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Decoding the Saree Mantra

By Palak Bhalla

A country’s traditional dress is a symbolism of its culture and heritage. If you think it is a toilsome task to choose one for yourself then shed your fears and adorn the saree that will make you look fabulous! In conversation with palak bhalla, read on to know what the ace stylist anuradha singh has to say!

Saree, the Indian attire is a blend of both feminism and ethnicity. With the growing urbanity in its resemblance with the altering contemporary India, the essence of this ensemble has perfectly fused with the modern day women’s wardrobe. The whole 9 yards of a piece of cloth when wrapped around women, embodies the most elegant, classy and traditional yet sexy garment. The younger generation had almost lost its way and touch with this traditional regalia. A surge of how saree was going to go extinct like many other cultural things has perched owing to its come back and it has come back with a bang!
Draping a saree is an art and when you learn to master the art you can almost drape a saree in at least 100 different styles. Here are some handy styles you can easily incorporate in your traditional attire and make it chic!

Cape sarees

From cape jackets, they made their way to cape gowns and now to sarees. Capes can be sheer or opaque depending upon the occasion and the season. The cape sarees are very fashionable especially for a mehendi or sangeet function. A cape can be modified into a cover-up for the winter. Jacket capes are a good option if you want a bit of a formal look whereas cropped cape is good for personal parties, especially for slimmer body type look charming. The floor touching capes is another option too and can be chosen to make your ensemble look richer and heavier. 

Gown Sarees

Gown sarees are a fusion that have already been a popular choice among brides for engagements or off-beat weddings. But in 2016, saree gowns are transitioning from being mid stream to a main stream choice. Try out the different variations of a Gown Saree which comes with drapes, rich embroideries and sexy blouses or just well cut and structured corsets. Just slip on the sexy saree and effortlessly look really appealing without the hassle of draping the saree from the scratch.

Dhoti Sarees

Many designers reintroduced this old age style on the ramps displaying it in a new dhoti avatar. Dhoti style draping needs to be precise or else one can go really wrong with this trend and look odd. Saree draping needs very skillful hands to make sure that the elegance of your outfit stays intact but if you are skeptical about draping then you can get a pre stitched one or you can cut and stitch an old saree this way.

Pre draped Sarees

Pre draped sarees are the most convenient form of this trousseau. These come in an already wrapped lower skirt and a palla, it just has to be worn like a normal skirt, and a blouse and you are good to go, with minimal effort of pleating and setting the fabric, and using numerous safety pins to keep the saree intact all evening. Dialing the embroidery quotient up and down, and experimenting with the fabric as per the climate can be done.


A saree perfect for an individual body type is also an important aspect of styling that should be kept in mind.Some colours, fabrics, and prints complement all body types but some can drown your ship before setting the sail! So, here are some tips and tricks to help you select what makes you look dashing and subtle all together!

Pear-shaped body

A pear shaped body is marked by a heavier bottom than the upper body which makes the body increasing in wideness from top to bottom. So, women with this type of body should go for fabrics like chiffon and georgette as these balances out the upper and lower part of the body. Dresses with Mermaid cuts are a big no for anyone who doesn’t want to highlight their lower part. Seedha pallu style in draping is advisable as it will make your body look proportionate. Bold and bright colours will suit you the best. You can opt for beautiful borders, small prints, and embroidery work.

Apple-Shaped body

It is the body which is heavy around your bust and stomach. Sarees with beautiful embroidery work is the one that will complement your body type. To cover your waist, you must go for a longer blouse that will cover your problem areas and wrap your saree a little higher. Silk is a fabric you should pick and avoid sarees in net. You should drape your sarees in a very simple way, or preferably opt for ulta-pallu. You can also choose blouses whose colours contrast with your saree to create a dramatic effect.

Overweight Women

Cotton and other stiff fabrics make you look broader and bigger. Opt for chiffon and silk sarees to give your body a balanced shape. Dark colours and handloom sarees will look good on you. You can go for full sleeves and long blouses to hide the flab. Women who want to get a slimmer look must drape the saree tight. The saree shouldn’t fall loose from any point. Plump women going with many pleats makes them look heavy bottomed and bulgy from their stomachs so bare minimum pleats are advisable for a perfect drape and shape.

Slim - Long or Short

Taller women can carry off heavy borders really well. You can opt for big bold prints in a variety of colours which will divert the attention from your height. They can wear halters, backless, sleeveless, and tube blouses. Showing your midriffs and wearing a saree that reveals your waist can be put up by those who are too sure about their well toned waists. Women with short height should avoid heavy borders and big prints as the bold prints will outline the height even more. Opt for thinner borders and not too big prints to help you look taller and more slender.

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