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Discovering Ethereal Exotic Island Paradises on Earth!

By Executive Editor

After discovering one exclusive island each in Asia, Africa and Australia in the last issue, this time we uncover heaven-like islands in the western part of the world map.

Honeymoon is undoubtedly one of the most special times in a couple’s life. And what better way to celebrate it than in a pristine, breathtakingly beautiful island. Take your pick from the beautiful land-pieces, surrounded by gorgeous water bodies, presented here…

Montenegro, Europe
A Southern Sovereign state of Europe—Montenegro is an unknown paradise that houses some of the best retreats for a peaceful honeymooner!
The pearl of the Mediterranean, unique in many ways, is situated in the south of the Adriatic. Nowhere else can you find, so much natural wealth, beauty, mild beaches, clear lakes, fast rivers, and gorgeous mountains in such a compact area as in Montenegro. In the morning, you can wake up along the beautiful Adriatic coast, have lunch on the banks of Skadar Lake, and enjoy an evening walk in the Montenegrin Mountains. Montenegro cannot leave you indifferent.
Not only is it an excellent choice for holidays, Montenegro has many other remarkable characteristics: history, culture, tradition, good weather conditions, clean air, beautiful nature, and the blue Adriatic Sea. This little country combines features of both the Balkans and the Mediterranean, near Serbia, Bosnia, Croatia, Italy, and Albania. Despite its small size, Montenegro offers great diversity and abundant natural beauty. Ensure to take a fantastic camera to capture the heavenly grandeur of every view in Montenegro.
In a country famed for its beauty, the most iconic images associated with Montenegro are of the tiny islet named Sveti Stefan. Attached to the coast by a narrow isthmus, the island lies across the bay from Villa Milocer and the resort’s stand-alone Aman Spa, and together these historic sites comprise AmanSveti Stefan.
AmanSveti Stefan is that one resort that has to its guest list many-a-legends.
This is ‘The only place’ where Lord Byron, Princess Margaret, Sophia Lauren, Marilyn Monroe and Elizabeth Taylor have all enjoyed this three-acre island.
Steeped in history and surrounded by outstanding natural beauty, it is undoubtedly one of the most romantic wedding venues on the Adriatic coastline. Incorporating the island of Sveti Stefan as well as Villa Milocer on the mainland, the property embraces three beaches, beautiful gardens, quaint churches, lofty terraces, atmospheric restaurants and countless peaceful spots with breathtaking views– spectacular settings for uniquely personal ceremonies and receptions.
Dream of a wedding here and be a part of the history and tradition of this remarkable place as you celebrate your own important milestone. The picturesque cobblestone lanes of the island hark back to its days as a 15th-century fortified village, while the centuries-old olive groves and pine forests protecting Villa Milocer have witnessed the regal past of this elegant 1930’s residence.
Montenegro is a southern European and Mediterranean country. It is one of the most southern European states, adjacent to the southern Adriatic Sea. About 500 km from Rome; 1,500 km from Paris, and Berlin; and about 2,000 km west from Moscow; Montenegro lies on the Balkan Peninsula in the very heart of Europe.
Three main airports act as gateways to AmanSveti Stefan: in Montenegro, Tivat Airport is 34 kilometres and a 30-minute drive from the resort, while Podgorica Airport (also known locally as Golubovci Airport) is 54 kilometres and just over an hour’s drive away. Dubrovnik Airport in Cilipi, Croatia is approximately a two and half hour drive away. Travel costs are estimated at ` 75,000 per person and accommodation will cost an approx. of ` 25,000 (starting).
When to go: June and September, when crowds (and clouds) are rare.

