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Dressing up the Trousseau

By Nagashree

Indian wedding trousseau demonstrates a classical and romantic gesture that adds an extra charm and spice as a new journey of life begins. There are many trousseau packing styles and designs that can be used to add a special touch to all wedding packaging. whether you are putting together your own or packing a trousseau for your best friend, here are some fun ideas that 'Plan Your Wedding' gives you.

A traditional wedding trousseau includes bridal jewellery, clothing, accessories, bed linens, makeup and even bath towels. The tradition has remained intact and trousseau decoration is often the highlight of the marriage functions. The term ‘trousseau’ actually comes from a French word that means ‘bundle’.

Wedding trousseau packing is not an old concept, it is a universal phenomenon. The origin of bridal trousseau is credited to tribal societies where family members used to exchange gifts during the marriage ceremonies. It was also a wonderful way to measure the wealth of the parties involved in the marriage.

It is generally a collection of items like clothes, lingerie, linens, jewellery and other things that a bride may need after her marriage. Other than clothes and accessories, the other types of packing services cater to trays, dry fruit baskets, chocolate baskets, sweet boxes etc. If you have a specific theme or colour scheme for the wedding then it can be incorporated in the packing style.

This tradition was started as a more practical approach which is now a fun custom. It was a way for brides to start their marriage self-sufficiently and not having to ask their in-laws for things.

This giving of articles, clothing, and money is an important part of Indian wedding. This practice is an age-old tradition and even today in the modern times it is considered to be an earthly  treasure. The practice of gift giving won’t stop for years to come. But one thing that has definitely changed over the years is the style of packing these articles. Wedding trousseau goes unnoticed if it is not displayed or packed in an appealing style. All the pain, time and effort taken to purchase wedding items go for a waste if there is no proper presentation.

Style Wraps  

Gifts are a common factor in any social gathering, more so in wedding ceremonies. Trousseau packing gift has always been an essential part of Indian wedding affairs. The culture has remained same; however some of the related views have positively witnessed some radical changes. Presentation and packaging are considered as value addition to the gifts. Wedding trousseau packing in modern times has become more urbane.

So now there is no denying that gifts and trousseau packing have become a fundamental part of the wedding culture. “The gifts to be given to the bride or groom-to-be can be presented in a neat and attractive manner. Many of them are too busy with other wedding arrangements that they do not have the time to do this.

Packing the bride’s trousseau itself is a big task,” says Noor Shaista, who runs a professional packing service for weddings - Noor Shaista packing services. “A bride may not have the most expensive saree or ghagra but if it is presented and packed in an attractive
manner, it surely makes a difference,” she adds.

What you actually put together and buy for your bridal trousseau obviously varies from person to person. Since relatives and friends often want to see the trousseau or is many-a-time put on display, attractive trousseau packaging is a great idea and enhances the look of the trousseau. Not only is it fun to look at but gives you that sense of it being a super special gift to yourself, don’t you think so?

Professionally Thematic

In the days of yore, the wedding trousseau packing was done by family members and relatives but with changing times, now this work of packing and packaging is done by the specialists or wedding planners.

These professional wedding specialists decide on every single feature of the gift packing styles ranging from decoration, themes to designs and what not. To make trousseau packing more appealing, customary gift giving traditions is mixed with innovative ideas.

“A popular option is the use of decorated thaals and trays especially for smaller items. You can decorate these with colourful cloth, metallic netting, lace, ribbons, velvet, satin and jewel embellishments. Including compartmentalised organizers and trays and even dividers in lovely colours not only looks good but also allows you to keep everything mess free and showcase all your lovely gifts and purchases”, says Pallavi from Bangalore who designs customised wedding trousseau looks.

If you look closely at Indian wedding trousseau, it is nothing but a sheer delight to the eyes. It is no cakewalk to plan and present perfect bridal trousseau packing. This is more like an art that requires skills, finesse and aesthetic sense. If you are thinking of putting the trousseau articles in a big box or bag, why not think of interesting containers that you can use later in your home too. “Something like a beautiful carved wooden chest or a lovely tiled mosaic box are special enough for your trousseau and yet can be a nice addition to your décor at home”, Pallavi suggests.

“Having a central theme is also a novel idea. You could carry over the theme of your clothes and accessories if any or tie it up nicely with common touches. Having a theme for the way your gifts are presented, in terms of style and colours make for one attractive trousseau”, she explains.

  • If you have a theme for your wedding and a colour palette that runs through all your events, it can incorporated in your trousseau packing as well.
  • You can top off your packages with whimsical touches that show off your interests and personality like flamboyant feathers, some sparkly bling or even pressed flowers and leaves.
  • Try and include a satchel of a fragrance you like or some pretty potpourri in your packages; it keeps everything fresh and looks super pretty.

Expert tips are by Pallavi

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