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Different types of Mandap for your wedding

By Palak Bhalla

Too bored seeing the age old mandap decors and want to look for something different for your own wedding? Read on to step into the world of innovative ideas!


The wedding décor is incomplete without the very place where you tie the nuptial knot, the mandap. With more innovative ideas lushly wading their way to the wedding decorations, mandaps too are getting prettier with changing trends. Even the decorators get enthusiastic about accessorizing the mandap to make your fairy tale wedding more beautiful. “Any Hindu marriage is incomplete without a Wedding Mandap as all the rituals are performed under it. A beautiful mandap is the main attraction of a wedding where the groom and the bride take vows around the sacred fire to get bonded with each other for the lifetime. A beautifully decorated mandap will enhance the wedding celebrations and will make your wedding ceremony an unforgettable one,” says Mr. Ashu Garg, Founder, Good Times Concept Events. Let’s see what our experts want to say about different styles of mandap!


Dome Shaped Mandap

This mandap dates back to the times of mughals and symbolizes rich Indian culture and tradition. The mandap has exquisite pillars showing the elite wedding. The dome is decorated with flowers to enhance the look of the mandap. The circular form of the dome recalls the dome of the sky, or that which is in the direction of heaven. It makes the  mandaps look all heavenly.


 Theme based mandap
Traditionally decorated mandaps that has rich colours in all shades of gold and pink, combined with satin curtains & beautiful flowers enhancing the beauty of it. Perfect balance of traditional styling and modern designs keep them perfectly suited for all Indian rituals. Not only the shades of gold and silver but there comes different types of themes like flowery theme, color based themes like lavishing royal blue, blushing rose, and many more.

Rajasthani Style Mandap

This stunning Mandap made from the Pink city of Jaipur, features detailed intricately carved pillars of Goddess; Ganesh, Saraswati and Laxmi. These are incorporated with the cut work of the wooden pillars. The highlight of this mandap is that the goddesses can be seen in all four directions with the reflection of light outside and inside the pillars, characterizing the unique Rajasthan feel to the mandap.

Peacock Themed Mandap
This Peacock Mandap design features detailed intricately carved pillars of golden color. In the center there lie artifacts of peacock made of beautiful pink flowers. The beauty of this mandap lies in the golden pillar and pink flowers characterizing the uniqueness of this mandap.

Royal Rajwada Style
Rajwada mandaps are a truly contemporary designed mandap mixed with a traditional twist. This impressively designed Rajwada mandap is created to give the décor elegance and poise. When lit up this palazzo creates a mesmerizing effect as the crystals twinkle in your chosen colors. The aisle way pillars along with its magnificent entrance gate and integrated lights, holds hand carved Ganesh murti that greets you and your guests as you enter.

Traditional Indian Mandap
This is a square mandap wherein there are four pillars or kalash or matkas on the four corners. This mandap is decorated with layers of white flowers edged with red roses. You can further add embellishments like kaliras or pearl strings to enhance its look.
Getting married is a once in a lifetime event and so is fulfilling your wedding dreams. So, if you do it, do it just right. Happy Wedding!


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