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Best Wedding Presents from Best Friends!

By Richa

Trying to choose the perfect gift for a bridal shower or wedding can be tough. But when the present is for your bestie, the decision can be downright difficult. Don’t fret; Plan Your Wedding is here for your help!

Marriages are made in heaven and gifts are chosen on Earth. And choosing one becomes a ‘task’ when you have to attend the wedding of a BFF or close family member. The excitement of attending the wedding sometimes vanishes and confusion starts to creep in… ‘What do we gift?’ We bet you all must have gone through this for sure at some point of your life. ‘Is my gift appropriate for the occasion?’ ‘Do we gift something useful or for decorative purposes?’ ‘Will the bride and groom like it or would even remember?’ And then you wonder why a help guide isn’t in place for amazing gifting options at weddings? Well, if it is just another mundane home appliance, bed sheet, dinner set or anything that almost everyone around you is thinking of then you should forget the ‘memorable’ bit, we suggest!

Relax, take a deep breath, we know all you want is to your wedding gift to stand out, so much so that you don’t mind going an extra mile to make it happen. So here’s a lowdown that we have come up with to help you choose the right wedding gift. Give the perennial options a miss for good, surprise the newlyweds with an out-of-the-box gift and enjoy the WOW on their faces.

What says ‘with tremendous love, from your BFF’ the best?

Sure; giving them money seems like the easy way out especially in India where it is considered a tradition. And it can be really ideal since couple can use it according to their needs, but it won’t be truly sentimental now, will it? We wanted to know: What separates a good wedding gift from a great one? Ms Meeta Gutgutia, Creative Head and Director, Ferns N Petals suggested that “the best gifts for bride and groom from their best friends could be either exceptionally useful or highly sentimental but most of all, it has to be relatable. If you have known both of them before their wedding, you could give them the memory they have lived together or contribute in settling their new lives. Giving travel items, miniemergency kit for brides, jewellery or complete attire for fancy occasions can equally work wonders.”

There are always innovative methods and procedures you can follow when it comes to figuring out the perfect wedding gifts for your best friends on the happiest days of their love lives. “For the to-be weds, wedding is the most special day. Something that they have been waiting for all their lives. This occasion should be used to spoil them, pamper them and let them know how much you love them,” says Ms Niharika Jhunjhunwala, Founder, Sugarbox.

“For the bride - give a good mix of products that she can use not only during the wedding but later as well. Gift her, her favourite perfume, with some aromatic candles. Throw in some luxury skincare products. If you are aware of what her dressing style is – give her a nice pair of earrings or a voucher from her favourite designer store. Whereas for the groom- give him a neat set of bow tie and lapel pin. Pair them with his favourite luxury-grooming brand. You can also consider gifting him a classic leather wallet with his initials engraved, a bottle of champagne or even a customized embossed hipflask,” she further added.

While choosing the gift you should first decide whether you want to focus on giving a couple gifts or an individual gift to the bride and groom. This would depend on your connection with both of them on a personal level or if you have known one of them personally. If all of you have been best friends then take the clues from their talks of what they like and desire.

Take the DIY route!

You could give personalized plaque, lamps, clocks, wall art, message bottles, mugs, beer/wine label etc. designed with couples photograph with their names and the wedding date on it. This is a unique and the most cost-efficient way that would definitely enhance the importance of the gifting even more. As, buying costly gifts is quite simple, but gifting from your heart is what one would appreciate. If you are an artist - track where the couple came from, met, and got married. Then take the canvas, napkin, bed sheet, pillows etc. and create a beautiful mess that will craft a swoon worthy DIY print which would be a great homemade wedding gift.

Let them escape together and relax!

A wedding in India is like a long festival, which lasts for almost a week. Various activities related to the wedding preparations tires up the couple, and it remains for a long time even after the wedding is over. So, here is an indulgence that any newlywed couple would like to enjoy - a spa voucher, fine dining experience or a complete minimoon holiday package. If you know a place that the couple like the most or an amazing place that they would love to explore, then it’s time to let them get there. Just book a hotel, upgrade their tickets to the first class and present them on their wedding day. It would be the best surprise.

“Experience gifts are a very good idea. However one should only give it if they are sure that the couple can commit to the place and time of the experience. If you can talk to them regarding the gift and tailor make the experience according to their convenience and preference, it is definitely a very good idea,” opines Ms Jhunjhunwala.

A goodie basket to share!

It would be a good idea for a present them a gift basket. The basket should be based on a theme that follows some rules. It must be full of the things that are most liked by the bride and groom. Most of the people would prefer this, as it is less troublesome and the person would think of you whenever he/she uses the things. The basket can include anything from personal grooming products with cosmetics and chocolates to maybe some naughty goods for the newlyweds (only if you are BFFFs). Work up your creativity and just start collecting the goodies.

Check the wedding registry!

Although, it is considered rude to ask for your own gift at your wedding but wedding registry is becoming the new wedding fad gradually these days. “Until now people considered it to be unkind to ask for gifts but looking at how the wedding situation has changed dramatically and also how many individuals have become mature and practical is why we feel it makes more sense that the friends and family gift the couple things that will help setup their new lives more comfortably,” says Ms. Sudha Maheshwari, Founder,

Instead of giving them things they already have and pile on unnecessary stuff, it’s better to get an idea of what is it that they need after the wedding and what is it that they already have. In a way, it makes absolute sense. How many times have we not got the gifts which we stash in a cup-board for long or worse, give it away to someone else? So, check in with the couple and ask them to share their wish-list with you.

Think about whether your newly wedded friends are foodies, love their home ware or just want something to remember their day. Think deep from your heart and you would find the answer for sure. Hope this helps you find that surprise-worthy gift that will make your favourite bride and groom feel extra special. Happy wedding gift shopping to you!


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