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Diy-Ing Your Wedding

By Richa

It can be a lot of fun to plan your entire wedding, or even just parts and pieces. But diy-ing your entire celebration also has some potential pitfalls that every bride and groom should be aware of so they don’t end up with problems at the end.

Looking to be your own wedding planner? Well, you’re not alone! Many couples these days, whether it be for budget reasons or just their natural love of DIY, decide to plan their weddings. But, as any experienced newlyweds and professional planner will tell you, it’s a whole lot of work. With endless amounts of decisions, looming deadlines, budgets to manage, and miles-long to-do lists to tend to, planning your own wedding is no simple feat. So where should you begin if you’re the planner, the executor, and the wedding couple?

First up, get inspired! Before any bride and groom put forth the logistics of planning their own big day, they need to create a vision, no matter how vague. Once you have a bare bones idea of what type of couple you are or want to be, the decision making just gets easier from there. But still, even the most organised and motivated couple can feel thrown off course every now and then by the chaos and pressure that comes with the wedding planning process. That’s why it’s always a good idea to get a strategy in place, reserve some down time to get through all of your tasks, and plan far ahead so big decisions never come down until the last minute.

From getting your family and friends involved in your planning to crafting the ultimate wedding vision board or creating a month-by-month task to-do list, here are our some handy tips and tricks to help any couple plan the wedding of their dreams. Let the fun begin, you’ve been pinning your heart out on your secret wedding board, and you can finally share your wedding decor ideas!

Decide Upon The Budget and Make your Binder: Before you can dive into any of the nitty-gritty details, it’s important to carve out how much this wedding is going to cost you. Plan out the maximum amount you’re able to spend on all the wedding vendors, details, and decorations. Be sure to set a budget early on and stick to it throughout the wedding planning process. The first couple of weeks that you immerse yourself in wedding planning will feel extra hectic and chaotic, so try to keep yourself organised with a to-do list. Jot down all the tasks you can think of on one document, and add to that list whenever a new thought pops into your mind.

Set The Timeline For Planning: Of all things about your planning, this is the most important aspect. Develop a sensible, reasonable timeline depending on how much time you’ve given yourselves. Begin with a calendar before you and try following a suggested timeline from a wedding guide. You will find such timelines in wedding guide books, magazines, and online.

Get Your Loved Ones Involved: If you’re looking for a squad of people to lend some ideas or even help out a bit with wedding tasks here and there, turn to your family and friends. Ask them to help out with things they are both good at and passionate about. Your friends may love DIY crafts and your jugaadu uncles and cousins are better at researching local vendors, for example.

Finalise All Your Events and Guest List: There are many events associated with an Indian Wedding Celebration. Do you want to have an engagement party, haldi, mehendi, sangeet in addition to the wedding and reception? Now is a good time to decide. After that you should estimate how big of a wedding you want. This will help you decide the other planning aspects of your wedding.

Choose a Theme: It doesn’t have to be anything really specific, but a successful event tends to have a consistent feeling throughout. Choose a theme that is easy to plan and decorate. Everything should be consistent with the theme.

Start Researching and Negotiate with the Vendors: Finding venues for all your wedding events, which are open for the dates you picked, can be very tiring. Get a head start so that you can book the wedding venue of your dreams! Schedule appointments to go visit the selected venues and start shortlisting. Find out the venue requirements and policies for lighting candles, havan rituals/ fire, alcohol, parking, vendor and event insurance, cancellation or postponing the event. Select your caterers, florists, photographers, entertainment, pundits, cake vendors, bandwalas and other transportation if necessary, very wisely.
You should have these vendors finalised and locked in so that you can start planning the wedding details with them. Review the contracts thoroughly before signing. Make sure they provide a reasonable alternative person/company to fill in case they are sick or under circumstances beyond their control. Whenever you receive a vendor quote, be sure to go back and negotiate with them. It’s good to have a game plan when you’re negotiating. Know the price you want to aim for and what details you’d like them to adjust.

First decide what type of food and refreshments you will offer at the wedding dinner and then select the caterers accordingly. Brides and grooms who orchestrate their own wedding need to stay on top of invoices and receipts, keep copies of contracts, track costs and deal with countless other details.

Wedding Outfits and Jewellery: Are you having one custom made, altering an heirloom dress, or purchasing off-the-rack? Whichever way, you’ll possibly need several fittings and adjustments to perfect it. Alternatively, make your own or steer clear of traditional wedding dresses and buy a dress that you simply love and know you can wear again after the wedding. You don’t have to stick with tradition or spend a fortune on something you’ll never use again. Make sure you have ample time for the dress fittings and buying matching jewellery. Gather abundant of information from magazines, internet, and friends about what’s the latest trend and from where to buy it at reasonable prices.

Ensure Out-Of-Town Guests Have Accommodation: You may need to reserve a block of rooms for guests that will be attending your wedding from interstate or overseas. Booking as a group will usually ensure they all get the best rate but this should be done well in advance of the wedding, at least four months in advance.

Remember That Bigger Doesn’t Always Mean Better: You might feel pressure to throw a gigantic wedding with a lot of people and a budget you can’t afford, don’t feel as though you have to make your wedding like that. A bigger wedding is not a better wedding, especially if you want to have a more intimate vibe.

Kick Out the Old School Traditions: If you’re not sure why you’re doing a certain wedding tradition that people have done in the past, feel free to bid it goodbye and take it out of your wedding plans. Your wedding should feel anything but generic, so keep only the traditions that mean something special to you.

Say No to Too Much DIY: While DIY wedding crafts can save you money, they still take time, so don’t go overboard on the projects. You’ll find yourself overwhelmed with how many items or centerpieces you have to make, in addition to everything else on your wedding to-do list.

Planning a wedding can be an emotional and overwhelming process, but throughout it all, remember why you’re throwing this party in the first place: To marry the love of your life and celebrate with your loved ones. Try to remember that little detail as often as possible when you feel like things are going wrong or you’re letting stress take over. Enjoy the time you’re spending planning your wedding and make it fun along the way. Weddings are a giant celebration of love and when you plan your special day on your own, you truly are planning the wedding of your dreams.

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