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Fashion Mistakes That Grooms Should Avoid

By Richa

There are certain fashion mistakes that are an absolute no-no dear groom, or as I like to call them, the style boo boos! Avoid making these boo boos at all cost. It draws the attention away from the impression you are trying to make!

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So your wedding is coming up. It’s important to let your bride-to-be bask in the limelight but don’t forget what is equally important to her - being a well dressed groom during your special day. Let’s face the facts. Men have a hard time picking out the perfect outfit for his wedding. Ensuring that the best version of yourself is visible is no easy task when everyone in your family is trying to have a say. As difficult as it may seem it is critical you get it right as days like these pretty much come once in a lifetime. The good news is that most things are possible with some effort.

There are hundreds of articles on the internet that talk about what brides should do and what they shouldn’t, what beauty regimes they should follow and what they must avoid, but there are a very few of them that talk about what grooms should do and what they shouldn’t. So, ease out all the men out there, we have penned down some common fashion blunders to avoid.


So… are you making these styles boo boos?

The wrong length of the trousers - The length of your trousers should not be too long and it needs to just touch your shoelaces. Longer or shorter than that makes your pant look badly tailored, and spoils your entire look. And, if you talk about the ongoing trend, ankle length trousers are in. Poorly fitting attires are never a good thing – especially not on your wedding day. You have spent months preparing for this occasion, and there is simply no excuse not to have sought out the help of an experienced tailor. Our tip: Seek a professional! You will be glad you did once you see the pictures.

Not paying attention to the bride’s dress - In Indian weddings, the brides consider their wedding outfit to be the most important part. And so, the outfits are grand, heavy and of course, exquisite. It is therefore, important for you to match your bride’s dress. Go for heavy outfit if she is wearing something heavy. And, if she is wearing something subtle, opt for something minimalistic.

Suspenders and belts both? What is that about? - Suspenders hold your pants up. So do belts. Therefore, you don’t need both. More importantly, you don’t want to wear both — not only is it an obvious fashion error; it creates three sides of a square around the middle of your body. Your overall image has become a rectangle. Rectangles are not a shape we like to see people in, no matter what.


Kissa rumaal ka – Not carrying a handkerchief is a big no-no. Why carry a handkerchief, you ask? Well, they are pretty handy. And whether you are wearing a sherwani or tuxedo, they give that touch of added class and sophistication to your outfits. And moreover, weddings are emotional. There might be some moments that can bring tears to your bride’s eyes. Therefore, you need to have a hanky with you to wipe off her tears.

Wrinkled Clothing - There is no excuse to show up in wrinkled clothing to a wedding – especially not when you are in the wedding, or are the groom himself. Wrinkles will make even the nicest and most expensive designer attires look sloppy. Don’t even attempt to iron your own garment but instead entrust this to a professional dry cleaner. Should you be part of a destination wedding, then check beforehand where to get your clothes dry-cleaned.

An overly matchy-matchy look - We have never been a fan of overly coordinated ensembles - consisting of colour matching cummerbund, vest, tie, and pocket square. While an overly match-matchy look is a wedding fashion Faux Pas on its own, dressing a group in too many clashing colours can be equally bad. Instead choose colours that harmonise with one another, and avoid too many bright hues from the same colour family.


Poor personal hygiene and grooming - While we think that this one goes without saying, but still we have seen few scruffy bearded grooms and groomsmen all too often. Although a well-groomed beard can indeed be stylish, but poor hygiene, on the other hand, never deserves applauding.


Asian Wedding Planning

Wearing a tuxedo in the morning - While women have a plethora of options to wear on their wedding day, men have very few. It is a suit, a sherwani or a classy tuxedo. But out of the three, a tux is supposed to be an after 6 p.m. outfit. Wearing it for the morning ceremonies is a BIG NO!

Wearing light coloured suits for the evening functions - Light colour suits look very graceful and stylish when it is a morning function. Blacks, blues, dark browns, and greys are the colours that are meant to shine and dazzle at evening or night functions.

Everything else - Many people try to accessorise to the nines, but in the end, less really is more. If you do decide to add some flair, it shouldn’t overpower your ensemble. “Don’t over accessories. Consider your own sense of style and the theme of the wedding when picking out your accessories. You can bring in a little color through a pocket square, lapel pin, and even other jewelry. With accessories, a little bit can go a long way, so choose wisely, especially for wedding attire,” say designers Payal Sethi and Rishab Sethi of Mem-A-Saab.

Designers Payal Sethi and Rishab Sethi of Mem-A-Saab gave us some trendy fashion rules to school the men in:

  • Suits change vastly with fashion. So, talk to your tailor or store assistant about the best fit for your build.
  • Start with the blazer and look for a sports coat or jacket you really love, then pair with contrasting pants. Checks, stripes, and clashing or complimentary colours all work well; you can go bold or choose something a little more subtle.


  • Three button jackets look great on taller men. Short men should opt for a deeper V in their jacket to elongate their torso. Research various jacket cuts to choose your style, Drape Cut works great for sharp, modern grooms, Continental is a little more classic. As for your sleeves, opt for shorter and more fitted, showing a little cuff is a stylish, dapper, and modern look. Your jacket should never hang so long as it puckers when you put your hands in your trouser pockets. Keeping it short makes you look taller.
  • When it comes to ties, the options are endless, you can go for silk, wool or tweed, opt for a bright hue, a pin stripe or a co-coordinating colour to your shirt, your jacket, or even the bridesmaids.
  • Waistcoats-can look great on grooms, either as part of a three piece suit, or as an alternative to a jacket for a casual wedding or a hot weather destination.
  • Tuxedos dress up the Man to Gentleman. One can also opt for bold check suits, which are very sober and chic from new collection. One needs to choose attire that accentuates his personal style and personality. Changing trends and western influences in the Indian fashion world has introduced a fusion outfits for men. We have created a striking line of trendy ensembles for the outfit.
  • For textures and fabrics one can opt for self texture fabrics, dobby prints, fine wool blends, velvets, and silk suits.


If there is one day in your life when you as a man want to look the best you ever have it is on your wedding day. The eyes of the crowd are on you from the moment you arrive through to the last drunken goodbye. Then, there are of course the photos. These are the only wedding photos you will ever get and you will be looking at them for years to come. It goes without saying therefore that you want to make sure you couldn’t have scrubbed up any better or looked any more dapper.

Why is it then that so many grooms don’t seem to put the time and effort required into planning and executing their once-in-a-lifetime wedding outfit? We at Plan Your Wedding certainly don’t get it, which is why we have put together this neat little piece on what not do to make sure you avoid some of the bigger sartorial pitfalls.

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