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Get Married not stressed!

By Sarabpreet Kaur

New wardrobe- check. New car- check. New house- check. New Life- err… double check! As a soon-to-be Mrs. or Mr. (with a Mrs. - pun intended), there are chances that a like checklist may have crossed your mind. But what if so much of newness, all at once, is getting to your nerves? Fear not, my friend, help is at hand to do away with the puzzling thoughts.

You, the beautiful bride-to-be with sparkling eyes, and you, the loyal bridegroom with visible excitement on the face, many-many congratulations for your upcoming wedding! Soon, you’ll be nestled in your very own abode of love. But unless you are Tulsi from Kyonki Saas Bhi Kabhi Bahu Thi or Mr. Bajaj from Kasauti Zindagi Ki, it is but natural that before you unfold the new chapter of your life, some jittery thoughts with anxious tinkling in your stomach may take over. After all, YOU ARE GETTING MARRIED!
Hey Bhagwan, meri privacy!
Just in case you forgot, I would like to take the opportunity to point out that shadi janam-janam (not jaanam, duh!) ka bandhan h. Being married, you are supposed to share your living space, your food, your money, basically your entire life... all the time. Whereas sharing these clichéd things may not be too difficult, having to share your personal space may scare the guts out of you. In such a case, as usual, be patient. All this frenzy in your mind is a consequence of your over-thinking. Two people, who are in love, deliberately make an effort to make each other happy even if it means just letting the other person be at times. Be best friends. Period.
Truck Load of Responsibilities!
Are shaadi ho rahi h yaar… India k PM nahi ban rahe. Take it easy, my friend. Breathe. Yes, marriage definitely comes with certain responsibilities but why not take it as a part and parcel of moving ahead in life? ‘The problem is not the problem. The problem is your attitude about the problem’, remember the famous dialogue from Pirates of the Caribbean? All the brouhaha about being unsure about taking responsibility is a dish out of your vela dimag and nothing else. If you fear not having enough time to devote to work, then you might be worrying for nothing. With responsibilities, marriage also brings along a strong sense of stability. So, if you are determined, you can work with even better focus.
What if he/ she changes?
Again, an outcome of khaali dimag! Seriously now, be regular with your meditation sessions and get some work to do (high five if you get the pun). He or she will always remain the same person although, being together 24*7, you’ll get to know many new facets of your beloved’s personality which will not always be aww-worthy. However, you have to appreciate and love a person as a whole. Peter De Vries smartly remarked, ‘The difficulty with marriage is that we fall in love with a personality, but must live with a character.’ So, don’t be judgmental on discovering a new side to your loved one and always remember that this is the character that plays the eternal love interest in your personal love story.
Mai moti ho gayi to?
To rewind kar lena. :P How on earth can marriage be a reason for somebody to get fat? Well, talking reasonably, lifestyle adjustments, frequent late-night dinners, and hormonal changes post marriage can be a reason in some cases for slight weight gain. But they are nothing to fret about as you just have to keep a check. It is really not done to blame your marriage for covering your laziness. Nobody is telling you to jump into the fitness bandwagon and start dieting immediately. The best way to stay fit is by being regular with some exercises and making smart choices while eating out.
Though the list seems endless, the associated anxiety is not. Ladies and gentleman, it is time to soak-in all the fun and celebrate your happiness. Stay positive unless you are aiming for perfectly round and purplish dark circles under your eyes. Chak do fatte

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