr. Arora.

“One more way to incorporate Aromatherapy into your wedding celebration is to burn natural resin or odor wood as part of your ceremony. Unlike perfumed odor, natural woods are clean and clear. Traditionally resin is used in sacred rituals, and naturally takes us to a higher state of awareness. When planning your wedding details, make sure you acknowledge the influence of scent, and use it as a tool in creating a charming experience that will be treasured for years.,” he further added.

In her latest book ‘Aromatherapy – A Way of Life,’ the renowned aromatherapist Dr.Blossom Kochhar has mentioned all the great and easy uses of aromatherapy in our lives. Ms. Kochhar suggested in her book and we cite - you can incorporate your personalised fragrance – which bewitches you – in your wedding candles, invitations, wedding flowers, bridal bouquet, bridal hair accessories etc. for the guests to remember the wedding forever, she mentioned that you can use diffusers at the venue – their revitalizing aroma will become the hallmark of the wedding; or you can also use aromatherapy soaps or vials of perfume as takeaways for your guests. Sandalwood, rose, orange blossom, neroli, jasmine, and ylang ylang are the most preferred aphrodisiac fragrances for wedding celebrations and for romance. To know more about the enchanting blends and concoctions, we suggest you read the book.

Be the Scent-Sational Bride

With all the overwhelming planning, demanding uncles and aunties, crash dieting and shopping – weddings also brings with it a few physiological contradictions or changes in new brides, most of which are related to emotions and mood swings. Hormonal imbalances, hypertension, or depression, dietary disorders related to haphazard diet patterns are just some of the reasons that makes aromatherapy extremely important in this phase.

Mr. Arora further doles out some useful tips for brides to overcome stress, depression and other skin-related disorders.

Two months can be a good period for a bride to adopt for aromatherapy. A bride can go for an aromatherapy process two months prior wedding day. Aromatherapy can be used in the entire wedding process. Aromatherapy, or wedding scents, is fast becoming one of the fresh trends in the wedding industry. Every girl wishes for a wedding that’s talked about even after the event. So, all fresh inventions are being made to ensure your wedding is the one they will remember. You can start the aromatherapy process from Face, then body, hands, feet and lastly hair.

Face wash: Use mild face wash (Aloe Vera for dry skin or mint tulsi for oily to normal skin) at least twice a day. Always apply Aloe-Vera based skin toner after every face cleansing.

Sunscreen: Use a mild sunscreen with SPF 15-20 preferably with relaxing and calming aroma oils like jasmine, motia, ylang ylang and rose.

Never use hard scrubs like walnut which may make your skin sensitive and allergic. Scrub beads with jojoba oil, wheat germ oil, and vitamin A are highly suitable.

Homemade oil: Add half teaspoon each of jojoba oil and avocado oil with two drops each of Vitamin E and A, one drop each of orange aroma oil and sandalwood oil. Mix together and apply 3-4 drops daily on the face which shall soothe your facial tissues and calm the nerves. This practice should be started one month before the wedding.

Hair: A head massage with hot oil - a mixture of castor oil, sunflower almond oil, and coconut oil in equal measure, infused with a few drops of an essential oil like ylang ylang, is known to be good for the hair and acts as an aphrodisiac. Glycerin with malt vinegar can also be added to balance the acid content in the hair. This massage, followed by a hot towel wrap will help the oil to penetrate into the scalp.

Hands and feet: Soak your feet in warm water to which rock salt, lime juice, and shampoo have been added. After a good long soak, scrub your feet and apply night cream before going to bed. The following morning, application of a moisturiser on the feet after a bath is advised. Start the nail cultivation therapy as well. Apply a coat of transparent nail polish every day for a week until you go back for your next manicure and pedicure.

The prescribed diet will include a drink comprising honey and lime juice added to hot water every morning. Stick to a fruit or vegetable diet for at least two days every week.

Body massage: Almond oil with a few relevant essential oils forms the base ingredient of the massage medium. A sandalwood body pack with honey, milk, jasmine oil, rose oil, orange peel and a tablespoon of almond oil mixed with sandalwood powder is prepared and applied. Take body massage with stimulating aroma oils once in a fortnight with steam detoxification. Body scrub with Dead Sea salt also helps in tissue and muscle relaxation and removes dead cells, dried skin oil, and other skin deep impurities bringing back the lost sheen and gloss of the skin. A few drops of tea tree oil acts as an antiseptic after waxing.

Say no to skin allergies: If the bride suffers from skin allergies and skin rashes and eruptions like pimple, acne then she must prepare a spray bottle with two drops each of tea tree oil and patchouli oil with 250 ml water and after thorough shaking, apply this spray on your face at least twice a day . This shall make your skin flawless and glowing on your D-day.Happy aromatic wedding to you!

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