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Find Your Perfect Wedding Outfit!

By Richa

Looking for your dream dress? Start by trying on wedding outfit that work best for your shape.

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Think of any traditional Indian wedding and the first thing that comes to your mind is a pretty bride, all adorned in Bridal outfit complete with makeup and jewellery, walking hand in hand with her groom. Many brides today already have a good idea in their mind of what kind of wedding dress they are searching for. That leaves them with just one question; will that imagination will look nice on their body type? Few brides are completely confident about their figures but then there are others.

Here are some tips that can help you while shopping for your dream outfit.

Keep it simple: While some women do not miss the opportunity to unwrap all their finery to show them off at a wedding ceremony, we suggest you avoid over-dressing for the occasion. That certainly does not mean that you wear a plain outfit. We advise to pick an outfit in subtle colours with delicate and intricate embellishments. You can wear a nice handloom saree that has embellishments and detailing to make it festive.

Tips for Curvier Brides

  • Remember that keeping your wedding dress simple will be more flattering. Too much fuss and frill can make you appear there is more of you than there really is.
  • Beware of clingy fabrics such as chiffon and charmeuse as they highlight lumps and bumps. To avoid accentuating bulging areas, choose a substantial fabric such as silk, taffeta or duchesse satin.
  • Consider a corset to help minimise your entire torso. Supportive bras work well too, but obviously only minimise one area versus a corset, which can help minimise a lot more.

Mirror test: Don’t simply pick items from rack and bring them home, rather stand in front of mirror, hold them up against your body or even better wear them and try to visualise if its suits you and occasion. Many times, it happens a beautiful outfit may not fit the occasion.

The perfect fit: After choosing the attire make sure, you have enough time for two to three trials. For the bride, it is advised that she does not wear make up to the trials to not leave any chances of letting it come onto the dress. During the trials, it is advised you take a friend who will give an honest opinion on the look of the outfit on you.

Body type: the most difficult part any bride is to choose best wedding attire that suits her complexion and body structure. So are few suggestions to choose your ideal wedding attire that is fashionable as well as traditional. Before choosing your wedding outfit you should keep in mind your body type (shape and size)

Pear shaped body - Balance your curves; wear an embellished blouse that has both detailing and volume. Take advantage to your slim waist wear low waist lehenga with less volume or draping a traditional woven saree with heavy embroidered blouses.

Apple shaped body - Empire length styles with low necklines will enhance your personality as well as bring out your feminine side of you. Stick to fabrics that are soft and delicate like chanderi, chiffon and ggt.

Hourglass shaped body - Girls with hourglass body shape has no limitations in terms for fabric and cuts. They are loaded with options from voluminous lehengas, gown to layered anarkalis. They can even wear heavily embroidered traditional woven saree with sexy low neckline blouses.

Inverted triangle shaped body - As they have broad shoulder, you should wear lehengas with heavy volumes at bottom with detailing. This will balance the body shape. Avoid weary heavy embroidered blouse and draped tops, it will make bust look bulky.

Petite shaped body - Feel like princess by adding lots of volume and flounce in your lehenga or anarkali . One can experiment with layering of garment and can experience red carpet model look.

How seriously should you take this guide - Well honestly not very. Yeah we know- we gave all this Gyaan and now we tell you to ignore it? Not really... Ultimately, choose the dress that makes you feel absolutely fabulous! Work with what you’ve got dear bride and wear it with confidence!

About the Author(s): Designers Ritesh, Aniket, Rishav, Owners of RAR Studio

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