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Bridal Strokes Glosses & Shadows

By Sanhati Banerjee

Dramatic smoky eyes and soft pink lips or all-natural blush? Read on to know all these and much more on what’s hot and what’s not in the beauty lane.

Picture Courtesy: Bharati Taneja

The summer bride has makeup uppermost on her mind. With the weather calling for indoor celebrations and of course, a cooler and subtler look, you would not want to look like a strawberry cake or mixed fruit mush cupcake! Horror, horror to think of makeup that does not sit on your face but constantly wages a war on your face and shows its rebellion by falling off and getting smudged! There’s also the issue of creating a look that goes with your sangeet, cocktail, wedding and reception outfits. And, who can ignore considerations of light and darkness, read day or evening? So, you need to be quite savvy when it comes to deciding on your bridal makeup. Though the professional artist knows the best, even she would appreciate if you can give her an idea how you would want to look, what suits you, if something is not at par with your taste, in short, if you know your stuff even at the primary level. 

Trend Alert
Brides-to-be are looking at uncomplicated looks – classic, sophisticated, romantic. However, amidst the new styles and no-no to the sweeping styles of the past decades, there are certain elements which still hold a soft corner in our hearts – take for example, the bindi. Bharti Taneja, beauty expert and founder, Alps Beauty Clinic says “Brides are drifting away from adding too many bindis. However, I feel on this special day bindis must at least be put in the centre, corner and the arch over the eyebrows complementing the heavy outfits stunningly.”
Bridal makeup should not veer at extremes. Like an over dramatic, blingy look with lots of shimmer or glitter and very heavy blocks. At the same time, your bridal makeup should not look like any casual day or just-a-little-gloss-and-kajaal look. There should be a few elemental highlights and yes, it should complement your bridal outfit as well make you look like the ‘bride’, who can be told apart from the bridesmaids. Season also plays a huge role in setting the right tone. Adwiata Roy, director, Adbiata International Makeup & Hair School says “When we talk about bridal makeup we see that it should be distinctive and eye catching. It is challenging in summers because you cannot make it too loud, you have to avoid meltdowns and at the same time you have to justify that it is bridal and thus attractive. Summer bridal makeup now is about looking natural and polished for those who like the natural look. Therefore, nude, glossy, peaches and natural pinks are in. To add to it we keep thick outlines on lips and eyes. A lot depends on the skin tone.”
Another important aspect is nail beautification especially with the gamut of nail extension and nail art services available these days. The bride wants to flaunt super stylish nails with beautiful accents. “Flaunting perfect nails through nail extension and nail art is very popular. Nails can be decorated with fancy materials like fur, Swarovski to beautify them even further. Brides can also opt for permanent nail art like a simple French nail art, reverse French nail art, double shaded nails with silver or gold studs and Swarovski crystals, that last two-three months,” says Bharti Taneja.
Those Eyes, Cheeks and Lips
Most Indian brides are blessed with big, expressive and beautiful eyes. Bridal makeup for Indian brides stress a lot on eyes – defining the contours, working up the lashes, dabbing on the eye shadow and even adding notes of sparklers, all efforts are made to make them the cynosure of the face. Aakriti Kochar, beauty and makeup expert, Oriflame India says “Every bride wants the eye to be the focus, from a dramatic smoky eye to a softer highlighted eye. The specific choice is based on the bride’s personality. When brides request a smoky eye, they almost immediately say, but ‘you know not heavy black.’ Soft champagne and a brown, or a purple smoky eye is most popular. A soft pink lip, something that makes the skin look really healthy pairs well with a bolder eye.”
The smoky eye mantra and soft, glossy lips are turning out to be the biggest trend directors for many-a-bride. Taking a cue from runway styles also, these trends are going to be here. Shweta Sachani, founder, Makeup India says “Bridal makeup trend for 2013 will be smoky eyes with a lot of shimmer in gold or silver. Nude colours with a lot of gloss for lips will be in fashion. Even if women opt for red lips, they want to use burnt red with a little bit of orange mixed in it. For cheeks, go coral this wedding season rather than pink for that bronzy sun kissed cheeks. Use bronzer to highlight the cheeks.” The eyes look lush in trendy colours like fuchsia, tangerine and bottle-green often matching the bride’s attire, says Bharti Taneja.
You would also want the look to be perfect – nothing too much or nothing too less. “Eye makeup is always a challenge and can be made out to be the best possible facial feature,” says Adwiata Roy. He further adds “Fair skinned brides should go for taupe or nude tones for the crease of the eye and darker skinned brides should choose brown shadows. Eye makeup should be soft and bright in colour on the center of eyelid and dark shade of eye shadow should be applied on the corner of eyelid to give vibrant look. Eyelashes are big in summer makeup. Keep your liner thicker in the middle to make your eyes appear rounder.” Use a dusty pink for fair skin and a soft, brownish colour or berry colour for darker skin tones. Soft and bright colour enhances the shape of the mouth.

Bridal Makeup Checklist
Aakriti Kochar gives you the must-know yet handy tips that might just make the task of getting ready for your D-day easier:
• Before you shop your trousseau, make sure you know the products and their usages. I’d advice before anything else the to-be-bride should learn applying makeup on herself with some professional classes. These help you to choose your products effectively and know your shades.
• Once you are through with the classes, make sure to include these basics in your trousseau: Makeup Primer, Foundation, Concealer, Compact, Blush (shades of pink and peach), Bronzer, Eye shadow palette (shades of gold, browns, pinks, oranges), Eye liners (most importantly – black), eye kohl, Mascara, Eye lash curler, Highlighter/illuminator for face, lip pencils, lipsticks, lip gloss and most importantly, makeup brushes for correct application.
• Make sure your face is well contoured to make your face look slimmer in pictures.
• Always opt for a bright blush in pink or peach depending on your outfit, this helps your face look radiant.
• Do not opt for nude lips, choose a soft tone in pink, orange, red with gloss to team with heavy eyes.
• If you prefer light eyes, you can carry bold lips with it. Do not over do with glitters or shimmers on eyes or face.
• Generally, after the professional has done her work you don’t have to worry about touch- ups. All one might need is a touch-up for lip gloss, which the bridesmaid can keep handy.

Picture Courtesy: Bharati Taneja

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