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Diamonds at your Door

By Sanhati Banerjee

Are you aware of the multi-faceted phenomenon of online diamond purchasing, yes, even for your engagement or wedding? Here’s the d-z of online diamond shopping and all that you would like to know before you can make your e-diamond deal. BY KALAIVANI SADAGOPAN

Are you one of those who would go bonkers over the thought of buying jewellery online? After all, you would argue, jewellery is precious, and buying these feminine assets is not like buying Tetra Pack milk or baby gift hampers. How can you assured of the genuine value of the jewellery piece and above all, how can you actually buy that precisely designed delicate adornment without even touching it once, you would argue? So, like many of us – read the hyper imaginative souls, you also subscribe to the philosophy of see-feel-touch when it comes to buying your precious possessions. But, the latest news is that more and more jewellery purchasing, especially diamond jewellery purchasing is happening online. The jewellery buying world is shifting in leaps and bounds from brick-and-mortar jewellery stores.
And, if you think about the prices – you would be relieved to know that you will be able to strike a much better bargain if you shop online. Since online diamond jewellery portals do not involve the cost of expensive physical stores/boutiques, significantly less leasing costs (as they do not have to pay rent to an upmarket shopping mall for having a high-end boutique), less labour costs (there’s no need for in-store sales staff), no carrying cost for inventory. So, you would end up making 25-35 % of savings than what you would spend in a physical retail store.

The advantages of online diamond shopping
The sheer volume and range of an online diamond shopping portal makes it an intelligent and grand shopping experience. Ordinarily, a physical or retail store can not match this range of diamond selection. An online portal can house upto 1, 00, 000 diamonds and the customer can make upto 25 % of savings.

The Diamond Education
Most diamond jewellery websites have exhaustive buying guides provided to customers as well as a detailed educative section briefing the not-so-informed customer on the 4Cs of diamonds supported by an ‘intuitive’ process of selection. Typically, the online portal from where you intend to purchase would be providing you with all the necessary informative, intelligent and intuitive guidelines.
On Caratlane, if you are still not very sure about the type/size/colour/cut/carat etc, you can be assisted by a support team of professional diamond consultants who can help you streamline your thoughts and choose the perfect piece for you depending on your budget and carat preferences from their 2, 000 plus solitaire ring designs.

Competitive & Comparative
A physical diamond retail environment is based on season closeout sales, pre-existing inventory etc. On the contrary, e-retailers will offer you a competitive pricing scale to choose from as they do not depend upon their pre-existing in-hand stock, rather on selling you the customised piece that you have ordered. You can easily compare prices on an online portal.

Value-adding Experience
In a world marked by 24-7 consumerism or better to say, consumer support, only e-retailers of diamond jewellery can bring you that 24-7 assistance. In addition, while shopping for your solitaire online, you can take your own sweet time sans the sales talk of a sometimes-too-eager sales person. In other words, there is no constraint of time but all the convenience of time as you can shop anytime on a portal without the pressure of persuasive talk.
The holistic experience of customer support can also be availed over the phone or through chat.

Safe, Swift and Certified
Most online jewellery stores offer certification from the best labs (GIA, PGI etc), free delivery module on all orders, 30-days free return policy without any questioning etc. However, be very sure of the company’s return policy before you place the order. Check whether it is giving you enough time to decide if you really like it or not, or if it suits you. Steer clear of online stores eager to only sell and not provide any after-sales service.

How to Design your own Diamond?
First of all, you should browse around through big online diamond stores and see which dealers sell the diamond you want. You can choose to go for very reputed stores or go through reliable reviews sites before zeroing in on a particular store.
Most respectable online diamond stores have a database of numerous diamonds, categorized by shape and the 4 c’s. Find your diamond (or a list of diamonds that fall in the range of the combination of the 4 c’s which are most appealing to you). You would probably need to fill the diamond shape, size range (carat weight), the colour grade (or colour grade range), clarity grade, cut grade and price range. Some diamond databases also allow you to search them through by choosing the desired diamond certification and diamond proportions.
After one search, you will probably still have a long list of diamonds. It is best to gradually become more precise about the above attributes and narrow or filter down your search slowly. Maybe you can add desired cut features, such as table width or total depth or consult the online gemologist if you have no idea about these attributes, which will bring you closer to an ideal cut diamond. By this stage you would already have a clue how much your desired diamond should cost, more or less.
After you select the diamond, you can select the ring/earring/pendant mounts upon which the diamond can be set. alternatively, you can buy loose diamonds.

“I have to see it before buying”
The above statement reflects the common mindset prevalent among most customers. While the reality is, the naked eye unless of a gemologist is untrained to distinguish even between the first six colours between D-Z.

About the Author
Kalavani Sadagopan is the Vice President, CaratLane -- CaratLane is India’s first and largest online diamond and diamond jewellery portal. CaratLane offers a wide range of solitaire diamonds, solitaire based jewellery, ready made diamond jewellery, gold and engraved jewellery.
CaratLane has tied-up with more than 4000 vendors worldwide to offer a wide choice. The solitaires start from 30 cents going all the way up to 10+ carats. Customers can either buy these as solitaire diamonds or get them made into solitaire based jewellery.



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