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Buying Wedding Jewellery

By Sanhati Banerjee

Now you can get A-Z ceremony wise jewellery planning, budgeting and making done for your wedding not to forget restoring old jewels and customizing new pieces that you have set your heart on done under one roof at The Wedding Jewellery Planner. Read on to know how.

The red of rubies, the green of emeralds, the yellow of gold and the white of diamonds all creating a behemoth of dazzle around you. So many designs, so much variety, so many collections and so much shine and glamour – all can’t definitely be yours. The glow slowly turning to glare as your mind is thrown into a tizzy. The confusion. The time factor. The stress of making the right choice.

How do you do the picking and choosing? How will you even come to know that there isn’t something better waiting for you at the next store while you are already signing the billing amount at a certain store? Is it even possible for you to visit all the stores that matter?

Whatever be your budget, whatever your taste – you will still find that shopping for wedding jewellery is taking up most of your time, money and efforts. You have to get all hallmarked jewellery at the best prices and in the best of designs fetching the best of compliments. Then it has to match your bridal trousseau and the range has to be complete in order to fit into all the ceremonies and look different on each.

How you must have wished that had there been a one-stop wedding jewellery planning, budgeting and buying shop which would have conceptualised the kind of jewellery to be worn on the different functions that too as per your budget! And that’s exactly what The Wedding Jewellery Planner does for the brideto- be and her family. They make jewellery planning simple, convenient and value-oriented. Let’s take a look at how they do this.

Creating the Map of Desire
Every bride-to-be has a picture in her mind – a picture of herself in her bridal finery and jewels. That picture serves as a starting point for any creative fashion or jewellery designer. The look is then perfected, drawn out before her and various moods are created based upon the theme chosen for the ceremonies. At The Wedding Jewellery Planner, the bride-to-be can come and share her own ideas, unfold the picture she had always had in her mind. Once she tells her budget and the number of ceremonies/ functions that have been planned, the picture takes on a tangible force and the real planning starts at this stage.

Dhanraj Minawala whose brainchild is The Wedding Jewellery Planner says “As per the theme and the setting of the wedding, the jewellery is then decided for all the ceremonies. The eightage that is to be given to jewellery out of the total wedding budget is also decided under expert guidance such that it does not upset any other of the wedding.” Precedence is also given to the jewellery for the central ceremony as per the requirement of the family in question, which means jewellery for that ceremony gets maximum priority.

Customising Fantasies
From magazine cutouts to designer brochures and showroom catalogues to online photographs and even Bollywood stills, the bride can just bring about anything as a reference point for getting her bridal jewellery planned and customised. Any such item can be recreated here. Be it a necklace, bracelet/bangle, baajubandh or ring – any piece of jewellery that the bride-to-be might have liked and want to wear on any of the wedding functions but her budget would not allow it can be customised at this jewellery planner’s. How? Dhanraj Minawala says “By doing away with merely fanciful gems, extra panels of gold, reducing the size/carat of the diamond, sticking to available shades rather than a rare one and various other ways would ensure that you get the same design, same look at your price.” The quality is not compromised rather you get a lightweight piece with the core element retained but the extravagance modified.

Apart from this, The Wedding Jewellery Planner has an inexhaustible range of price-conscious as well as luxury in-house jewellery befitting a wide range of prewedding and wedding occasions from which you can make your pick.

 Restoring and Refurbishing
What if you are the blessed bride who has got heirloom in her kitty? Antique gold, jadau, kundan-meenakari pieces passed down from your grandmother to your mother and now to you — but you can’t wear those as they are not going with your Indo-western bridal wear. A little bit of polishing, restoring old pieces to make them look like new, melting old gold to create something entirely new – all these restoration and refurbishing services form the USP at The Wedding Jewellery Planner. So, without any actual shopping you are getting what you want. The sentimental value also remains intact.

Value for the Valuable Bride
If you are the cosmopolitan bride-tobe you will understand how valuable personalising services are in today’s world. They save your time, money and above all the stress of making the right choices. The Wedding Jewellery Planner values you as an individual and provides you everything to do with your bridal jewellery in an easy and useful manner. All their jewellery is hallmarked, which means there’s no issue of quality. Experts at this jewellery planning and making house can also guide you to pick pieces that you can wear more often and will suit your lifestyle and looks. So, if your sister’s, friend’s, colleague’s or your own wedding is round the corner, you know how you can simplify and customize the process of wedding jewellery buying and planning now.

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