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Catching up with Gul Panag

By Sarabpreet Kaur

Actress Gul Panag says that having clear understanding of life goals with your partner helps you balance different spheres of life. Here are the excerpts from her conversation with Sarabpreet Kaur…

Having proved her acting prowess in unconventional movies like Dor and Turning 30, Gul Panag has carved a niche for herself in the tinsel town. A fitness and travel enthusiast, she was at her chirpy best at an event, which was a part of the series of dialogues with iconic women, hosted by the jewellery brand Zoya. Dressed aptly for the occasion in a pair of blue denims, peach-coloured top and a white summer jacket, she completed her look by minimal makeup, long diamond earrings, and nude pumps. The model-turned-actor, who has always been vocal about social issues, shares her thoughts on life post marriage, value of fitness, her beauty habits and more.
It's been a little over four years to your wedding… Did marriage bring any change in your life?
Rishi (her husband) and I have known each other for years. We were in school together, so we know each other very well. He has always been really supportive of me living my life the way I want, and the same for me with him, which is really fortunate. So I think the main changes have been in terms of small, silly things, like now you know the other person will be around, so you take longer to make up after a fight.
Do you have a mantra or a rule to keep your marital bond strong?
My mantra comprises love, respect and friendship. I think these are the pillars of any good relationship. And we try to keep all three strong.
How do you celebrate your anniversaries?
Rishi and I, both, love adventure and travel. So, most of our anniversaries are combination of the two.
Would you please share some beauty habits and regimes for healthy skin, hair and body that you follow on a regular basis?
The first thing is to watch what you eat and get plenty of fluids in. Your skin is a clear reflection of your diet, so eat healthy and drink lots of water. The second is exercise. It is the best way to get your skin naturally glowing. You don’t need a complicated routine. Just run. Get a pair of shoes and you’re ready to go. These are the essentials, and then of course, you should take good care of the skin by making sure you get all the makeup off at night before you sleep, moisturise regularly, etc.
Do you think our level of fitness affects our daily activities?
Of course it does. Many people struggle with fitness. I get questions on it every day on twitter. So I developed this smartphone app called FirstRun, which is specifically meant to encourage people who want to run, but are not motivated enough, or want structure their fitness programme—to go from couch to a five km run. It’s available for free downloads on android and IOS phones.
Like the couples who are not celebrities, do you also sometimes feel the pressure to start a family, owing to the constant reminders by friends and family?
I don’t know if I feel any pressure per se, but yes, I would one day like to have a child and look forward to it!
How do you strike balance between professional and personal life?
The same way any other working woman does. Sometimes it is easy, sometimes it is very tough. But it helps when you have a clear understanding of life goals with your partner.
Please share some thoughts about marriage, for men and women who are soon to get married?
Get married to someone you believe loves, respects and values you and who you feel the same for. Think practically through the challenges you might face together, and take the opportunity to discuss these with your partner, so you understand each other’s approach to issues. 

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