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Fashion Fixes for Men to Look Taller

By Priyanka Swami

Go through these easy style tips that are bound to enhance your stature in the most subtle and imperceptible of ways!

Napoleon may have conquered Europe at 5 feet 5 inches, but let’s get real, this isn’t the 1800s and we’re not French emperors. For the ordinary man, a few bumps in inches can make a world of a difference to attitude and confidence.

And there you go with some simple tips that can help you have those extra inches, pretty easily:

Elevate‘em Shoes: Buy shoes that come with strategically concealed elevator soles. The cushioned insoles will give you comfort as well as that much-needed addition of a few precious centimeters.

Make Magic with Monochrome: Keep the colour scheme of your outfit limited to one family, preferably a dark one. But do avoid all-black attire as this shrinks your height. Opt for a charcoal grey or blue suit instead.

Avoid Clutter: Streamline your looks to give the impression of augmented height. Stay away from chunky accessories, big bold prints on shirts and even large, patchy pockets as these can clutter up your appearance and make you look shorter.

Vertical is the Way to Go: Horizontal lines are not just unflattering to the physique; they also make you look way too stubby. Continuous vertical stripes make up one of the best ways to increase the perception of height. You could also go in for textured cloth with a vertical pattern for the same effect.

Don’t Let Your Clothes Hang: Most men tend to go for clothes that are a few sizes bigger. Baggy or loose-fitting apparel can make you look shorter than your actual size. Go for well fitted garments and jackets that are on the shorter side as they create the illusion of height.

Invest in that Tailor: Better than scouting all the malls for what fits you well is to opt for a good tailor. Get him to fit your trousers, shirts and jackets to your specific body type and voila, you’ll look and feel taller!

Discover the No-break Look: Go for a no-break look in your trousers. This means that they shouldn’t be long towards the end so they rest on your shoes. Create an unbroken line from the top of your trousers till your shoes.

Coordinate Your Shoes: Couple the well tailored trousers with the no-break look and coordinated shoes. Most of your height-related anxieties will end there. If you want to see a spot of magic, making sure your coordinated shoes come with concealed insoles!

Pull up Those Pants: Yes, wear your pants at waist height and not lower. This creates the illusion of longer legs. It also avoids the need for a belt as belts qualify as clutter!

Don’t Let Your Hair Down: We mean that quite literally! Don’t make your hair sit down. Even if spikes are not your style, puff your hair up so they add a few inches of height overall!

So, all set to add up a little?

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