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Body contouring for brides

By Richa Sahni

Looking beautiful on one of the biggest days of your life has never been so easy dear bride. Body contouring is your opportunity to improve and refine your body, and to be your best self on your own terms.

We are living in an era of cosmetic procedures from head to toe you can have N number of thing to enhance your look. One of them is Body contouring. A procedure that not only alters the shape of the human body but also reduces excess skin and fat that remains after one has lost a significant amount of weight, like in upper arms, abdomen, bulges around your back or chest, and thighs. That is when you need this non surgical procedure in reshaping those areas.

Body contouring becomes even more important these days especially when things like crash dieting or rigorous exercising fails to give you your desired body shape.

You are the candidate for Body contouring if you have:

• Loose skin in your buttocks and back of thighs
• Loose abdomen skin or in your inner thighs
• Loose breasts
• Patients who have had massive weight loss
• Loose skin over arms

Now-a-days many brides are opting for body contouring procedures before the D-day. Exilis body contouring treatment is the latest one. This makes it very easy for you to shape your body even if you only have a few days to your wedding. Exilis contouring is a non – invasive treatment as it does not involve the use of any needles or any form of surgery to give you the perfect body shape, so this is a concern you don’t have to worry about. Your skin will remain intact and flawless during and after the procedure. It doesn’t have any side effects and your skin will remain intact and flawless during and after the procedure.
Today every bride is very conscious as how they will look and they left no stone unturned to look good. They want to put their best foot forward and because of an increased awareness of treatments available and are willing to spend even exorbitant amount on their looks.

And they've all read up on procedures they're interested in. Non-surgically speaking, brides are looking for ways to soften lines on grooves on the face, laugh lines and luxuriously plump lips. Lip plumping is popular. It adds that extra oomph and makes the bride stand out. Breast augmentation is another 'very big' trend. Women come in a year before, for implants. They're driven by Bollywood / Hollywood obsession and think themselves inadequate, or think they're disproportionate and when women lose more than 10% of their body weight, everything loosen up and it sags too, so implants and a breast lift are necessary.

To sum up there are list of body contouring procedures that exists which essentially help boost people's self-confidence and reduce their anxiety about problem spots. Breast lift, breast reduction, post weight loss surgery, thigh lifts and calf implants are just a few of them among the whole range of body contouring procedures. These are safe but get it done from a certified professional only.

About The Author - Dr. Karuna Malhotra, Cosmetologist and Homeopath Physician, Cosmetic skin and Homeo clinic


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