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Difference Between Traditional & Candid Wedding Photography

By Richa

Traditional vs. Candid wedding photography? Scratching your head which one to go for your wedding day? Let us help you a little!

In the last few years, wedding photography has been revolutionised by the arrival of new technology and equipment. The outcome, quality of photography in the wedding space has gone up. In all this, a new term has been coined, The Candid Wedding Photographers.’ We have earlier introduced you to other photography styles also, but candid wedding photography is the most popular one in the industry.

Banga Studios

So how is a Candid Wedding Photographer different from a traditional wedding photographer? Why hire both candid and traditional wedding photographers? What are the different skills a candid wedding photographer needs to have than traditional wedding photographers? Let us look at the answers to all these questions below:



Know the Difference - The obvious thing that separates the both is candid photographer’s ability to see simpler things & special unposed moments that are usually ignored, from a different perspective & his/her ability to convert what he/she sees into compositions of art, by taking advantage of the dramatic ambience and lighting. A regular wedding photographer on the other hand, would just click staged photos, and would focus on the main group shots & coverage of important events. They would not use ambient light and their photographs would not be artistic in nature. Yes, the traditional wedding photographer is the one who will ask you to make embarrassing poses and smile for hours making your cheeks hurt.



Why Hire Both the Photographers for Your Wedding – Candid photography involves the photographer using various techniques to try to capture subjects casually. This allows the photographer to make the pictures seem like a fairytale displaying emotions and capturing rare moments that would otherwise be unnoticed or forgotten. On the other hand, traditional photographs are usually very well planned out and hence ideal for your coffee tables and framed photos. The problem is that this style when used alone often results in albums full of posed shots that don’t really impart the feeling of a wedding. In other words, they will let you know who all were present at your wedding but the candid pictures will let you know who ate what and how much at your wedding. *wink*


Do Candid Photographers Have Extra Superpowers? To be honest, both photography styles require unique set of skills and it will be inequitable to draw a comparison. However, candid photographers do require that extra oomph of artistic ability to make the spontaneous shots look beautiful, as they are time bound. They do not have the liberty to go back in time and recreate the moment if they missed it at the present time; unlike traditional photographers who will ask you to stay in the same pose until they get it right (doesn’t matter if your bride is heavy, you’ll have to carry her until the photographer says so *just kidding*). So, candid photographers have to be quick and need smart thinking.


So Which One Should You Choose? Well, like we said earlier, you’re not just restricted to choosing just one of these! Many people like to mix their options, having most of the wedding shot in a candid manner while posing for a select, few pictures that will make the covers, framed photographs etc. that you want. Nevertheless, if you prefer your photographers and videographers restricted to work within particular areas of the wedding ceremony with their set-ups and framed backgrounds, then traditional photography is what you should opt for. There’s nothing wrong with that, some people just find candid photography a tad silly. Contrary to that, if you like photographs such as those where your saali is trying to steal the groom’s shoes covertly then this style is for you.


Finally, it is the most important day of your life, so you want to have the right photographer to cover the day as beautifully as possible! Whomever you choose, make sure to check their portfolios before hiring them. Ensure that you are comfortable with them and ask them all the questions you have about their styles of photography, how they work etc. Just remember to give details of your choices and vision, as a client and look at samples of both styles beforehand and soon you’ll have a kickass memories in the form of some breathtaking pictures concealed in an album for lifetime!

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