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Fusion jewellery collection for your wedding

By Sanhati Banerjee

We take a look at fusion, symbolic and arty motif-oriented jewellery collections that can add quirk, aesthetic appeal, offbeat charm and sensuousness with a substance to your look.

All art is inspirational. Jewellery making involves the blend of art and craft across a cross-section of motifs, materials, shapes, forms and themes. And there are a few ranges that stand out from the gamut of jewels for their artistic quotients that convey a symbolic value to the beholder /wearer. That’s how we would like to pin down the contours of inspirational jewellery––jewellery that has been inspired by a muse––a mythological character; an element; an object of Nature; or stemming out from a particular school of art, a tribal body of work, folk art or heritage motifs. Inspired by muses of varied genealogies, who can be located in a particular point of time in history, in particular heritage, rural or folk milieus of art or in Nature among others; these collections draw their creative energies from these muse-bodies. What we get out of this creative-inspirational artistic collaboration is an amazingly new array of visuals––engraved in such new forms of jewels. We take a look at three such collections and discuss the artistic legacies that these have brought forth this season. The new looks that these collections have tabled forth for contemporary women covers a spirited spectrum of bold, party, cocktail and thematic wear as well as for channelling a creatively styled look, a statement look or a glamorously rolled out diva look. By choosing any of these pieces or a combination of pieces you can flaunt your love for artistically carved jewellery and a nuanced sense of style.



The Warrior Muse –– Athena
Goddess Athena, daughter of Zeus, is the Greek goddess of arts and literature, villages and handicrafts and intelligent pursuits. A strong character in Greek mythology, she was born in her armour that distinguishes her profile and also locates her in the warrior-goddess cult. She is the inspiration behind jewellery designer Vrindaa’s latest collection, who is the founder of the jewellery label, Silvense by Vrindaa. Athena channels positivity, the power to win and be victorious against all negativity and against our inner demons as well. Contemporary women who are strong and independent can relate with these strong pieces as that can reflect their personalities. The themes is courage and prudence––the power to win, the qualities which the goddess bestows.It is for women who want to make a statement. “The designs are very bold and minimalistic with clean constructions in a stylish range of silver, brass and stainless steel carved out on a colour palette comprising of shades of silver, grey and gold. It can be worn at all occasions intended to make you look competent and assertive. It is designed to make you feel powerful and dynamic” says Vrindaa. If you like power dressing; then these creations can surely help you bring that edge to your look. Her emphasis on feminism and the shades that bring out to signify grace, glamour and boldness are clearly apparent in her collections. The concept and designs are based on the armour of the goddess that is required to fight the battle. “However, the pieces can work separately with different outfits. Neckpieces can be paired with togas, gowns and dresses. Handcuffs can go with a pair of trousers and a top. Ankle cuffs will look great with shorts and asymmetric skirts. Wear darker-to-lighter solid colours with the jewellery to stand out and look stunning” says Vrindaa.


The Elemental Muse –– Fire
Fire is the inspiration behind Zoya’s limited edition collection that evokes its various visual aspects in a myriad range of vivid shapes, detailed forms and striking silhouettes. The designs present these varied visual aspects that we associate with fire through its various associations––from the ceremonial hue to the gleeful glow of the bonfire, from the welcoming glow of the diya to the very romantic flame of the scented candle and so on. So fire gains a new visual agency in these jewellery pieces that through their detailed craftsmanship bring forth the latent imaginative qualities through artistic turns.The fiery quotient in this collection comes from the use of the bright orange and yellow sapphires whose colours are reminiscent of those that of fire. “We have chosen to use bright orange and yellow sapphires in the fire collection as the hardness of sapphires is very high, therefore, their lustre and shine is very good. Their shine and lustre represent a strength which is also synonymous with fire” says Sangeeta Deewan, head designer, Zoya.The shapes and symbolism of the element of fire that have been represented in this collection are compelling to watch. “In this collection, I have been inspired from the various incarnations of fire. the gleaming flame of the candle, the auspicious flame of the diya, the sacred flame of the havan, the warmth of the bonfire, the fire that burns within our souls, the contrast of fire and ice etc. all have served as inspirations for this collection” says Sangeeta Diwan. The entire collection has been crafted using a wide spectrum of techniques. While the diamond pieces have been made using the latest computer aided technology, the Indian polki pieces have been crafted with the ancient Indian technique of kundan-polki setting and elaborate paintings done in enamel.All the pieces of this collection are modern and can be worn with both Indian and Western outfits. They can be worn for various social and formal occasions. Be it the cocktail night or an official dinner. These pieces are versatile and can be worn on any occasion. “These pieces can be worn with Indian, fusion and Western wear. I would suggest creative combinations of the entire ensemble, contrasting colours between the outfits and jewellery, so that the jewellery stands out” advises Sangeeta Diwan.


The Royal Tribe Muse –– Fusion Art
The muse of the folk tribal arts and the royal arts of jewellery making––the fusion art born out of this creative-artistic collaboration and intermix is the theme of the collection Royal Tribe created by Sumit Sahwney, founder, Apala by Sumit. For his inspiration, he looked at royal gemstones, royal animal motifs, kundan and Victorian-setting and at rural arts and their folk art techniques like bunching, weaving and others.The gemstones that are the favourites of the royalty and that have been widely used in this collection are ruby, blue saphhire, pearls, tourmalines, green emerald and rosecut polki.“The lion symbolises bravery, valour, strength, and royalty. The peacock as an element of ornamentation gives a lot scope to detail and colours. The elegance and beauty have been captured in the royal style, with the use of sapphire, ruby, Victorian setting style in this. Apart from animal-inspired motifs, there is a use of floral motifs done in European-Victorian and Indian-kundan setting” says Sumit Sahwney.For the tribal inspiration, this collection moves towards the rugged rawness of the tribal art. The traditional hasli or the torque featuring the lion is set on a vadlo or vaidla, made from a single piece of thick spiralled silver wire, which is generally worn by the women of the Rabari tribe of Kutch, Gujarat. The necklace such as the Royal Tribal necklace has been fused with a central hand-carved face of a lion. The polki and diamond elements add an ornamental elegance to the hasli.In tribal craft, one would usually see a lot of bunching of ghungroos together, the beauty of bunching of ghungroos is noticed in this collection. “The ghungroos also incorporate paisley, round and leaf forms. The technique of hammering a metal and acheiving its rawness has also been incorporated. Also, carving with nail and hammer has been done for motifs” says Sumit Sahwney. Bold anklets take the form of rigid different shaped tubes and for flexibility, woven linked chains have been used.The artistic quotient of this collection is extremely high as it’s a break from the typical traditional or contemporary geometric lines. It has the finesse of the royalty and rugged styling of the rustics. It’s a look for people who want to create a style statement without being clumsy or going overboard with jewels.

Go arty with bling this season!




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