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Clutch Your Perfect Clutch

By Richa

Clutch or no clutch? Glittery or subtle? Read on and then answer!

Imagine an evening where you dress up nicely for a party in a stunning dress and doll up in sans makeup but one bad choice of a wrong clutch spoils your entire look. Goosebumps, right? This is what really happens when you don’t pay much heed to the accessories you carry. These can make or break your presence in an instant and then goes all the other efforts in vain. Ladies have always been very particular about their demeanor and utmost careful in selecting their trousseau, jewellery, makeup, footwear and hand carries; but there are times when something goes wrong and ruins your evening.

Talking about hand carries, these can be purses, slings, wallets, clutches and so on. The list and types are endless but the most sought after form of a hand carry when going for an evening party, is the clutches. They never go out of fashion and apart from carrying your belongings; they add a character to your persona. An elegant and chic clutch can enhance your appearance multifariously. As small they may seem, their use and benefits are large. “After exquisite jewellery, brides can make a style statement with a beautiful clutch chosen as per the outfit,” says Ms. Monisha Gupta, Director, Craft House at The Metropolitan Hotel & Spa. A clutch bag blends gracefully with your dress and strike the right balance in your overall look. So, read on to know how not to take a chance with the clutches that you carry!

A clutch bag has various aspects to it; material, shape, size, print, adornment, colour and slings/handles. How you select the right combination for yourself depends on various factors like the essentials - how much and what you want to carry and the occasion – whether you are attending a wedding function or a casual party. Whatever the reason for choosing a clutch bag is, it should make a statement for you. Here are the things to keep in mind while selecting your companion for the evening!


Size matters! Yes, it does. It all depends on what you are going to carry. Usually we don’t carry a lot but a lipstick, keys, cash, cards, cell phones, IDs, makeup with us. Apart from these essentials, it is our own body size that affects our choice. A petite figure with a huge clutch gives a clumsy impression but small clutches always suit all the body sizes. Only huge body figures can pull off a large sized clutch as both the body and the clutch size go well in proportion. So, for thin framed women it is always a small bag that fits well and for broader framed women both small and large bags are an option.


Just like the creation of an artist, in different shapes, clutch bags too can be variedly shaped – square, rectangular, circular, cylindrical, oval and more. The shape, again, depends a lot on the essentials you want to carry. For instance, if it is a comb you want to carry then a rectangular bag would suit your need but if it is only a phone, cash and some touch up makeup then you can opt for a different shape.


Clutches can be found in a variety of materials like leather, velvet, satin, silk, metal and plastic. The list is hefty but choosing the right material is all about your handling, cost, occasion and attire. On one hand, where leather and velvet look fab with almost anything you wear, a silk or satin clutch would be preferable for wedding functions. Metal or plastic clutches are good to go with wedding functions and casual dinner parties. It is also important to note, while investing in a good clutch bag, that it should be durable if you want to carry it around too much. Velvet, satin and silk get dirty easily but leather or metal are easier to clean.

Colour or Print

There are majorly two methods to choose a colour; either you opt for a similar colour as your dress or subtly contrast it to strike a balance. But talking about wedding functions in particular, you should never opt for the similar colour as it only conveys a dull monotony. Open the horizon of your fashion sense and only settle for the colours that blend well. For black, pick the colour of your accessories. For lighter colours choose the darker versions for the bag. If you are wearing prints then opt for a single colour bag matching one of the colours from your dress or for a plain dress, go for a bold print.


Adornments or embellishments are the studs, beads, bows, pipes and patches which enriches the look of a plain coloured clutch bag. Match the embellishments from your dress. Go for beads on the bag if your dress has beads. Choose a sequinned bag if your attire has sequins work. Try not to buy a bag that is too bold or glittery if you have this covered in your dress. If your dress is too dull then pep it up with a glittery clutch.

Handles or Slings

There can be clutches with handles, slings or nothing. It is up to you to choose this as per your comfort. Handles are good if you are carrying something fragile like a phone or mirror with you and slings are perfect for those who like to keep their hands free. But if none is the case then an under the arm clutch looks ravishing too. In case, your activities are keeping you too much on your feet like dancing or arrangements then a sling bag is the perfect choice for you.

For the brides

A bride grabs the attention of the guests the most, at all the wedding functions and considering that it is her day, she needs to stand out of the crowd. It is true that a clutch is a small part of her attire but noticeable. It isn’t only the wedding functions for which she should buy a clutch; the post wedding outings too require her to look the best. So, she should keep her fashion statement top notch to leave the lasting impression. The Indian market is full of options for our brides with best of the times bags and the bride shouldn’t shy away from going bold. “They can be studded with diamonds, pearls, precious or semi-precious stones, finest silk, brocade, leather, wooden, dabka works, hand-painted, dazzling bangle or bracelet handles to much more in various shapes and sizes,” says Ms. Monisha Gupta when asked about the variety. There is no harm if your choices are striking or bold. A coy bride doesn’t have to be subtle about everything. It is the accessories where a too shy bride can experiment. “Each clutch is bright and colourful for new brides, great as a gift for trousseaus. They are stylish and can be used multiple times,” comments Raseel Gujral Ansal of the Casa Pop. True! A quirky bride looks fun and cute unlike the old days. “Incorporate fun and quirky elements in your wardrobe which will add a zing in to your bridal ensemble,” adds Raseel Gujral Ansal.

According to Ms. Monisha Gupta, here are some quick tips which can help a bride in buying a clutch bag:
Leather, acrylic finish, wooden, envelope, round, small frame can be matched with western outfits.
Traditional potlis, purses in silk, brocade, embroidered, gotta patti, dabka, etc can be matched with ethinc wear. Brides should pick embellished potli / pouch / bucket in shades of gold, orange, fuschia, red, emerald green, and maroon to elicit a complete wow.

For indo-western, it’s best to keep the clutch on contemporary side with a hint of ethnic look.
With a cocktail wear, a beautiful, elegant and classy small oval / square box clutch embellished with stones, crystal, zircons, motifs casted in bronze, gold, and silver or black will undeniably drench her with poise and grace.

A bride with charm comes first and her ensemble is second but when the ensemble adds to the charm, an avid sense of fashion glorifies her looks further. So, grab your oomph clutch today and spread glamour!

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