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Decorating the Doli Mission!

By Richa

Everything associated with a wedding is made to look like it is celebrating the occasion. That is why; even the wedding car which is used to give the newlyweds a proper sendoff is also decorated beautifully.

Image Courtesy: Pinterest

Wedding car (or as in India it is the modern age doli) décor is an important component of weddings. After all, this is the royal ride in which price charming will sweep you away to your new life. With most grooms choosing fancy cars these days, wedding car decorations are beginning to see the daylight and have as important a thing to plan and think about as your wedding décor.

Yeah, enjoy all the attention on the road and flip over the entire hubbub. As your car drives around the city on your wedding day, welcome people who scream congratulations from their car windows, or wave from the sidewalk with a warm smile. That’s the perfect way to exit the wedding or even arrive at the wedding ceremony. Even if you manage to hire a professional decoration team for your car, it’s crucial to add that personal touch to make the efforts endearing.

Well, if you too have been looking for some beautiful and unique ways to make your car look the best on your wedding, then here are some amazing ideas for you:

Minimalist is the New In-Thing: Sometimes with a statement car, you don’t need overboard decoration; let the car do all the talking! So, for those of you who dislike sitting in a car that’s covered in a blanket of flowers, or you may want to go the environmentally conscious way, the minimal trails of flowers or ribbon additions will surely impress you.

Go With Your Wedding Theme: Taking it a notch higher, how about matching the wedding car decoration to the wedding theme - it is a trend that is recently catching up. For example, if the colour theme of your wedding décor is Red, then pick similar coloured flowers, ribbons, or a combination of the elements mentioned above, and you are good to go.

Let Us Celebrate The Occasion With Wine And Sweet Words (Plautus): Use some window/glass markers, throw in some creativity, and break free from ‘Raja Weds Rani’ or ‘Just Married.’ Get boisterous with ‘Honk! We’re Married!’ or humorous car decal with the quotes like ‘Marriage lets you annoy one special person for the rest of your life,’ with your initials and wedding date.

Make It A Flowery Affair: We couldn’t resist this idea. In India, it is considered to be auspicious and classic. “A gorgeous garland, a bouquet of lush greenery, pink-and-burgundy dahlias, blush roses, or fresh orchids will seal the deal. Flowers often used are the ones that can stay longer and do not spoil in extreme temperatures. The budget of the customer is also taken into consideration. There’s something undeniably overwhelming about this idea. It's not only a nod to wedding traditions but gives a fresh look to the vehicle,” says Ms. Neena Garg, Dewdrops.

Pick Ribbons: Oh, how we are smitten with the elegant and classy look of satin ribbons that are simply the best. You can either tie them all over your car or make small bows out of them and place them at different spots for a refined look. You can even stick small bunch of flowers on the ribbon to elaborate the look a little. Always buy wide ribbons for the best results. Also, if satin ribbon does not fascinate you, then you can pick from zari gotas, colourful strings, organza, bandhani and net drapes, etc.

Make Some Noise For The Newlyweds: If you have had enough of the sophisticated sign boards and flowers. Noise makers are a must when decorating the wedding car. Tie noise makers such as tin cans or plastic soda bottles to the bumper. Umm, it will definitely bring attention to the new couple as they leave. You could also tie those pretty bells in different hues.

Big and Silent - Pom Poms and Balloons: If you are one of those silent lambs kind-of-a-person then forget the noisy tin cans and opt for pretty, fluffy paper pom poms and balloons for a less noisy getaway! Affixing colourful balloons to the back of your car is a pretty and easy idea to recreate for a light-hearted ride. Just ensure they don't cover the entire back window of your car to be safe!

Shine On With Led Lights: Who said decorative lights are just for the venues, why not jazz up your doli by adding the LED strip lights to the car. Use heart shape, star shape or draw your names with it; go for single colour or multi colour – the choice is yours and the more the drama, the more the excitement.

Boutonniere Settings:  As uncanny as it may sound, adding a flower arrangement similar to your boutonniere or the gajra setting that your bride is using for her hair – it is sure to stand out and simultaneously blend well into your wedding celebration.


Add a Little ‘YOU’ To Your Ride:  Heart shape paper cutouts, origami art, vibrant chattars for your royal themed weddings, colourful bows, a chalkboard with cute messages (which can later be used as a photo booth prop) or go as wild and quirky as you can get. And if you are one of those old souls who love classic wedding settings then you know that Indian weddings minus genda phool – NEVER, so try on this mesh blanket of genda phool to adorn your wedding car in a unique style. However; the avoid-at-all-costs list includes spray paint (duh!), whipped cream (anything containing sugar will wreck a paint job), and masking tapes.

Whether you select a vintage ride or dress up your everyday vehicle, your getaway car — and wedding exit — is your last big opportunity to impress your guests. Sparkler send-offs, firework displays, and late-night confetti throws all have their upsides, but there’s something undeniably awesome about the classic getaway car exit. So, dear bride and groom gussy up your getaway car the way you like it and ride off into the sunset of louve!

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