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Grooming timeline for precious groom

By Richa

A pre-wedding beauty regimen is not just for the bride. Even men are now ready to embrace their own grooming routine to prep for the big day too.

Mani/pedi, hair trial, laser hair removal, facial, eyebrow waxing—the list goes on for big day bridal beauty. With all these hovering details, it’s no wonder the bride’s skin and hair care needs its own calendar. But that doesn’t mean the groom shouldn’t structure his own time for looking fabulous. Of course there will be more for the bride, but men today want to look great, too, and having a bad haircut on their big day is a BIG No-No.

“Wedding is a special occasion for the groom as much as it is for the bride. So why step back in some grooming and pamper sessions to not only relax but also look fresh, rejuvenated, and handsome. To look well groomed of-course is the primary reasons. Doing haircut, facial, threading, waxing on D-Day is not recommended as they can cause slight redness and skin bumps. Hence, It should always be done few days prior to the D-Day,” suggested Mr. Jaykishan Anant Pawar, Asst Manager in Training, Truefitt & Hill.
What To Do…

Thanks to Ms. Josephine Song-Global Head New Product Development VLCC for putting together a pre-wedding day timeline for the groom.

A groom should start preparing for his beauty regime two months before the wedding. The regime should be divided into 3 steps

Step 1: Two months prior to the wedding date 

Opt for a beauty package: A package for grooms should include basic makeup, haircuts, facial hair trimming, and moisturisation of skin – which ensures head to toe care.

Start a skincare regime: Your wedding is the perfect excuse to finally get cleaned. You’ll want to book monthly facials to refresh your skin. A professional aesthetician or dermatologist can work on deep cleansing your skin; reduce dark circles, pigmentation, and spots so you look well groomed!

Get Fit: Following a nutritious diet and exercise regime at least two months before the big day will keep the beer belly at bay.

Avoid junk food & alcohol: Opt for a healthy breakfast and snack smart with options like multigrain muesli and oats. Get plenty of whole fruits and vegetables, lean proteins, whole grains, nuts, and seeds.

Step 2: Three weeks prior to the wedding date

Get a haircut. Meet a hair stylist so you don’t look scruffy!
Unkempt hands and feet are a put off. Get a manicure and a pedicure a week before your big day.

Step 3: Wedding Day

The countdown to D Day has begun. Prep up by drinking lots of water and exercising for at least 30 minutes a day to flush out toxins to get a natural glow. A simple beauty routine makes a huge difference:

Balinese Body Massage: This unique Indonesian massage uses a combination of massage and stretches, which helps to relieve muscular tension and balance the energy lines.

Cleansing, Toning, Moisturising: This is decade’s old mantra for attractive skin. Use products basis your skin type. Cleansing, toning, moisturising, and exfoliating will help keep your skin cleansed and hydrated. Start your day with a gentle cleanser suited for your skin type (dry, oily, or combination). Post cleanser use a broad-spectrum SPF 30 sunscreen and at night, opt for a nourishing cream to help replenish the skin.
Stay Relaxed: Keep your calm. Plan your day in advance so you are better prepared and be sure to not make it hectic. Simply sit back and enjoy your day!

A bit of makeup hurts no one. This includes foundation that covers and conceals blemishes and dark circles.

What Not To Do…

“For the D-DAY, it’s important that you are stress free. Happiness and joy brings a total different body language and glow to skin. No facial or beauty schedule to be done on D-DAY. Just a shave or beard styling along with light makeup touchup and hairstyling will do wonders to grooms look. The two most common mistakes are not giving proper intervals between sitting, that is taking sittings too frequently and getting too stressed out during wedding preparations,” says Hair Expert Niell Talwar.

“Wedding preparations are tiring, but should be looked at as celebration and should be enjoyed. Being all stressed out and tired not getting proper sleep is not going to be helpful for the D-DAY,” he further added.
If you are styling your own hair, give yourself some extra time, just in case. Follow your stylist’s tips and re-create your style just as they did at the salon.

It’s tempting to go overboard with your cologne, but please don’t. One or two sprays is enough to keep you fresh all day, while eliminating the chance of being ‘that guy’ and smelling too strong.

Bonus points: Send your bride a gift, flowers, or a personal note to read while she’s getting ready. The little things mean the most. Oh, and don’t forget to have mints and lip balm handy.

You want to look and feel your best on your wedding day. Getting ready for your big day doesn’t just include picking out the perfect suit–it’s perfecting the total package. Armed with the above advice, there’s no excuse not to look your finest come your nuptial day. Wishing you a happy and stylishly confident wedding day!

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