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Essential Rules for Choosing Accessories

By Sarabpreet Kaur

Wondering what we mean? Well, decked up all in graceful ethnic, when you start putting on your exquisite ornaments, you start to look even more gorgeous. But what should go with different silhouettes? How much is too much? We answer all such questions right hereā€¦

Fan of the big fat weddings? Well, then the chances are you fancy the larger than life Bollywood movies as well! Before we get to the point, why don’t you go ahead and hum these melodious desi numbers…

“Jhumka barelee wala kaano me aisa dala, Jhumke ne le lee mere jaan, hai re main tere kurban”

“Payale chunmun chunmun, Jhanjare runjhun runjhun, Kitna madhur hai ye milan”

“Kangana bin marji ke chance na, Kangana bin arji ke khanke na, Taane sunaave choodiyaan”

“Long da lashkara, ho baby tera, jaan se pyaara”

Dear ladies, the point is evident! Every single ornament has a unique charm, impactful enough that there are many popular songs appreciating it. Thankfully, we, Indians, have a plethora of choices while dolling up for any big event. But this also means that the chance of going overboard with jewellery cannot be ruled out. Fret not! From choosing the right kind of necklace to selecting even the most basic accessory like the footwear, we are here to help you with all.

Strut the silhouette

Jewellery selection depends a lot on the dress you are wearing. For example, a payal with a gown is a strict no-no. And an over-the-top tiara with a traditional dress is a faux pas some ladies mistakenly do. Though it is true that there are no hard and fast rules for those who want to create one-of-a-kind style statement, yet it is best to stay abreast with the general styling tips.

“The craftsmanship on the dress is the most important criterion for the selection of your jewellery. From make to break, jewellery does it all!” shares Tanishq Malhotra, wedding stylist.

Before you finalise the trinkets to complement your outfit, you must think about the tone that you want your final look want to reflect— contemporary, regal, rustic, Victorian, theme-based, etc. It definitely helps in short-listing the ideal pieces.

Also, a mistake that you must avoid is not planning your hair accessory in advance. Whether it is an embellished juda pin, an ornate mathapatti, a paasa, a simple teeka, a floral tiara or anything else, make sure you discuss your choice with your hairstylist beforehand.

Neck-deep into beauty

Considering the neckline of the outfit is an important factor in deciding the neckpiece or even the need of it at all! Some dresses have such elaborate designs on their neck that it is best to skip the necklace completely and rather go with a pair of complementing chunky earrings.

To make the decision-making easier for you, Malhotra, instructs, “A choker is to be paired with a deep neck blouse; it can be extended by adding layers of kundan necklaces. In contrast, bandgala blouses should have heavier pieces of necklace with them.”



Gorgeous hands down

Ornaments for the arms, wrists and hands look charming, beautiful and sensuous—all at once. It is important, however, to make sure you understand that putting everything on might look rather tacky. So, how to go about it? “Length of the sleeve is a major factor to think about while choosing your hand accessories. With a full-sleeve blouse, it is not recommended to have more than two bangles in one hand or one kangan in one hand each. You can also go for just a hathphool. Whereas, for a half-sleeve blouse you can go with a dozen of bangles. Wearing a cut-sleeve blouse comes with the opportunity of donning armbands, bangles and hathphool” answers Malhotra. She adds, “If one is not comfortable with cut-sleeve, cap sleeve is always an option.”


A common but easily avoidable mistake is to fill your hand with rings. “There is no need to go gaga with the rings, but you can always mix and match a designer ring with your engagement ring, while making sure it looks subtle and trendy” shares Malhotra.

Uncommon Styles

Thanks to our rich tradition and the universal primal want to look beautiful, the choices in ornaments are vast. Apparently, for every jewellery item that we can name, we have multiple designs, patterns and regional varieties.

If you are someone who likes to stand out of the crowd and make a statement with all looks, then you must opt for a statement ornament. Whether it is a large nose ring like the one Sonam Kapoor donned at a Cannes Film Festival, a body chain, or anything else— the trick to flaunt any out-of-the-box jewellery is to let it be the hero of your look. You must not add more eye-catching elements to correctly complete your appearance.

Best Foot Forward

Never underestimate the elegance of accessories for the foot. From the traditional toe rings to ornate anklets—everything has its own charm. With sarees, lehengas, and churidars, accessorizing your foot is almost a must. And fortunately, beside the conventional silver variety, there is a lot more to browse through in terms of colour, work and even material. Splurging on a gorgeous pair for yourself is something you won’t regret ever.


Trendy Mods.Com

The right kind of footwear is essential. With so much variety, one is bound to get confused. “Most importantly, comfort is what you should consider. Indian wear needs to be carried very gracefully; so, it is important to choose comfortable footwear. Thus, complementing wedges or block heels will do wonders for you in terms of comfort and trend.For those who prefer flats, embellished juttis are perfect” says Malhotra.


Whether it is a saree, a lehenga, a suit, or any other traditional or fusion outfit, the grace of it goes up manifolds when you put on some gorgeous ornaments. Do not hesitate to be a little different—for example, while jewellery with matching stones is definitely a safe option, if you feel a little playful, you can rather go for trinkets in a contrasting tone. Just make sure all your pieces of jewellery sing the same rhyme.

Wedding is just the right occasion to let your inner diva out. So, don’t let anything stop you. Dig into your jewellery trove and let the world see your sparkle. Shine on!

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