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Grooming all the way

By Anuradha Turner

It’s not like all the beauty and grooming tips are meant for girls! That’s exactly the beauty of the new age cosmopolitan man! Plan Your Wedding explores the grooming style for the Bridegroom that is equally essential!

It’s not like all the beauty and grooming tips are meant for girls! That’s exactly the beauty of the new age cosmopolitan man! Plan Your Wedding explores the grooming style for the Bridegroom that is equally essential!
The Indian Bridegroom is not shy of feeling and looking good for his bride too. Gone are the days when face washes and creams were made only for women, there is a whole section and most popular brands now catering only to men. He cares as much about his looks as he does for his cars and bikes! And why not? With all the work stress and pollution, men equally feel the stress on their body and skin and feel like looking their best on the wedding day.

Only More for “Metrosexual” Man
The lifestyle for men has changed drastically, and they are now concerned about taking good care of their skin. Moreover, corporate lifestyle demands you to be clean and always well polished to create a good impression and weddings are a huge affair now, everybody wants to look well presented.
“There is this initial embarrassment to even talk about a man going to salon and spa, especially during weddings. It was my brothers whom I confided in and they arranged some special facials and treatments for me, I wanted to look good on my wedding day of course!” says Amit Agarwal, who belongs to a conservative Marwari family where men do not whisper words like salons.

Men have it too ! Acne, Pimples and Skin Related Problems 
There has always been this general taboo for men to express their discontent towards skin problems. Somehow it is normal for girls to cry about their skin related problems; with boys it is considered revealing one’s feminine side. “We have more and more male clients insisting on clearing skin problems like Acne, pimples and many other such skin related issues.” says skin care specialist Ashfaq whose clientele has mostly 40 percent male clients. Men in general are groomed to not take care of their skins especially in India. However, skin problems like acne, pimples are far more visible and graver amongst men and if not treated at the right time can lead to extremely rigid skin textures and thereby a lower self confidence.
The most important awareness that has come around is that men’s skin texture differs from women and hence they need different set of products and treatments than women. Men cannot be using women’s products and expect positive results.
Garnier, one of India’s most popular brands was one of the first companies to introduce the concept of special shampoos, facewash and creams for men. “In India, the metro sexual man has arrived and he is as concerned about his looks and personality. When Garnier introduced these products in Indian market and everyone was apprehensive whether this will work or not, but now every other company is following this trend and tapping on this huge market”, says the marketing head - Karina Sudarshan, Brand Manager, Garnier, India.

Hair needs Care !
Dil Chahta Hain may have started the trend of hairstyles in India, but hair care is still finding its foothold here! You certainly need it even more during your wedding! No doubt it is simpler for the groom to take care of his hair, but a nice clean haircut or trim followed by a hair spa that would boost the shine will only add to the overall personality. “Since men normally have shorter hair, there is limited scope for experiments, however, with the new trend of gels and other hair spa products; they are slowly realizing the importance of hair care”, says, Darshana Mehta, hair and skin care expert, Fahrenheit 9/11.
It is wedding season and your hair is going to face as much damage as your skin, especially if you are one of those men who prefer the rider look with long locks. As much as it looks cool and rugged on a bike, your hair will need all the care and conditioning to shine on your wedding day. Shaving and trimming has always been a weekly routine for men. However, Head Massage followed by hair conditioning, especially if you have long hair, just a week before the wedding is a must for the groom!

Special Packages for Men
Many spa and salons now offer special packages for men which are specially planned keeping their skin requirements in mind. Popular salons like Bello Unisex Salon and Spa offer special skin treatments such as facials and face masks, clean-ups. Moreover, Bello Spa and Salon in Pune is the only unique salon all over the city that offers special treatments using Babor Products, one of the worlds’s most sought after skin care brands.
Kaya Skin Care Centre has also opened its special section especially for men. Like the popular bridal packages, now the skin care centre offers special packages for men. The packages include removal of unwanted hair in focus areas like ear lobes, nose, mid brow, under arm, chest and hair reduction in beard. Kaya also offers pre-wedding special skin care treatments like the Kaya Refine which helps get rid of stubborn marks and spots while deep cleansing the skin and Kaya Glow which works especially for rigid skin to get rid of all that dead skin and makes your skin firm and fresh.
“Nowadays, grooms have so many choices in designer wear and they spend a lot of money on their sherwanis and suits, they feel the need to look proper from top to head. We have so many grooms enquiring for special treatments, they too want to look the best on their wedding day and leave no stone unturned.”, states Priyanka , PR, Kaya Skin Clinic.
Spas in general have been offering Swedish and special Thai massages for men and now offer special facials too. Special pedicures are also planned especially for men which is normally included in foot massage.
Skin treatments that deal with serious acne and pimple related problems need to be sorted much in advance. And so do any laser related treatment. It is better to realize and act upon any skin related problems as soon as possible to avoid any embarrassment later.
Most brides are more aware than the groom himself, however it is extremely crucial to get the message across in a positive way. “I think the most important task for me was to convince my fiancé that he needs to do this, but I simply got him one appointment fixed at this spa and he enjoyed the treatment so much that he decided to visit again”, says Bhawana Raut, Customer Relationship Manager, Syntel , 29 .
So don’t shy away from those homemade packs and treatments. While all the attention is garnered on the bride, it is after all the handsome groom who takes her away!

Darshana Mehta, skin and hair expert for Men at Fahrenheit 9/11 shares a few tips that men can follow as a pre wedding ritual:


  •  Start using facemasks, on a weekly basis. Home-made packs are also effective.
  • Workouts always help men feel more confident and helps sweat.
  • Steam and Sauna is another effective way to keep your skin fresh and to relax your senses.
  • Start using creams that offer sunscreen protection SPF 20+ or higher only
  • Use Hair Gels as per the texture of your hair, take an expert’s advice


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