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Fun Wedding Entertainment Ideas

By Richa

Do you want your guests to rave about your wedding years after? Of course, you do! Then show them a good time with these inventive ideas and make your wedding unforgettable.

Weddings now days have turned into a bigger affair. Now, they are not just about dressing flashy and following the methodical rituals. It is also about having a fully-fledged entertaining wedding, which includes that zara hatke waali shaadi factor. The entertainment quotient in Indian weddings is on a rampant high these days and there are varieties of exciting activities that will provide you a unique experience.

Live Music Bands Producing Love Symphonies

If you’re the one who lives according to the rules of modern era, then music must be flowing in your veins. If so, then book a live band of your chosen genre to perform at your wedding. You can ask them to perform their best pieces or maybe give them your preferred list of tunes, which your family and friends can relate to or maybe something that will depict your love story. Enjoy the melodically charged evening in the company of friends, family and the loving partner. Check with Maroon 5 if they are free *wink*.

Try Marryoke

Say what? Well, in simple words its marriage + karaoke. And it can be incorporated in many ways at the wedding, like, you can ask your DJ wala babu to bring along a karaoke machine at your reception and your whole wedding squad can belt out some tunes (specially your witty drunk mama ji). Or, enter into some true genius territory and try the real Marryoke concept – it is basically the highlight reel of your wedding, but better. The bride and groom can include their loved ones and they all get to star in their very own pop video by miming along to their favourite tracks. The footage is then cleverly interwoven with video of all the traditional rituals of the happy day. *Phew* no more sitting through the four-hour long video of the big day.


Surprise Surprise

This could include anything - from super slides to trampolines, spin the wheel with funny dares to giant knots and cross game.  Games like I Dare you (Where certain dares are given to the guests), Flip Cup (Drinking game), Wedding Shoe Game (Trivia about couple), casino table will definitely make them going.


But why stop there? Surprises cannot just be about games and fun rides – ask your waiters to suddenly blurt out songs in between ceremonies or plan a full on flashmob! Get creative with what you do and it’s guaranteed to be a talking point!

What’s the ‘Motif’ of your Wedding?

Theme weddings are very popular now days. Use your invitations, sweets and favors totally flaunting it. Make it an indoor garden or go game of thrones. Install the flurry of bulbs and enjoy the feeling of getting married under the roof of Hogwarts. The looks of a versatile décor dedicated to a particular style will specially amaze the guests. Install a photo booth too in the looks of your theme and get completely lost in the joys of a colourful wedding.

Sports Tournaments

Teamwork makes the dream (wedding) work! Score major points with the hubs and knock your wedding plans out of the park by injecting a little team spirit into your big day — in the chicest way possible, of course. Whether you and your loved ones love cricket, football or basketball, make the teams – Dulhe ke dhurandhar dost and Dulahan ke dhamakedaar rishtedaar – and let the battle begin!


Open Bar with oh-so-arty bartender

Everyone likes to have a sip of alcohol while turning those moments into a memorable affair. Not just an open bar, but a bar under the leadership of a new age bartender who with the help of his awesome talent of serving drinks will be entertaining the guests with his juggling, spinning and creative drinks.


Let the awe-inspiring virtuosos take the stage…

You can also include an artist of sheer talent. Bring some laughter remedy by scheduling a standup comedy session in between or appoint an illusionist/Magician who will leave the guest spell bounded for the evening. You can even book a dance group for delivering an energetic performance based on your choice of dance. And if your wedding is among the bigger and fatter Indian wedding kind, then bag a big name to perform at your wedding and surprise maybe the happy couple and your guests.


If these acts are too clichéd for you then think beyond the obvious and hire painters, dramatic aerial performers or over the top jugglers. Hence, it’s a promise; there won’t be a dull moment at your wedding.

Sparks Fly

Yes! The band baja baraat patakhe is the norm of every groom’s entry procession but it’s time to add a twist to it. Indoor Fireworks and cold pyros are the way to go- fountain-like arrangement, waterfall background on the dance floor or outdoor décor – they come in each and every shape as well as size. Or maybe spellbound your guests at the entry gate by making a tunnel of cold pyros handled by the professionals. But do remember to ask your planner to use high quality pyrotechnic product that is all low smoke and non-toxic.

Let the guests be the beholders of the beautiful saga and you start your new beginnings on a high note.   

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