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Fabric & Colours For the Fashion Brigade

By Sarabpreet Kaur

Whether you are the saali, nanad, bhabhi, chachi, maasi, taayi, bhua, maami or the more significant saasu ma—dolling up for the upcoming family wedding is something you must do with fervor. Here’s a quick guide to help you make jaw-dropping statement on the big day.

Who says it is just the dulhan who makes the hearts of onlookers skip a beat. Well, truth be told, all the gorgeous ladies of the family also attract ample amount of appreciation. If there’s a wedding coming up in your family too, then read on for getting tips from the insiders of the fashion world to look ravishing.

Trending Colours

Zeroing down on a particular hue is definitely a cringe-worthy task, given that there are so-many equally attractive options. And if you do select a colour, then you are not sure if the shade will suit you. Thankfully, we can check out the latest wedding colour trends to sort out the confusion.

Renowned fashion designer, Reynu Taandon, opines, “This season colours ranging from pastels, off-white, peaches, aqua, and pinks to nudes are going to be a big hit.” Pastel colours seem to be the top pick of designers, as Naina Jain, another fashion designer, adds, “The upcoming wedding season would witness more of pastel colours. There’s something about the elegance of pastel colours, isn’t it? Even for the brides, the subtle and elegant combinations of pastel colours like peach and grey, lemon and light olive, powder pink and aqua, etc. would certainly be a hit.”



Shades of a New Relation

Every passing wedding season is proving again and again that red is not the only option for the bride-to-be. But what about others? Should they stick to the apparently auspicious pinks and greens only, or are there better choices for them also?

“For the bridesmaids, I would recommend the monochrome of pastels since soft colours are a favourite this season” shares Jain. “However, hues should be selected considering the skin tone and personality of the person,” she adds.


While talking about fashion how can groom’s sister be overlooked? According to Taandon, “Groom's sister should be dressed in a long skirt with a trail to stand out from the crowd. She should opt for something which is traditional as well as contemporary.” In terms of colours, Jain opines it would look great if “The groom’s sister can pull off a lehenga in bright red and dark shades of red.”

Future mothers-in-law often skip unconventional silhouettes and opt for the obvious suits and sarees. Rather “mother-in-law must wear lehenga choli for the wedding” as per Taandon. “The beautiful red-brown shade, off white and gold are perfect for the future moms-in-law.” says Jain.

“And how can we forget our lovely vivacious aunts?” asks Jain. “Shades like powder pink and hot pink are the colours they should go for!” she adds. In Taandon’s opinion, they should opt for graceful sarees or any traditional outfit that has oodles of elegance.



Finalising the fabric

One should keep in mind a few things while selecting the wedding fabric, “like the fabric should be skin friendly, dye friendly, and easy to manage; and the fall of the fabric should be good,” as Jain puts it. Her personal favourite? “Woven Benarasi! It drapes beautifully,” she says.

Taandon shares more on the topic— “Designers must choose fabrics depending on the type of embroidery he or she is going to use in the designs, as each embroidery is done differently on different fabric. Moreover, if a wedding is happening in winter, fabrics like velvet or silk should be used and in summer, fabrics like georgette, chanderi, etc. are great options.”


No room for confusion

Being very clear, Taandon says, “One should follow the trends in choosing the colours, embroideries or cuts but the silhouette must suit their body frame.”

Jain echoes, “First and foremost, it’s very important to feel confident in whatever you are wearing. Pick the outfit that you think would enhance your persona. Needless to say, women should wear silhouettes that go with their body types. Always remember, comfort and confidence is much more significant than the fashion trends.”

How The Designers Dress Up?

“It's always better to have a family look that seems put together; one can decide on coordinated colours for the whole family,” Taandon drops a hint.

More specifically, Jain shares, “I usually prefer comfortable and light weight traditional ensembles which also make easier for me to move around. I believe in keeping my whole look subtle and graceful by adding some matching traditional jewellery. Moreover, I go with my instincts and wear outfits in which I can be the best version of myself.”

Dressing up for a wedding in the family should be fun. Don’t fuss too much it about and take unnecessary stress. Even these high profile designers have made it clear that it is all about looking your best. Aping just about anything that’s trending may spell out trouble for you. For example, if you think your shoulders are broad, stay away from the cold-shoulder trend. Similarly, if you are skinny, avoid body-hugging silhouettes. Plus, it is important to remember that your look is a combination of your dress, make up, jewellery and hair. So, the best way to choose a wedding outfit is by considering the look you desire. Look out for ways to highlight the best of your physical features and smartly conceal the problem areas.

For each function, try and don entirely a different outfit in terms of design, colour and styling—even if you cannot play much with silhouette. For example, for one function you can don a heavy neckpiece and let it rule your look for the day. Similarly, you can let your mane loose, and tie it into a bun or braid on different occasions.

We hope you are much better armed to select dresses for the family wedding. Oh! What a sight it is to see a bunch of ladies, dressed up in elegance. Do write to us letting us know how you became the eye-candy for all!

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