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Enter With Swag: Uber Cool Ideas for Groom’s Baraat

By Richa

Wanna make your baraat the most - funkiest, funniest, awesomely cool baraat? Read on lots of great ideas to steal for your own wedding.

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Indian weddings have now taken on a larger than life persona. And, the pressure to make your wedding unique and memorable will be well, worth the trouble since you will be taking a walk down the memory lane a few years later to reflect on your wedding day. For too long the focus has been on the bride and all her fineries, however it is now time for the grooms to enjoy some limelight as well.

Indian wedding baraats are always filled with a lot of dancing and joy! The baraat is officially the groom’s procession and a kick start to the wedding day. There are many ways to make your baraat unique and memorable for your guests. There really is a lot one can do apart from a horse and mobile DJ to make it truly unique. The contemporary grooms are now willing to pull a few stunts to get their share of attention on the big day. The grooms are now no longer just obsessed with the bachelor’s party, but also concerned about the entrance they make at their wedding. Yes, they want as much attention as their brides. So, if you are a soon-to-be groom who wants anything but walk down plainly into the wedding venue, here are a few ideas for you that are worth reading through.

Think baraats and think dhol, dancing, drinking (car-o-bar anyone?) and just an insane amount of fun. Well, some more than others. Traditionally, and still most commonly, the Groom’s entrance is on an elaborately decorated white horse. Recently, Grooms are opting for different entrance options to really impress their guests. Your only limitations are your imagination (and maybe the rules of your venue!).

Have Callouts and Banners in the Baraat

Include fun streamers and pop art posters in your baraat. Make some seriously fun pictures or add cool quotes and messages – this will take the whole baraat masti to next level.



DJ Vans with Baraats

Remember the orchestra trucks at the weddings – where a male singer would sing also in the voice of females – well, no need to hire him but maybe take the whole concept of music at baraat to the new level. Picture this- you have your dhol band going, the baraatis are dancing to it, and alongside there is a truck or cart mounted setup complete with speakers, mixers and a DJ mixing the best baraat tracks. Like a live party, right on the streets. Pump up the beats and have DJ Vans at your baraat. Ask the DJwala babu to belt out crazy music for the crazy baraatis.

Women Wearing Safas

Women wearing safas. Whaaaaaa???? Before you go all crazy, here’s enlightenment. Why are women wearing safas? Well, because they can. From what we noticed, to state the age-old fact that they are from the boy’s side, in a new-agey way. It looks adorable and makes for some seriously knockout pictures. You can use usual kind – bright colours, blend into the baraat. From leheriyas to florals to big bold colours – there’s a safa for every lehenga. They are worn plain or with a neat kalgi to add drama. But nowadays, we are also looking at ones that go matchy-matchy with the women’s saris and lehengas.

Cold Pyros

They have become a new trend at weddings. They add glitter and glam to the ceremony and make it a dazzling memory to last a lifetime. What are cold pyros? They are those firecrackers that you see going off on most award ceremony stages – only that, they do not burn, since they are cold! Neat, isn’t it? Not surprisingly, they are being extensively used in weddings in India for that extra glamour!

Go for Theme Hollywood or Bollywood

 “Instead of going in for a colour theme, bring in the cinematic effect for your baraat. There might be some Bollywood, Hollywood or any other regional movies which you two love. So just, go out there and plan the décor, wedding trousseau, and food falling on the lines of your favourite movie to suit your wedding theme. To add more fun factor, you can even select a dress code according to your theme and ask your guests to follow them if possible. Take a cue from classics like Dilwale Dulhania Le Jayenge, Tanu Weds Manu, Monsoon Wedding, Harry Potter, Shrek, 27 Dresses, Bridesmaids, Pakeezah, etc. the choices are many,” suggests Mr. Arjun Passey, Founder, Fantasy Weddings.

Think Outside the Horse!

While traditionally Groom’s arrive to their wedding on a white elaborately decorated horse, more commonly now, Groom’s are choosing other modes of transportation. From elephants and exotic cars to boats and helicopters, the sky is the limit. Some ideas we’ve seen at weddings: Boat arrivals, Jet-skis, Elephants, Exotic Cars, or Trolley Cars etc.



Serve fun food and snacks!

Keep guests entertained and food is always entertaining. Consider serving refreshments such as soft beverages, mango lassi, fish ke pakode, and mineral water along with cold towels during the Baraat – especially if it is a day time procession in summers.

Some More Ideas:

Label your ride - Your guy squad should have a name, like Rohit’s entourage or Maa de laadle. Make beautiful and colourful labels and stick them on your royal wheels.

For an evening baraat a display of fireworks, sparklers and crystal chandeliers are great additions.

  • A fresh petal shower is also a good way to add color to the baraat and make it livelier.
  • If your family and friends aren’t big dancers then consider hiring a bhangra group to help guide them along.
  • Consider arranging for a vanity van along with baraat for guests who may want to touch up or refresh before entering the venue, it would be a great finishing touch!

So, it is time to ditch that horse and that carriage, and enter your wedding venue in a unique way that would make your D-day even more unforgettable! There is so much you can do to make your baraat unique and memorable. Happy Planning!

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