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By Richa


Trendsetters have predicted a revolution in the bridal hairstyle for the upcoming wedding season. Yes, you heard me right! Winter is fast approaching and so is the wedding season. And everyone knows that every bride wants to look astonishing on her wedding day. So, planning ahead to avoid the tiniest hiccup is a must; otherwise they might become ‘Bridezillas.’ And one of the most important aspects that contribute into the making of the perfect bridal look is the hairstyle. A bad-hair-day on your wedding is simply not an option.

There’s so much to do and think about when you’re planning a wedding. You’ve imagined that you’ll have the most beautiful of wedding hairstyle. But will it match with your wedding dress and hair accessories? All of this wedding stuff already has you almost overwhelmed, and so you think that you’ll need help; after all, nanhi si jaan itna saara kaam kaise karegi? So to help you out, we’ve put together an easy-to-follow guide to avoid any hair disasters on your big day… learn these tips by heart and you’ll not only look great, but feel great too on one of your most unforgettable days.

Wedding Hairstyles—Where To Start?

Wedding hair styles and bridal makeup plans should be formulated at least 3-4 months before the event. Book your practice run or trial with the stylist well before the wedding.

Suddenly your bland hairstyle or colour of your hair has started to annoy you? Planning to play around and experiment a little? But you better think twice before doing it. Avoid making any drastic change in your hairstyle, colour, etc. few weeks or days before the wedding; however, if you must explore the “new you,” then make sure you do it a few months before the D-day! It will give you time to get back to normal if anything goes awry.

Whatever you do, do not forget to take along pictures of wedding hair designs that you like (scour wedding magazines, internet etc. for the latest trends), which is just one of the biggest ways to steer clear of bridal hair disasters. Pictures will assist in eliminating misunderstandings between you and your hair stylist. Also, don’t assume anything when it comes to the language of hair. Terms like “big bun,” “soft waves” and “sophisticated” mean different things to different people. Therefore, like said before, communicating through images will help your stylist to easily make out what exactly you want! Also keep in mind the venue and weather before selecting your hairstyle to avoid hair disasters!

Pre-Wedding Hair Rituals

Avoid using excess of blow dryers, straightening or curling irons on your hair and also avoid chemical based styling products like gels, sprays, etc. There are many natural products now available in the market that you can opt for instead (consider this as a daily hair care tip and not just because you are getting married). After all, we all know that blasting our hair with a hairdryer or straightening it every day isn’t the apt thing to do. So, invest in a good protection spray to guard your locks against damage or what’s even better—avoid chemical-based hair styling at least a week before the wedding. Don’t mix hairspray and a hot-iron. EVER.

Trim your hair two weeks before your wedding day, as it takes 14 days for a haircut to set in. Oiling the hair at least twice a week is essential and also make sure you’re treating your locks to a deep conditioning treatment once a week with herbal products. Furthermore, do not become your own hairdresser (it’s your wedding day, honey, not your college fest), so it is always better to seek professional help.

Picking The Right Style

Winter is here. Although who does not wish to have the perfect hair like Khaleesi from Game of Thrones? Yet keeping your hair looking even okay in the colder months takes time and extra effort. So, always keep in mind the natural hair texture and type of your hair while deciding upon your hair style for your D-Day. Let your hair be and work with it instead of fighting against it. You can try to a degree to force your hair into unnatural shapes, but with cold winds outside and central heating inside, fine straight hair will be more prone to drop curls, while naturally thick hair may frizz.

Embrace The Updo: Updos can be your best bet if you’re trying to tame unruly hair, as they’re more likely to withstand changes in the climate. Choosing an updo will mean that your hair will be neatly tucked into a beautiful style that won’t budge throughout the day. It will also look elegant under over-the-head drape which can accommodate many bridal hairstyles. But of course if you wanna flaunt your updo, make sure the fabric of your dupatta is a little see-through. Show off your highlights, don’t hide them. When highlighted hair is pinned into an updo, a portion of dark hair is revealed beneath. Break up the solid color by having extra highlights applied at the under layers of your hair if you plan to go with an upswept hair style.

Singh, a beauty expert, says, “Updos always last longer than the open styles. Open styles can get messy and sweaty after a while. Save the open styles for the other occasions. On the big day, it is nice to look traditional.”

Avoid Headful of Curls: You do not want your hair to look like you took the rollers out but forgot to brush it. After all, they may not last even the duration of the event. However, if curls like Kangana Ranaut has always been your dream hair style for your D-Day, then make sure to use the right tools to help your updo stay in place; like a good serum to give it gloss, a volumising spray if your hair is fine. A good quality hairspray should do the trick and leave you, looking stunning on your special day.

If you are dreaming of adorning a Rapunzel-like hairstyle with extensions or switches, please ensure beforehand that the quality is good. Pick hair extensions that match your original colour because it should create an illusion of your own hair and not fake hair! Plus, imagine the unsexy appeal of not only spending 15 minutes pulling bobby pins out of your hair, but also pulling a large chunk of fake hair out, or even worse, getting your new husband to do it at the end of the night. Well, certainly not very romantic of you!

Add Some Sparkle: Winter brides can indulge not only in rich colours and fabrics but plenty of sparkle too. From a delicate, dainty bride to fierce, dramatic one, there’s something for everyone, regardless of whether you want an extravagant statement piece or a simpler hair accessory. They not only embellish the hairdo, but also make the bride stand out by enhancing the overall look. Jewelled or beaded chains, glittering hair bands, jewelled pins, fresh flowers, sparkling tiaras, traditional maang teeka, paasa or jhoomar and more—choose your style statement and create a fantastic look. But a word of caution: headpiece should enhance your hair style, not distract from it. Avoid hefty designs as they might give you a headache at the end of the event or they might even ruin your hair style.
Singh proposes, “Avoiding last minute disasters! Be very sure before you let your hair dresser go. You should carry a tail comb, hair spray and lots of hair pins of fix any disasters.”

Don’t over think it or don’t be fixated, in fact be creative. Always remember, whether you want a very detailed hairstyle, the perfect mess, or a more sophisticated look. The hair style you wear on your memorable day should be polished to perfection with comfort, longevity, style and personality.

Relax, enjoy and let your hair-styling professional do the rest!

Hair Care Tips

  • Hair spas are as important as facials.
  • Shampoo and condition well after all occasions to get rid of all excess styling products and sprays.
  • Use thermal protect serum before blow dry.

Inputs taken from Ms. Puja Singh, senior technical educator for RUSK in India


Things not to do:


  • Hair dos become challenging when the brides come late for their appointments and create panic.
  • Avoid applying lots of oil on the day of the wedding; it can make hair extra soft and as a result, difficult to style.

Inputs taken from Ms. Puja Singh, Senior Technical Educator for RUSK in India

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