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Engaging with your Precious Investments

By Sanhati Banerjee

What are the smart and safe wedding jewellery investment options? What are the changing patterns in buying jewellery for your wedding that will be a perfect combination of style and sense? Should you go with the one-off designer piece or a classic one? Are the new-age multi-wearable jewellery pieces safe to invest in? Read on to get your answers and much more on how thwe simple gold sets presented to the bride have changed to a diverse platform of contemporary jewels that are multi-dimensional.

Indian weddings are all about celebrations, gifts, glittering clothes and not to forget, the sparkling jewellery. In India, a wedding is the only time when one buys jewellery in abundance, as a token of love to gift to their daughter or to welcome the daughter-in-law in the family.
With the immense change in lifestyle in the last decade, weddings have also gone under a grand makeover. It’s no more a simple affair between a couple and two families. It’s about social status, grandeur, flaunting garments and jewellery. Thus, wedding jewellery has become a whole subject in itself. It has transformed from a few 22kt gold sets, given to a daughter as a safety in case of bad days, to jewellery that she would wear, flaunt and is in fashion. All this said and done, due to the steep rising prices of gold and diamonds; at the back of the mind of every family /buyer there is a big thought about budget and the jewellery investment quotient.
Investment in wedding jewellery often leaves many-a-people confused. Fashionable jewellery, which one can wear vs. value for money, is a big choice that one needs to make. Gone are the days when just gold was considered to be an investment. Solitaires in prominent sizes are equally considered to be big investments these days. One-carat plus sizes of solitaire can anytime fetch you good prices in the market and solitaire jewellery is classic and will always remain in fashion. But, you need to think before you buy one. Good high quality diamonds are there for a reason. Invest in a solitaire with good colour, clarity and always from an authentic source with a certificate. Buying from a big company who are into diamond cutting and polishing can get you good price deals as well as act as an assurance of quality.

Out of nine precious stones, five are very good investment options - diamonds (both colourless as well as coloured), emeralds, rubies, blue sapphires and yellow sapphires. Jewellery with prominent sizes of these gemstones that are sourced from authentic sources is always the better option to buy. An authenticity certificate is a must for all jewellery even if you have to shell out a little extra. Over time, these certificates are the ones that define the value of these jewels in the times of need.
Due to steep competition, most jewellers who have their own jewellery and diamond manufacturing have attractive buy back policies these days and customers can take full advantage of this. Kundan polki jewellery, an essential at every Indian wedding, has always been considered a bad investment due to the content of lac in it. But, now it can be bought with a relaxed mind as most jewellers who manufacture their own kundan polki jewellery are not just ready to buy back their jewellery but they are even offering good policies.

Kundan-polki jewellery with no lac content is readily available these days and is also another way of making sure of your investment.
Multi-wear jewellery also serves as good options for the contemporary brides of today. Who wants to wear the heavy necklace worn on the wedding day again? Necklaces, which can be detached and be worn separately in smaller forms are going off the shelves than the big heavy necklaces, these days. Necklaces that can turn into smaller necklaces or pendants, cuffs that can turn into thin bangles, pendants that can turn into cocktail rings… the options are endless. You just need to find the right jeweller.
When talking about design, classic jewellery is always a good option. The chances of wearability are higher as compared to an oh-so-designer and different piece. Classic jewellery can be worn by any age group and can be passed down generations with the same charm as it was bought with. The most famous example of the same is the blue sapphire and diamond studded engagement ring that Prince William had gifted his wife Kate at the time of the marriage, which actually belonged to his mother Lady Diana.
For the budget-conscious, buying jewellery in 18 karat rather than 22 karat can also help you get the cost down or increase the look of the jewellery. So, think before investing into jewellery and not with a closed mind but with an open after evaluating all the options that modern jewellers have to offer.



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