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Chic Colors That Are Beyond the Bridal Red

By Anuradha Turner

So soft, romantic and ethereal, cupcake inspired pastel colours and champagne-sand hues are the obsession of all girlish girls, who want to spice up their looks with some innocent and romantic vibe, breaking the monotony and diminishing all the blues. This season - embrace the soft sorbet look with nudes and pastels.

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No Indian Wedding is complete without vibrant colours but this season will see a comeback for the softer side of colours. “There is this myth about Indian weddings that they can just have bright colours and brighter makeup but now that needs to change. Nudes and Pastels are considered dull colours but when teamed up in the right manner, they create a much better impression. Nudes and pastel suit the Indian skin tone. This trend is certainly a must watch for brides getting married in their late 20s or early 30s since, they prefer an ensemble that balances the colours", says Suditi Srivastav, Fashion Head Designer at Mafatlals. So, maybe this is not your usual reds and pinks, but this season it is time to create a new fashion edge and embrace the non-desi look with just the right desi elements.

Plan Your Wedding has a look at some of the advantages with nudes and pastel trends that are making them so popular.

The UNDESI Mystery.

One of the most basic misconceptions is whether nudes and pastels were really a trend in times before. While most earthy shades of browns and bright colours were always a trend, there was not much option available in nudes and pastels especially in terms of fabric. Especially nudes looked like second skin and were not openly embraced by conservative societies in India.

Since the fabric was not easily available, there is not much fashion trend that one can find in nudes. However, with many more options available, nudes and pastels is a colour palette which is being explored like never before.

“Pastels and Nudes can sometimes be tricky to work with and has the ability to wash you down; hence it is really important to carefully always choose a brighter shade of pastel. Even in nudes, go for colours that have peachy or pink undertones to them making you look brighter!

We've had brides who want to go in for gold or nude lehengas and gowns for one of their main functions and we love dressing them up in pastels! The trick is to offset these soft colours with bright accessories, trims and make-up and you're sure to shine bright for your main events! Unlike ten years ago when everything was blingy and over-the-top, we want to create a cohesive bridal look that is a perfect balance of pastel ensembles combined with glamorous make-up and a very happy bride!” adds Nivedita Saboo, Fashion Designer and Owner, Nivedita Saboo Boutique.

TOP 4 Ways to Embrace Nudes and Pastels

Nude & Pastel Lehengas

While most brides opt for a bright lehenga, this season will see a comeback for lehenga with nudes and soft pastel shades. Lehenga takes over 70 percent of the overall ensemble and look and with a bright colour, the lehenga cannot be reused in another ensembles. Moreover, a bright colour means all the attention is on the hips. With Nudes and Pastels, one can cover most flaws around the hip area creating a smoother figure. The key is to realize your body type and skin tone, then play along with softer colours. For example; if you have an apple body shape, nudes and pastels can be used to cover your upper area while an inverted apple would mean nudes and pastels would help you cover your bottom area. They create an illusion of flow and smoothness especially if you have the wheatish/dusky skin tone, a welcome break from striking, vibrant colours. “The beauty about pastel & nude shades clothing is that they suit almost all skin types! From custard yellow, ice blue, mint green to blush pink, these colours have an ethereal quality about them that is versatile and works fabulously with the Indian weather the whole year around too. Ultra-feminine and easy on the eyes, sorbet shades are forever in style!” says Nivedita Saboo, Fashion Designer, and Owner, Nivedita Saboo Boutique.

The Nude and Sorbet Effect - Gowns

What makes nudes and blushes work is the shape, form, and effect it creates to an overall ensemble. A seamless effect and the perfect backdrop for a palette of colours. The Nude Effect is a blessing for petite body type as well as an hourglass figure. It adds the right volume and enhances the body shape further. Pastel & Nude Shades colours in silks and tulle looks absolutely stunning and team it up with a full-fledged flowing gown and you have the ultimate ‘Bridal Princess’ effect. Go for a sorbet green or blue if you have a fair skin and peach or blush if you have a wheatish skin tone.


Nivedita Saboo

Flawless Silver and Gold - Saris

One of the most happening trends this season is nude shade in gold and sold tinge. A range of colours is also used in nudes. It is crucial to understand fabrics in case you are opting for shades in nude and from the pastel family. After all, only the right rich fabric will bring out the shine in case of such fabrics. From silks to chiffon with sequin works will bring out finesse in your personality. Nude with the right splash of blues and red works in a magical way. The nudes in the background work almost like a backstage shadow adding more depth to the colours in the forefront. There cannot be a more interesting backdrop than nudes and blush in today's time especially this wedding season. Unlike a white or black backdrop, nudes and pastel saris create a deeper tone that go well with wheatish/ darker skin tone. Basically, a nude blush or pastel saree is the new must have item that is here to stay!

Nude Churidars

The nude colour churidars will see a comeback this wedding season. With more and more anarkali gown style suits in trend, a nude churidar with a tint of pink or orange can bring out the best. A nude churidar all adds length to your legs so it will give an illusion of tall legs especially if they are matched with the right shoes. A nude churidar is the simplest solution for anybody who requires to changes multiple looks. Nude is truly the new black and can be worn with multiple colours and options. From a bright pink anarkali kurta to softer shades in greens and yellows, a nude churidar adds grace and elegance to an overall ensemble. Unlike black which might give the illusion of being slimmer, nude gives the illusion of a seamless fall.

Shades and Their Matches

The Blush Nude

This nude tone border towards the pink family and is perfect for a bridal look. The blush is preferable for darker and wheatish skin tone. If you have a fairer skin tone, the blush nude is not recommended. The blush nude can be combined with gold embroidery and does not work as effect with silver sequin or embroidery.

The Golden Nude

The Golden Nude is your original nude shade with just a tinge of gold in it. It works the best with red sequins or simple elements of red stones. The golden nude creates just the right glow on fair and wheatish skin tones. It should be avoided if you have a darker skin tone sine the shade will give a washed away, dull look.

The Peach Nude

The Peach Nude falls in the peach family tilting more towards the orange palette. The Peach is a favourite with sarees and gowns and creates an ethereal look especially for weddings. The shade is perfect for pre-wedding events like engagement. The shades also go well all skin tones especially wheatish and dark skin tones.

Whether it is the main wedding event or just an engagement, there is something about the soft sorbet colours that works magically in creating an ethereal look over any bright colours. So this season, shine and glow with this new shade palette and since women are known for being unpredictable, why not create a sorbet twist in your wedding ensemble!

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