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FACIAL Myths Busted

By Sarabpreet Kaur


Who doesn’t like to get pampered with comforting facial massages, and consequently glowing facial skin? No one, apparently! However, there is a lot of confusion related to selecting the right facial for your skin, given the myriad varieties. Read on the excerpts from a chat with Dr. Kiran Lohia, a skin expert, to make sure you make wise beauty decisions…



How will you describe the importance of facials?
It depends on what kind of facials. You can get facials in Salons, which I don’t agree with. They use tonnes of different and weird products. They actually make your skin more sensitive, cause acne. Many times, two weeks later, you actually get pimples. Salon facials are a big no. What are they going to do (at salons)? They are going to put 9 million creams on you and send you out. How is that any better than massaging your face with cold cream?


Do you need to get regular facials?
Maybe, maybe not! I do medi-facials, I am into treating concerns. My facials work on daily grime, daily pollution, and getting rid of all that junk that ends up on your face.
Low-end facials help you get rid of all the dirt that you go through every day
High-end facials deal with pigmentation, pores, pimples, sagging, depending on what your concerns are. Any medi-facial or laser facial is done to ensure that your concerns are met and your problems are solved. Dermatologists find solutions. We don’t want to do anything that comes back. We try to get rid of the problem, entirely.


How do facials work?
Lower-end is more like a medi-facial… exfoliating off all the dead skin cells, and getting rid of junk. I don’t believe in scrubs. Scrubs don’t work. We do microdermabrasion. Or we implement different methods to exfoliate all the dead skin, in a medical way. Dermatologists are experts of what kind of massage will help your skin, in your what way, and what kind of movements can be damaging. The focus is on brightening the skin from inside out, using the right agents, and that does not mean using things like neem or milk. We use only proven actives that’ll give you a long term benefit in your skin. We also stimulate the skin with agents that are topical or high frequency, increasing the tolerance of your skin and the blood circulation. The skin need not be sluggish and tired. It should be bright and live. We analyse the skin type, and then offer topical delivery. For example, if you have acne, we give you acne-specific solution.
Laser facials are very specific. We choose a specific laser based on your concern. For example, if you have slight discolouration, a little tanning, and maybe a little sagging—we’ll combine a few lasers to specifically target your problem areas and use them in our patented way. Our goal is to offer you the result faster and instantly.


Charges at a dermatologist’s clinic and a salon have stark difference. How can this price disparity
be justified?
Salon facials might be cheaper, but they are not going to help your skin in the long term. What happens is that you go for a salon facial, you feel good for a few days and then, your skin goes back to normal. What’s the benefit of such a thing? Medi-facials last 4 to 6 weeks; many people don’t come for three months and then, they get another one done. And laser facials are permanent. You can spend 2 thousand in a salon or you can spend 5 thousand at a dermatologist’s clinic, and rest assured of visible results on skin, lasting 3 months. There are even power facials for stronger results. You might be spending a lot. But you don’t have to waste time in salons any more. With medically approved facials, you develop collagen and strengthen your skin. There are studies that say 47% of Indian men and women get pimples on their skin post facials! So, salon facials are not at all appreciated by me. Also, maintaining a nice little grooming regime, even a very simple one, goes a long way in achieving and maintaining healthy skin.  

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