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Global Muses

By Richa

“Fashion is not something that exists in dresses only. Fashion is in the sky, in the streets; fashion has to do with ideas, the way we live, what is happening.” - coco chanel Whether for relaxation or adventure, returning to the country where they were born, or visiting destinations rich with history, designers often find inspiration on their travels. Some renowned designers reveal the destinations that influenced their styles. Read on!

The latest eclectic collection themed as “Femmes De Tahiti” from Kolkata based designer brand ‘Garo’ by Priyangsu Maji and Sweta Tantia, was inspired by native Tahitian prints, colours and motifs. It incorporated the stunning natural beauty; beautiful floral landscapes and bohemian style of Tahitian women with an eclectic French Polynesian flavour. The garments were easy flowing silhouettes having a soft handloom chanderi, cotton, matka, a woven bapta silk and chiffon texture with vibrant colours straight out of works of the master of avant-garde Paul Gauguin.

The epicenter of cross cultural pollination - Istanbul forms the narration for designer Shruti Sancheti’s latest collection titled “Constantinople.” Rooted in the Islamic architecture and the Byzantine Opulence, the collection features Ultra luxurious modern cuts with quintessential handcrafted brilliance. Conflicting pattern clashes of fluid paisley, geometric mosaics and rustic clamp dying forms the core DNA of this line. Versatile and vivacious, this collection is the perfect postcard to the land of Sultan’s and their timeless Sultanate.

Dr. Maral Yazarloo takes us on a journey to an ancient culture and tradition of the Persian Empire in her latest collection “Deja Vu.” Whilst being somewhat nostalgic in aesthetic, with contemporary silhouettes drawing influence from more classical Middle Eastern styles, she opts for quality over quantity, with meticulous attention to detail that has been paid to each and every garment. The pieces speak a language of surreal vision in the beautiful world. The asymmetrical hemlines, fancy collars and plush fabrics are perfect ingredients of what is called the Middle-Eastern and Asian Collection.

In all its avatars, Silver is beautiful. Kiran Uttam Ghosh’s new collection titled “Silver” gives you a wispy feel. Silver appears through the collection, a versatile metal used to create classically delicate ensembles with a fine jewellery feel, or as industrially dramatic to opulently rustic chunky pieces in tribal jewellery with accents of coloured stonework. Rather than motifs, these ensembles rely on surface techniques using cooler, experimental components. Thereafter evolving into pieces inspired from Tibetan, Mongolian, and Central Asian jewellery. Dark tarnished silver with inlays of turquoise, coral and other stones.

“Rajputana Kinnaur Queen,” by ace designer Samant Chauhan, draws its inspiration from many centuries of intense and rich lndo-Greek cultural exchange. This collection takes you back to the fascinating era of Alexander’s encounter with Porus on the banks of river Hydaspes, now known as Jhelum. It also captures the deep impact of Alexander’s marital ties with Kinnauron, the lifestyle and culture of the people in the region even to this day.

Designer Akshay Wadhwa’s latest collection narrates the stories of the much revered Indian female warriors. The collection, which took Akshay on an inspirational journey across India - Udaipur, Bangalore, Chennai and Pune - where he studied the rich culture of the medieval ages, has strong designs influenced by the heritage and craftsmanship of the Mughals, Rajputs and the Chola empires. The range reveals the emotions, work and spirit of women warriors. Dazzling rocks and pearls have been exhumed in the finest fabrics to make a striking difference. Fabrics like silks, georgettes, nets and satins have been sourced from various parts of India to keep the quality scales high.

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