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Eyes & Lips Makeup Trends for Brides-To-Be

By Richa

Wanna know how to achieve those alluring eyes and pouty lips on your special day this upcoming wedding season? Hear it from our expert about what are the latest Eyes and lips makeup trends that a bride can follow in 2018.

Your wedding day is one day where everything should be perfect. With all your long-awaited hopes, dreams, and fantasies coming to life, it is easy to be stressed about tiny details that might or might not materialise, to fuss over plans, guest lists, venues, food, and what not. Your wedding day is something you’ve always dreamt of, and you want to feel special and out of the world on your big day. Specially, because your wedding is one of the most-photographed days of your life! Always consider that makeup for photography is different from your everyday makeup. So, it is important to hire a professional makeup artist for your special day and have an elaborate consultation with him/her few weeks prior to the wedding.


Morvi Images

You should always look like yourself, just a bit more defined. Feeling beautiful on your wedding day is every brides’ well-deserved right! It's important to have your skin clean, exfoliated, and hydrated to achieve an impeccable use of makeup. Take pictures, magazine articles, and your vision along with you while visiting the artists. And without any doubt, with your self-tutorial knowledge and the touch of a pro, you’ll achieve the avant-garde look you desire for your D-Day. 

Here are a few latest bridal makeup tips to achieve a timelessness look:

Latest Trends in Eye Makeup for the Brides

• Smokey eyes will never fail to impress; they are timelessly sexy! It doesn’t have to be super dark, you can choose a warm brown shade instead of black, it would create depth by letting it show through. One of the latest eye makeup trends doing round on the runway is a violet smoky eye.


• Eye glitter is making a comeback but in a modern subtle way. Think a natural eye with large pieces of glitter if you want to glam it up your smokey eye; just pop it up by adding a glitter line.

• Replace your regular eyeliner with a smudged one. It adds subtle drama and makes eyes look bigger without weighing them down. If you want to get a dramatic lift, then use a liquid liner, on the bottom lash line or lined only in the centres of the eyes.


• Long, full lashes are one of the favourite accessories year-round. Just make sure to consider lash length and fullness when choosing your false lashes. If you have bigger eyes, you can get away with a fuller lash. However, if your eyes are smaller, opt for longer thinner lashes, or work with individual lashes on the outer corner of your lash line.

• You can opt for coloured contact lenses as an option as well. Coloured contact lenses allow you to change your eye colour, make them appear bigger and create a look that could be totally bold, or you could choose a colour closer to your natural eye colour to bring in a subtle change, anywhere in between.

Latest Lip Shades for the Brides

• Slay the look with lip strobes this year! Lip Strobes highlight the lips, which we never knew we needed before, but now it's imperative that we have some!

• When choosing your lip colour, it could be stressful to find the right colour. Choose a shade based on your skin’s undertone. Most people fall into of the two categories: either warm or cool. Most nude, pink, orange, and red shades are going to look good on warm tones. The great thing about cool tones is that bold reds and deep colours can be a fun way to play up the makeup and can look fantastic. Women with pale lips look best in cherry red, burnt oranges or coral; for naturally reddish lips, try plum, orange, or cranberry; for dark lips, brick red and burgundy are ideal.

• Last year was all about matte lips, but this year, glossy lips have made a comeback. Lip gloss is a refreshing change giving dimension, shine, and youth. Any tone will do — from nudes to wines to pinks — if the finish is reflective. And if you want to glam up, add a bit of glitter to it, just make sure it’s to highlight your lips and not overdo.

• Nude lips have a classy, sexy look that goes great with dark eyes. Since there are infinite skin tones, identifying your best complexion-complementing colour requires some experimentation. The trick is to choose a lip colour that looks as close to your natural lip colour and doesn’t make your lips disappear into your face.

Things to keep in mind while matching up the Eye Makeup and Lip Shades

Balance is the key! While it's true that too much pigment on both areas at once can look overwhelming, there are ways to combine colour on both your lids and your lips for an elegant effect. The idea is to bring focus to one of the features.

Matching your makeup to your wardrobe can be a very flattering when done correctly and atrocious when done wrong. There are certain colour combinations that always work, but that does not mean choosing the exact shade from head to toe, however you can choose similar shades. The idea is to wear colours that complement each other.


E.g. If you are planning to wear green at your wedding, and want high-impact emerald eyes, then go for light shades for your lips. Peachy-pink lips will make your mouth look plump and luscious while allowing a deep green smoky shadow to take centre stage. If you are going for a traditional red and gold combo, then you need your makeup to match the glamorous colours. Red lipstick always steals the show, but that doesn't mean you should go with a completely bare lid. To balance the lips, opt for a subtle gold shimmer shadow on the lids.

For The Winter Bride-To-Be

During winters our skin gets chapped and dry, this is the reason winter makeup is regarded as a bit complicate. Amongst all the bridal makeup tips, getting your skin to look healthy and glowing on the wedding day is very important. As the skin tends to become drier during winter, moisture foundation would be a good option for smooth and even coverage than a matte finish.

To highlight your features when getting married, focus on adding a soft, dewy glow.  If you have the ceremonies during the day, then keep the make-up minimal and opt for a more regular and natural look. If you wedding is at night, you can opt for brighter hues.

Use a highlighter instead of shimmer or glitter. The main attempt should be to make the skin appear glowing and not shimmery. In case you want the shimmer, go subtle with a tinted powder, with a slight shimmer. If you want to draw attention to only one area of your face during winter, it is best to put emphasis on your eyes. You could try a smokey eye with a sultry look, by using eye shadows in cinnamon and coffee shades.

Choose a lip colour that's a bit bright. Pale nude or brown lip hues can make you appear washed out in photos. If you normally wear a neutral hue, wear it as your base with a pink or rose colour on top. If you normally wear dark lipstick, use that as your base and apply a lighter sheer pink on top to give you a lift.

Choosing your wedding look can be a tough decision, so you should go for your makeup trials to avoid last minute confusions, and stay prepared for the day, and don’t panic. It’s your day and if you can keep everything arranged in advance, then all you’d need to do is look pretty and enjoy!


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