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Best Honeymoon Destinations For Every Type Of Couple

By Richa

Couple That Travels Together, Stays Together - every couple has their thing. Some love the beach, while others prefer the mountains. To help you pick the spot, we have found the best romantic destinations for every type of couple.

Image Courtesy: Travel Triangle

If you and your bae are bitten by wanderlust, then you equally must also hate the idea of being stationed in one clichéd destination. Moreover, you would also not want a cookie cutter package deal, rather a honeymoon destination that you both pledged to explore as a couple. When it comes to honeymooning, the world is fundamentally your oyster, so it can be hard to make your mind up on the just-the-thing spot. Some couples love the beach, while others prefer the mountains. In addition, we know that the definition of ‘perfect honeymoon’ for one couple may not apply to another in the same way. Therefore, we come *drum rolls please* bearing some hottest honeymoon destination suggestions for every humankind possible on the planet.

I Love You… NO! I Love You Mooooore…Kind of Couple

Are you the ones who are drawn to the classical and awe-inspiring locales that are synonyms of love and lust? Then spend your honeymoon in the beautiful French countryside. Out of many exotic choices there, one that we would recommend is Provence. From its perfectly purple lavender fields to its shimmering Mediterranean shores, Provence is home to some of France’s most romantic cities, such as Saint Tropez, Monaco, Nice, and Marseille.


Alternatively, you can also soak up the Tuscan sun! If you and your partner prefer an old world romance that is a little offbeat, head to Austria’s capital city of Vienna and get lost in its marvelous culture, gardens and castles. Alternatively, Morocco is also pure sensory overload: its colours, scents, sounds and textures are only part of what makes this country pure magic. No matter what type of activity you enjoy, Morocco’s likely got you covered.

Furthermore, if you wanna travel local, then what can be the better option than India’s city of love – Agra. Also, if you fancy heart-stirring backdrops for those lovey-dovey photos then the jewel of India, North East, is your perfect choice. From shillong, Darjeeling to Guwahati, Tawang and more – the Seven Sister States can be overwhelming yet captivating.

For Those Who Like To Paint the Town Red

Do you and your baby boo love the feeling of lively and vibrant environment? Head to Tokyo or Buenos Aires for an exciting honeymoon filled with plenty of photo opportunities and fantastic local cuisine. Sign up for a tango class in Buenos Aires, or dive into the art of sushi making in Tokyo. They are bustling with bright colours, lively music, scrumptious local cuisine and dance.

Uruguay is also great for the honeymooners that want an authentic experience of quaint colonial towns, hip coastal villages and amazing vineyards. Here you can lounge away the days and go out for a real party experience at night. Thanks to an abundance of world-renowned clubs, dance parties on the many stunning beaches, and, of course, Rio de Janeiro's Carnival in February *phew*, Rio de Janeiro is also the perfect place to honeymoon for party lovers.


Where is the best food in the world? If this was your first question while planning your honeymoon, then we propose you opt from these cities - New Orleans, Lyon, Las Vegas, San Sebastián, Florence, Santiago, Copenhagen, and Ho Chi Minh City. Whether they specialize in traditional recipes or experimental methods of cooking, these cities stand out above the rest for their unique creations and beloved contributions to the culinary world.

If you have decided on ‘shudh desi romance’ and you think you are stuck to India for your honeymoon- let me tell you this: you haven’t settled for anything less! Party your brains out or spend quiet romantic time with your favourite food (and of course with your lawful wedded partner also *wink*), in cities like Goa, Mumbai, Delhi, Hyderabad and Bangalore.

Shopping + Honeymoon = So Much Fun!

Yes! Yes! We know, shopping and husbands do not mix, but if you somehow got lucky, (one in a million specimens found up until now) and your bae is a shopaholic like you then we have some major shopping haven options for you. Seoul, Milan, Madrid, Dubai, Hong Kong, Paris, Kuala Lumpur, Bangkok, London and New York will deliver the most gratifying and enjoyable shopping experiences.

Shopping in India is not always as bland as a visit to the neighbourhood shopping mall and swiping your debit card. Visit in and around Kolkata, Cochin, Surat, and Jaipur to satisfy your inner shopaholic.

Spots for Culture Vultures

If you are tired of clichéd holidays, then I suggest you to set off on a journey and discover ancient civilisations that have defined and shaped the world, as we know it today. Cambodia, Italy, Thailand, Czech Republic, Turkey, Israel, Malta, Oman, Peru, Greece, Egypt, Cuba, Belgium, Japan, Berlin, Australia, and Vietnam are few gems for the culture addicts. The cultural scene in these places is unbelievable, with rich history, growing performing arts, literature, music and pop culture scenes.


India, with its colourful diversity, is teeming with cultural attractions. You can get your cultural fix in Varanasi, Amritsar, Rajasthan, city of the Nawabs Lucknow, Karnataka, Madhya Pradesh, Orissa, Tamil Nadu, Mahabalipuram, and Gujarat. The unparalleled cultural ebullience of the various world heritage sites in India allures travellers from across the globe.

Beach Please!

Start planning your tropical getaway now with these best island beaches in the world - French Polynesia, Bali, Barbados, Cayman Islands, Bermuda, Bahamas, Puerto Rico, U.S. Virgin Islands, Hawaii, Nicaragua, Malaysia, Turks and Caicos, Jamaica, Aruba, Philippines, Mauritius, Santorini, and Maldives (*phew* that’s an exhaustive list). Explore these places to take it slow and experience warm, laid-back island culture.

When in doubt, go Goa! Yes, we know that! But, if that is ‘agghhh…too mainstream’ for you then we are proud to say that India has plethora of other options that will leave you surprised and satisfied with India’s coastal beauty. Here we go - Andaman and Nicobar Islands, Gokarna, Maharashtra, God’s own country Kerala, Pondicherry, and Vizag.

Let the Adrenaline Race

We love adventurous honeymoons that are also unique. Not all couples seek leisure on their honeymoon, some want to push their limits and hunt for something new. From soft to challenging, cycling to mountain climbing, camping to falling freely; get anything and everything at these places – bungee jumping in New Zeeland, Paddling in Canada, Biking in Utah, Tajikistan, Tanzania, snorkeling in Seychelles, Safari in South Africa, Rain Forest in Costa Rica, Croatia (I have four words for you - Game of Thrones Backdrops), Beijing, and Trekking in Scotland.


In India, from the Himalayan Mountains to spotting the Royal Bengal Tiger in its famed national parks and from its vast seashore that support numerous water sports to ancient caves, opt whichever activity you want to try. You can experience – Hiking in Leh-Ladakh, Roopkund Trek, Paragliding in Bir-Billing, Rafting in Rishikesh, Jim Corbett, and Skiing in Auli.

If ‘Winter is Coming’ is Your Motto

Can you imagine a more romantic setting than snuggled up in the middle of the mountain wilderness, toasty in snow, and staring up at the starry night sky. No? Neither can us. Enjoy Igloos in Finland, Northern Lights in Alaska, Spa in Iceland, Norway, Swiss Alps, Colorado, Estonia, Germany, and Moscow.


While in India, Jammu and Kashmir, Darjeeling, Spiti, Mcleodganj, Munsiyari, and Almora will guarantee a honeylicious romance among the hazy winter hues.

What are you waiting for globetrotters in louve and just married? We gave you an all-embracing list of honeymoon destinations. So, take your pick and get ready to have a phenomenal affair with the Mother Nature.  

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