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Bridal accessoriesThings that can make you look gorgeous

By Sanhati Banerjee

With the standards of living Going up and exposure to a global lifestyle not only celebrities but real life brides too want to look glamorous on their D-day. Plan Your Wedding talks about some of the key points to keep in mind while shopping to avoid any kind of mismatch on your wedding day.

 The wedding day is undoubtedly the most awaited and celebrated occasion of a girl’s life. So, preparing beforehand becomes important otherwise stress might cause a little havoc on your special day. The big fat Indian wedding is extremely difficult to manage. The best way is to plan properly and make sure to take care of the minutest of the details.
Fine, you have finalised your wedding outfit and have made arrangement for other important things for your wedding day. Now is the turn to list your special day accessories. The mantra to achieve that charming bridal look on your D-day is to choose the right couture and complement it with matching accessories.
The bride remains the centre of attraction on her wedding day. People notice her not just because of her attire but also the kind of accessories she is wearing. So, utmost care should be taken while choosing the bridal accessories. In order to spellbind the guests with her enchanting beauty, brides-to-be can follow these tips for choosing the appropriate bridal accessories.
Bags are your best friends!
Bags are one of the important bridal accessories. Readily available in different shapes and styles, selecting the right colour bag that complements the couture of the brides-to-be is a difficult task. Custom knitted bags embroidered with stones look lovely with bridal wear. Remember, rightly chosen couture clutches or bags serve can serve as a hand jewel. Not only it has to match your outfit, it must have the space to hold something larger and wider than a handkerchief.
Dilip Kapur, president, Hidesign talking about the wish list of brides-to-be this winter-festive season says, “The timeless trend of pearl and crystal encrusted bridal clutch bags is in demand. Crystals add a classic and elegant look to the bag and are never likely to go out of style. Embellishments and embroideries make it more attractive and give an exclusive look to the bag for your special day.”
Dilip Kapur further added, “Our luxury collection has a touch of Indian elegance as well. Red, gold and other metals are great for weddings and receptions. Styles like the “meadow” are a modern shape with clean lines and add a great burst of colour and are perfect for an Indian bride.”
Another reliable name in the industry Smita Singh, creative director, Mirandola Designs says, “Weddings have always been the grand affair in our culture and are perfectly complemented with our love for bling and shimmer. Hence, this season gold would be the colour of the season accompanied with oxy blood tones, which would dominate the wish list of the brides-to-be.”
Tips for the brides-to-be before she goes to purchase her bridal bags/clutches:
• When buying a handbag, make sure to enquire about the material the bag is made of. In case of leather bags, the leather should be soft and supple, the closer it feels like the touch of your skin, the better.
• Remember to check the stitching of the bag. It should be consistent throughout with no loose ends.
• Handles and straps should have both sides made of leather. In poor quality bags the inner side is often made using synthetic materials.
• Check the weight of the bag –choose a substantial bag that holds its shape when you place it down.

Quick Tip: Bags/clutches are one such investment that can be used after the wedding ceremony also. Therefore, one has to be extremely careful and invest smartly into stylish bags which never goes out of fashion, and are classy. Remember, to keep it elegant as a bag is a fantastic way to add details to your ensemble.

Stand tall but comfortable!
The appropriate shoes add penchant to the bridal garment. It should be stylish but not uncomfortable since the bride has to stand for a long time. Play it safe and go for the designer shoes with small heels beautifully decorated with beads, stones or colourful straps.
Shoes/stilettos are usually the most overlooked accessories for the wedding day. While most of the brides-to-be search tirelessly for the perfect shoes for sangeet, cocktail and reception, the wedding day shoes are often bought in haste. Overlooking comfort is not a good idea as brides are supposed to be on their feet for hours!
Shruti Kaul Sachdeva, the brain behind artistic footwear brand Trishuli Creations says that footwear designs that will top the wish list of brides-to-be this winter-festive season are “antique gold embroideries along with beautiful royal brocades. One should look at a lot of pumps being worn around this season.”

Reach the venue on time!
Brides usually prefer to wear jewellery or a diamond bracelet on her special day. Still, those who want to add a timepiece in their list of accessories must choose something that look stylish!
Well, it’s not really about checking the time, but rather a nice touch to your bridal look! Watches come in many stylish designs that would go perfectly with every bride’s look.
Although not considered a traditional wedding accessory, but as high-end watches are becoming increasingly glamorous, brides these days are pairing one with the wedding garment. Wearing a stylish timepiece not only complements a bridal ensemble, but also guarantees you’ll make it to the venue on time!

Quick Tip: If you want to feel comfortable, wear the shoes around the house for an hour every day for a minimum of seven days. This will help you avoid those painful and ugly shoe bites.

The famous watch brand Tag Heuer has come up with stylish timepieces for the wedding season. The new Tag Heuer Aquaracer Lady Collection and Tag Heuer Link Lady Collection are very stylish. New offerings by the famous watch brand Dior include Dior Christal Baguette Diamonds Black Python.
The quantity and the quality of bridal accessories however vary from individual to individual. But, matching it with the bridal couture should remain the topmost priority.


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