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Gazing at the Trend Book

By Sanhati Banerjee

Here’s a trend report and a manual on wardrobe creation for men who love to dress up for occasions and sport a suave and chic style. Curated for the winter wedding party, formal events and the stylish dos, this will help you create your magic sartorial potions.

A man’s wardrobe is tilted to ooze sharpness, sophistication and glamorous tucks and cuts this season. This autumn-winter as the fashion wearer’s mood will rise and fall with the season’s auburn glow and sharp winds, the spirit of urbanism will flaunt the air of cool dandy-style refinement. Freewheeling and modish at turns but never uprooted from the fineries of tradition, it looks like a mixed bag of formal panache, semi-formal charm and fusion sensibilities.














Seasonal Trend Swing
The festive and wedding outfit should be nothing short of the dream ensemble. After all, weddings revive the spirit of and mood for cultural dressing. One needs to choose festive attire that accentuates one’s personal style and personality. One can wear lighter Nehru jackets, jodhpuris etc. These are made from a variety of fabrics, such as cotton, cotton-silk, fine silk, linen, velvet, royal silk, muslin, jacquard, etc. But one should choose the appropriate outfit based on one’s skin tone, body shape, height and traditional leanings. Intricate and rich embroidery designs enrich the look of traditional outfits. Changing trends and Western influences in the Indian fashion world have made sure that fusion outfits rule the imagination of the fashion lover. We have created a striking line of trendy ensembles for occasions. The blend of the traditional with the modern create the very best for the young generation. Staples like Nehru jacket, a hip-length coat for men, jodhpuris, bandhgala jackets are evergreen; these jackets derive their inspiration from the royal courts of Rajasthan. Three-piece suits with waistcoats are always a hit. Tuxedos are the must-wear maxim for dressing up a man to be a gentleman. One can also opt for bold check suits, which are very sober and chic. For textures and fabrics, one can opt for self-textured fabrics, dobby prints, fine wool blends, velvets and silk suits.
• For casual and formal dos as well as the reception party––wear tuxedos, lapel jackets, three-piece suits.
• For weddings––smart suits and sherwanis; self textured fabric sherwani looks classic.
Tuxedos are one trend that has always stayed and shall always stay. Trends and fads are seasonal or cyclic in nature, there is, however, one thing that has remained consistent over the years and that is the tailored tuxedos. A man’s wardrobe is generally known to fall short of experimental seams, creative cuts and avante garde styling but with tuxedos, even if you have the very classic piece, you are sure to be greeted with that ‘wow’. But do not worry, you do not have tostick to the boring staples as with the influx of international trends, the designs and patterns of men’s suits have touched a new high.

Wearing shapely suits and fancy bow ties to special occasions has always been considered stylish and classy and will continue to dominate the fashion parade.
Everyone has their own unique body types and some types of tuxedos are simply not for everyone. Get the best tuxedo for your body type; there are a variety of styles and patterns to choose from.
• Low Waistcoat: It fits almost all, if it is properly worn. It may seem like a noose belly if you wear it properly.
• High Vest: It looks good on bigger men with large torsos. It is mostly in dark colours and is able to woo the sartorial codes of both formal and informal occasions.
• Double Row: It is perfect for those who has short and burly physique, because your imperfection gets incredibly hidden.
• Single-breasted (1 or 2 buttons): It also a kind of tuxedo that everyone fits into. If you are a little bigger, then you can look smoking hot with just that touch of a button with two buttons, and if you are very short, this may be a good choice.
• Single-breasted (3 or 4 buttons): It has a clean and unbroken line, which makes it one of the favorites. It is good if you have the slim and slender body. If you are larger and round, you better avoid this.

Ace up the Tux
The waistcoat: With a tuxedo, an equally flattering waistcoat is a must have. Some believe that coloured waistcoats are OTT, while others think that a dash of neon or pastel flairs up the style. If you are considering a white tuxedo, then adding some colour can definitely complete the look.
Bow & neck-tie: When considering fashion, a nice tuxedo is incomplete without a bow or neck-tie. With any vest, one of these items is needed to help complete the look. Bow tie tends to be the choice for highly formal occasions such as receptions and even cocktail parties. However, a solid colour neck-tie can do the job equally well. Bow ties emphasise your neck and draw attention to your face. Neck-ties, on the other hand, emphasise your chest.
Cufflinks: A right pair of cufflinks is so very important to complete the gentleman look of that the tux exudes. There is no rule to choose cufflinks; it should be just smart enough to enhance the look of your men’s suit. Smart square solid coloured cufflinks––check cufflinks, moulded cufflinks look extremely stylish.


Fancy the Fit
Designers and stylists agree that a perfect fit connotes confidence, ease and authority. There are a few simple rules to get the perfect fit. The jacket should be large enough so as not to crowd the shoulders, yet be, when buttoned, smooth against the stomach. The pants (whether pleated or not) must drape so as to create a clean line, visually, from the top of the suit all the way to the bottom.

Sizing up the Suit
• A black tuxedo is a must-have in every man’s wardrobe. Vougish shades like charcoal, navy and grey are again must-haves.
• The new styles of suits are on the roll. Going by the verdicts doled out by fashion pundits, one can team up light colours like aqua blue, lime green, and light orange etc. Over white shirts for semi-formal or casual occasions.
• Suits with incorporated styling like furs around neck, self-prints, paisley prints, velvet collars make for the perfect cocktail wear combo.
• A black tuxedo never goes wrong. Depending upon the occasion, you can wear that for your ‘man of the day’ act, to be the groom’s best friend, for cocktails or receptions or for the parties in the town.
• Gone are the days when one used to opt for only standard colours, today there is complete a range of colours available. The only successful rule is to opt for dark with pastels for evergreen tuxedos and to opt for bright with light for getting the look of the season.

Colour Story

The colour palette oscillates from bright to evening metallic tones. While one can choose from coral, yellow, royal blue, fuchsia in bright; metallic offers you to choose from cobalt, antique gold, ink blue and teal. While red, maroon, white and gold are the colours that reign supreme for traditional outfits, fashion designers have introduced a new set of colours, ranging from candy to pastel shades.


Fashion’s own Children

Yes, definitely men are becoming more conscious of their wardrobe choices these days. With the major improvisations in tourism, showcasing of fashion shows, financial surge and the rise in entertainment mediums there is no looking back for men’s fashion. I feel behind every smart man is a smart woman who takes the dressing of her man very seriously!

The Hip Tip

Be yourself. One signature statement is enough to make the ‘it’ statement. Choose subtlety over loudness and you are ready to create your own magic wardrobe.

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