Falkland Islands
Do you want to see penguins? Wondering where can you actually find them other than the poles? It is Falkland Island and not an icy cold place where you will need an Eskimo suit…this is a beach and honeymoon paradise closer to the southern tip of South America.
Evidently unfamiliar? You bet you will be awed by this place. Intriguing history of wars and other territorial issues, Falkland has come up a long way in history to mark a niche for itself in today’s tourism.Thankfully, remotely located and not extremely popular making it an ideal venue for honeymooners!
Surrounded by the Atlantic Ocean, pounding waves and billowing spray sculpt the shores of the Falkland Islands with an artistic flourish. The Falklands archipelago is teeming with wonders of nature and wildlife; an unpolluted environment with fantastically clear blue skies, seamless horizons, vast open spaces and stunning white sand beach.
This is a paradise for wild and marine life species with rich variety flocking through-out the year.Penguins are awesome creatures and are a delight to people of all ages, both young and old, and you will love the colours nature has bestowed on them!
Wherever you choose to stay in the Falkland Islands you will receive a warm welcome from your hosts. Falkland Islanders are proud of their heritage and keen to show visitors the sights and sounds that make the Islands such a special destination. The capital city, Stanley, boasts a variety of homestay choices where guests stay in private rooms in a Falkland Island home, hotels, motel and hostel-style lodgings. Elsewhere in the Islands visitors can choose from self-catered motor boat cruises.
The accommodation cost is approx. `15,000. Least expensive travel to Falkland is from Rio De Janeiro and the approx. cost from Delhi is ` 99,500/- per person.
When to go: The best time to visit is between October to April, but there are different seasons for different animals, so you can choose accordingly from one of Falklands award winning travel holiday expert agency- Falkland holidays.

Saint Lucia Islands
Saint Lucia is a place where you can wake up to a symphony of birds and drive through a volcano!! St. Lucia stands apart from the rest of the Caribbean islands thanks to its varied landscape and diverse culture and cuisine, which is distinguished by African, Indian, Caribbean, British, Spanish and French influences. You can explore everything from the Piton Mountains and rainforest to the Sulphur Springs of Soufriere and the Caribbean coral reef on this 238 square-mile island in paradise. There are so many reasons to choose St. Lucia island!
When you book an all-inclusive vacation, resort or boutique hotel on this Caribbean island, the last thing you will do is wonder what to do in St. Lucia. The active traveller can snorkel in the refreshing Caribbean Sea, hike to the top of the Gros Piton or Petite Piton peaks, or take advantage of a wide range of water sports available at their St. Lucia Resort.
The foodie can indulge in fresh local flavours by stopping at roadside stands or dining at five-star restaurants. Romantic couples can relax on the white sand of a pristine beach or in a mud bath before going on a one-of-a-kind date at one of St. Lucia’s music or cultural festivals.Whatever your preference, your St. Lucia island vacation will be nothing but smooth sailing!
Noted for its oodles of small and luxurious resorts that drip colour and flair, St Lucia is really two islands in one. Rodney Bay in the north offers modern comforts amid a beautiful bay. In the south, Soufrière is at the heart of a gorgeous region of old plantations, hidden beaches and the geologic wonder of the impossibly photogenic Pitons.
The beauty of Saint Lucia provides the perfect backdrop for adventure: mountains to climb, forests to explore, an underwater world to discover. The ancients revered Saint Lucia Ioüanalao or Hewanorra, as it was called and fought to preserve it. In recent decades, the famous have returned here to find solace in this enchanted place.
Saint Lucia is the perfect destination for an unforgettable and romantic wedding, honeymoon or weekend getaway!
No other island in the world is so completely dedicated to couples in love. A Saint Lucia wedding, honeymoon or weekend getaway is the kind you only dream about. Only Saint Lucia offers the ultimate in luxurious accommodations for that special day -- the Caribbean's best land and water activities, and an array of gourmet restaurants.
Saint Lucia has long been a dream destination for wedding and honeymoon couples. Strolling along a golden-sand beach, relaxing over an amazing sunset, and swaying to the melodies of Caribbean music makes for the perfect romantic getaway. It's no wonder why Saint Lucia has won the World's Leading Honeymoon Destination award for 2002-2004, 2006, 2007, 2008, 2009, 2010, as well as Caribbean's Leading Honeymoon Destination for 2011, 2012, and 2014. Simply put, Saint Lucia is easily one of the most romantic and beautiful islands you'll ever visit.
This Caribbean island is exotic, magical, and filled with beautiful moments– exactly the experience that couples look for in a wedding, honeymoon or dream vacation are seeking to start their lives together with. The hotels and resorts on Saint Lucia are just as magical as the island itself, featuring elegant beachfront hotels, pampering spa resorts, boutique properties and amenity rich condominiums.
Most parts of East Coast of the US connect to St.Lucia. It takes about three and a half hours from Miami, four hours from New York, five hours from Toronto, and eight hours from London. The accommodation cost starts from ` 25,000 per night per room. The travel cost per person is ` 90,000/- from India.
When to go: From November to June is the best time to visit St.Lucia, as in June to November, you can expect sporadic showers.

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