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Grooming Fixes for the Dear Groom

By Richa

Embarrassing spot? Hair loss? Dark circles? Whatever your grooming nightmares are you need to be perfect before you plunge into matrimony? Here is your checklist!

Indian weddings are all about that hard-to-miss sartorial elegance. And it is an occasion when all eyes are on the couple. It is not just the bride who needs to look prim and proper but the groom as well to make them the ‘picture-perfect couple’. You’ll be photographed multiple times and you will also be the center of attraction with your special one. So, looking perfect on your D-day is something you shouldn’t compromise on. In order to look fabulous on your wedding, you must eliminate certain grooming problems before your wedding. There are a few common problems which many men may suffer from.

These need to be fixed before you tie the knot to look your best on your special day. Here’s what you can do.

Excess Body Hair

Body hair is completely normal unless it is in excess, which can completely be an eyesore. What if the attire you wear on your wedding reception doesn’t look good because you of the excess hair? Make sure you take care of this problem in good time.

Mr. Danish Batra, Founder, Hair Masters luxury Salon suggests, “If groom has no time and does not want to spend much money so the easy solution is to have a short term solution i.e. Italian waxing. It gives a quick solution and removes all the hair. But you can also go for the long term solution – It is one of the most common cosmetic procedures used worldwide. If groom have time and wants a permanent solution then it’s better to have laser hair removal. Laser helps you to remove unwanted hair from the face, legs, underarms and other areas. The process needs to start at least one year prior to the D day because of the number of sessions involved (anywhere from 6-10).

Bad Teeth

Your teeth can make or break the awesomeness of your wedding photographs. Accept it; you will flash your teeth in front of your camera for sure at some point. But when you do make sure that your teeth doesn’t spoil your picture. Many forget that good teeth are not only good for photographs but also for health.

“A visit to your dentist at least a couple of months before the wedding is highly advised. These days there are oral care packages that ensure your smile is dazzling just as you on the big day. The amount of time required for oral care treatment varies for every individual and hence it is a good idea to keep sufficient time for oral treatments. Washing your teeth twice a day is the most common remedy to brighten your teeth,” says Rohit Chawla, CEO, The Man Company.

Unkempt Hands and Feet

“Our hard working hands and feet are the most ignored body parts and men specially have always taken them for granted. For something that’s always been by your side and kept you standing through all highs and lows, men need to understand that our hands and feet need pampering. I don’t think it’s a good idea to use cracked heels to scare away all the Sisters-in-law when they rush to steal your shoes at the wedding! If you notice cracks in your feet, its time you addressed the issue and start to regularly hydrate and moisturize the feet,” opined Mr. Chawla.

He further said, “Also, uncut nails with dirt are the biggest turnoff for most. If a mani-pedi is not your thing, just soak your hands and feet in warm soap water for 15 mins and then scrape all the dirt from below the nails. Wash your hands and feet at the end of the day or apply moisturizer regularly, it will make your skin look whiter and soft.”


Dr Amit Luthra, Dermatologist, Laser specialist and Cosmetologist said that “balding can be addressed medically with significant improvements with oral and topical medications. Procedures like PRP and Mesotherapy can be added for better and faster results. For higher grades of balding, hair transplant and Camouflage are options.”

While Mr. Danish Batra added, “if you’re messing with your curly hair and trying to make them straight again and again, then stop doing that cause it causes breakage. Stop over-styling and doing experiments with your hair. Some groom tries a lot of things on their hair which makes them more worse. Try laser hair therapy that will stimulate your hair follicles. This really depends on how you perceive balding and the type of balding you have. Some men take it in their stride and either take the completely bald look or stick to military cuts. If you are not comfortable with the receding hairline, there are numerous ways to go about it. You must first check with a dermatologist to understand the reasons for your hair loss and then understand your options to rectify it. You may also try using our Moroccan Argan Oil shampoo as research indicates that Argan Oil promotes hair growth and reduces hair fall. Just as oral care, this will also need time and hence it’s better if you address it with sufficient time on your hands.”

Belly Bulge

One of the prime problems for many grooms is the unsightly belly bulge which is quite difficult to get rid of. Come on, you don’t want some extra pounds of flesh to spoil your dream groom look, do you? If you have excess belly bulge and doesn’t want it to make you look bad, then try to reduce it soon.

“No surprise here – HIT THE GYM, and FAST! All those beer pongs and Friday nights with colleagues have resulted in a not so attractive belly and we are sure you want to get rid of it as soon as you can. If you are more of a ‘stay at home’ type, yoga and suryanamaskar can help fight the bulge. Maintain a diet plan and go for the gym, Do cardio exercise to sweat yourself. The more you sweat the more it will help you to make your body look more fit, do yoga in the morning or go out for the walk to stay in shape. It will also help you to kill the wedding stress,” continued Mr. Chawla.

But if you wanna seek the medical help for that, then Dr Amit Luthra has an apt advice for you – “belly bulge is best treated with Radiofrequency devices like Vanquish and Exilis Elite. Other options like Cryosculpting & HIFU are also there. For those wanting surgical options, liposuction can be considered. Localised fat can be treated with Injection Lipolysis.”

Bad Skin

Yes, men too have skin problems. Dry skin, uneven skin tone, tanning, dark spots affect men too. While women have a certain advantage that they can cover it up with make-up, men will have to do a little more to hide these flaws.

“Bad skin needs to be taken care of with good sun protection, moisturisation and cleansing. Many grooms-to-be are now opting for procedures like chemical peeling, laser resurfacing and mesoglow are quick solutions for achieving a radiant skin. If you too plan to do the same, visit a skin specialist a few months before your wedding. You can even give home remedies a try,” added Dr Amit Luthra.  

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