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Coordinating Outfits with Bride

By Richa

That woman you’re marrying? You’re going to be photographed together—a lot. So your respective wedding ensembles need to make sense as a pair. With three styles in mind -contemporary, classic, and rule-breaking- let us figure out if it’s possible to find complementing outfits for each other.

Coordinating your wedding outfits may seem like a task, especially for the grooms (because the universe still has to figure out the answer to the question ‘why men hate shopping?’) but, trust us; it’s not that difficult really! Besides looking super-cute, colour coordination looks extremely nice in pictures too. Coordinate your wedding outfits with each other to make a statement like never before!

Grooms and brides wearing coordinated, matching outfits! That’s right! It’s all about getting into the same wavelength and colour code too. It not only brings a vibe of unity but also looks oh-so-stunning. Keeping in mind your wedding theme, maybe you can match your entire ambience with your coordinate outfits to add up to the prettiness. So, go ahead, complement, coordinate, and colour code those gorgeous outfits! So in effort to help you get it together AND look together at the same time, we asked few experts on how you can coordinate the outfits the easy way.

“Co-ordination with the bride is usually done by choosing an outfit with colours that match up with brides’ attire but the groom can also go for an outfit that can be very well coordinated in terms of designs. A perfect piece of simple sherwani outfit can go very well with the attire of bride,” says Mr. Saggar Mehra, Creative Director at Sunil Mehra.

“While completely matching up with bride’s dress, grooms’ wedding attire should be of perfectly the same shade of colour as bride. Secondly, they can also coordinate based on patterns of designs or even fabric. Complete matching may overpower the personality of the individual,” he further added.


  • The Theme of the wedding.
  • Destination of the wedding.
  • Season, whether it’s winter or summer or monsoon the colours would be chosen accordingly.
  • Trend of the season just like fashion wedding trends change too.

— Inputs by designer Anasha Thakkar

“Grooms and brides wearing coordinated, matching outfits is all about getting into the same wavelength and colour code. It brings a vibe of unity and also looks stunning. Keeping in mind the wedding theme, matching the entire ambience with coordinated outfits enhances the beauty of the wedding. Coordinating wedding outfits with each other makes a different style statement,” opines designer Surbhi Pansari.

Same Pinch Colours

Choosing wedding dress colour combinations is the main key point to focus on. Give a break to all over used colours and amplify your special day with the mix match of new wave of colours. Talking about some more designer Indian wedding dresses combinations, you can go for some bright and encouraging colour combinations in sherwani and lehenga. It could be the red lehenga for bride and the groom wearing a white sherwani with red dhoti. Or, a white sherwani with red embroidery will also give a perfect match with your girl.

  • Keep the coordinating colour in small doses
  • Match a shirt or a tie with the colour in her outfit
  • Match your safa with your bride’s outfit
  • When choosing colours- if the bride were to pick an extra dupatta for her outfit- what colour would she want it to be. That colour is probably the colour the groom should wear

— Inputs by Surbhi Pansari

Symmetrical Motifs

If she likes pink and you are allergic to pink then need not to worry you can also choose similar designs and patterns to tune up the outfits. Designers have filled the market with mesmerising collection of sherwanis with same matching pattern of lehenga. Now you can find the floral pattern or some boutique designs in groom wear that perfectly ties its knots with bridal wear. Not only this, bridal lehengas are adorned with same stone, sequence or pearl work which embellish the sherwani and suits.

Fabric Focus

Wedding dresses are weighty and the bride and groom carry it for approximately forever long hours. Comfortability of dresses is the major concern. Now, when the question of comfortability and charm arises, the linen, silk and cotton fabrics stands at the top position. This wedding season, you’ll find the market flooded with these soft fabrics. Not only groom wedding outfit but brides can also be seen in these fabrics. As you all know, linen jackets are in fashion this season, so it’s easy to make wedding outfit combinations.

Custom Made

Your best option to appear in matching attire is to customise your wedding attires. Experiment with fabric choices and embellishments. You might select a particular design and make it the basis for your wedding dresses. Glam up your look through accessories with matching elements.

While on the Other Side…

“Matching is very passé but at the same time the bride and the groom should be co-ordinated. Ombré is what I suggest, using the shades from the same family for a few functions and contrasting colours on the colour wheel for a few outfits, even when the colours are contrasted they can still look coordinated,” says designer Anasha Thakkar.

“Yes, contrasts are actually the best way to coordinate. If a bride is wearing pink colour outfit, then we recommend the groom to wear Aquamarine as these two colours blend very well. The grooms outfit should be based on the colour which is least visible in the bride’s outfit so it does not look overwhelming,” says designer Surbhi Pansari.

  • Bride is wearing red or orange
  • Groom can wear brown or beige and it will look too good as it will also match the embroidery
  • Bride is wearing hot pink or baby pink
  • Groom can wear pale yellow and mustard for the dapper look
  • Bride is wearing deep blue or green
  • Navy blue and laical will look good on the groom
  • Bride is wearing bright yellow
  • White will give the dashing look to the groom
  • Bride is wearing ivory, gold
  • Groom can wear navy blue, deep wine, emerald, beige or bez
  • Bride is Wearing a multicoloured outfit
  • Groom should wear monotone outfit picking up the colour that is least visible in the brides outfit

— Inputs taken by designer Sailesh Singhania

People like to talk about weddings in superlative terms. Your wedding should be the ‘happiest’ day of your life, the ‘most important’ day of your life, the ‘biggest’ day, and so on. I’d like to think your wedding should also be one of your best-dressed days as well. Whatever form your ceremony takes, it certainly merits your sharpest appearance. In many cases it’s also going to require some contrasting coordination with bride, groomsmen, bridesmaids, or general wedding theme. And since you’ll be featuring in most of the pictures, thinking carefully about your clothing is almost as important as the bride’s (I have to be careful as a few brides may read this).

So start fresh and start shopping. Believe the experts there are styles that will amaze you and you will love these combo outfits, just like ‘Made for Each Other’.

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