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Beauty and the Best

By Visweswar Reddy

Shake a few myths, stir a few ideas. A new bride on a date or up for a cocktail dinner, a new bride on her honeymoon, an anxious last-minute bride, an avant-garde or self-styled bride-to-be, or simply a woman who loves the powderroom -- here are a few gems or diy rules of makeup. By Dick Page, beauty head, Shiseido

Makeup is the quickest and the easiest way to play with your looks. Changing your look does not mean putting on a disguise; the perfect makeup is you, but better and in glorious technicolour.
Self Help … but in a good way
When you want to change, don’t opt for a whole new set of makeup that’s radically different from what you use.
Rather than changing colours, change textures.
You’ll be surprised by the shades a colour takes on in a different texture. It really changes!
If you try a gloss, try a satin red; swap a powder eye shadow for a cream, or a cream blush for a powder, and eye shadow for a pencil, a fluid eyeliner for a solid one, a compact foundation for a stick, and so on.
Lash Out ! tips for mascara
There are two solutions for eyelashes: you either use a mascara or you don’t. if you choose the first option, don’t hold back: apply a few coats of mascara.
If you like you can layer a lengthening, a thickening and a defining mascara. But if you don’t have these three different kinds, use at least three coats of your favourite mascara.
If you have thin eyelashes, you can use black or brown mascara and apply a dot of kohl between the eyelashes. This “trompe l’oeil” effect really fills them out.
Experts use eyelash curlers. They are very effective but require a certain skill to use.
The contemporary mascara base creates a similar effect – and in addition, makes any type of mascara waterproof.
Apply two coats; barely let it dry before applying your mascara.
Try this trick for an interesting look: use a brush to apply a coloured or metallic eye shadow to the tip of your eye lashes. For fair eye lashes, use a golden colour. This detail changes everything.
Cover Yourself! – tips for concealers
Your complexion is crucial for a flawless face. The goal is to unify the colour as much as possible, and for that, we have tricks that are as easy as photoshop.
A concealer is the basic all–purpose tool: it unifies the complexion, conceals red spots around the nostrils or on the cheeks, covers up undereye circles and hides blemishes.
Select a colour that’s a little lighter than your complexion. Gently pat on the fluid texture for a smooth finish. There are cream concealers that can also be applied over your foundation.
Don’t use it directly for under eye circles, as you may achieve the opposite effect. To conceal dark circles, you can slightly deepen the colour of the concealer by mixing it with a little bit of foundation.
In fact, one of the easiest ways to deal with under eye circles is by diversion: adding a touch of a highlighter on the inner corner of your eye, to draw the eye elsewhere.
It’s embarrassing … tips for blush
Blush is to the complexion what vitamins are to your health: an easy way to help keep you looking your best. You can’t overlook this vitality booster, but, just like vitamins, you have to find the right dose.
Complexion - For the shade, select the colour that is closest to the glow of your skin after you exercise. In general, fair complexions will opt for a pink or rosy shade, while darker complexions, where natural blushing is not so readily visible, you can use golden or coppery shades.
Texture - Texture is upto you – but if you use a powder type, you will have to powder your face first to make sure it blends perfectly.
Smile – apply powder on the apple of your cheek that appears when you smile, blend away at the hairline and dust lightly onto the bridge of the nose.
Cream blushers create a very natural look. Try blending them sheerly over the cheeks. Pale gold shades can also be used to highlight the inner corner of the eye.
Debutante or Diva?
It’s fun to try different looks. You can explore opposites using the same ingredients.
The debutante look implies a fairly sophisticated look, with nuanced effects that are calculated just enough to be visible.
Eyes: apply a black eye liner or kohl to the base of the eyelashes, smudging it with a cotton swab as you hold the outer edge of your eyelid.
Mouth: red. It’s the only choice and its beautiful even if you have thin lips. For a matte effect, blot off excess lipstick with a tissue.
A dash of loose powder and brown mascara for the perfect chic.
DIVA – the diva throws nuances out of the window
Eyebrows: accentuate them by applying a white highlighter over the brow bone
Cheeks: a mauve blush
Mouth: slightly glossy red
Eyes: this is the key point. You can’t use too much kohl. To create an intense look, apply it all around the eyelid; smudge it with your finger and then reapply and smudge – at least three or four times. The mascara has to be black, and lots of it.
All that stuff …. Forget it !
Shake up a few commonplace ideas and step into the light.
“A pretty mouth is a full mouth” we’ve seen too many women transform from human beings into sea monsters. Please, don’t do anything! And if nature gave you a small mouth with thin lips, don’t think you have to coat them with a transparent gloss or light pink.
First try to outline the natural contour of your lips, with a dark-coloured lip liner. You’ll be surprised!
“Flashy colours aren’t classy” so that means blue eyelids, orange lipstick or fuchsia gloss aren’t allowed! Personally, I think they’re much more fun than beige, and simply tell yourself that you never know until you try.
“Makeup can camouflage every flaw” every eye shape, every length of nose size, every mouth size is perfect, especially if it’s yours! Forget about ideal proportions, beauty depends on character. If something bothers you about your face, don’t try to hide it. Instead, highlight what you like – that’s all everyone will see!
The eyebrows are the frames of your eyes. To illustrate just how important they are, look at the same painting in different frames – convincing, isn’t it?
We are used to seeing a shape of eyebrows that conforms to virtually anthropomorphic criteria. As for me, I think that all forms are acceptable, and they don’t need much to look right.
Comb them in every direction and decide for yourself what looks the most natural. Use scissors to cut the ends of any hairs that are too long and pluck out any stray hairs.
Keep it a bit unstructured – it makes your face look more dynamic. For makeup, use powder or pencils, depending on your skill with each of these tools. For a more structured look, hold them in place with an eyebrow gel.
Such a Star
An evening, a cocktail, a date: you are there to shine. No need to overdo it, it’s not a carnival! Here are two ultra simple and extremely effective options.
Shimmering Skin: try iridescent powders. Blend an iridescent powder with a matte or satin powder for a look that barely sparkles. This is the effect people notice most.
Powder your face, neck, décolleté and shoulders. If you have fair skin, opt for the pinks; if its darker, golden beiges are perfect.
For an intense, smouldering look, go easy for the smoky eye. Apply eyeliner or kohl to the inside edge of the eyelid along your eye. If you have a steady hand, apply it in the middle eastern fashion on the rims of your eyelids.
Over your mascara, dust the tips of your eyelashes with an iridescent powder. if you use an eye shadow, add a dot of a pearly white pencil to the centre of the eyelid and smudge with your finger.
Finally, use a fluffy brush to apply a brown or gold cream eye shadow. It’s a daring look. But it’s a special night. Right?
Smile! Tips for lipstick
Adding colour to your lips is the most symbolic gesture of femininity. But don’t forget that lipstick is the one makeup that’s requires the most touching up. You should therefore apply it carefully from the beginning.
Before you start, apply a nourishing and moisturising lip protector and blot to absorb any excess.
Well moisturised lips will repay your efforts as the contours will stay sharply defined. Your lipstick will also last longer and be more luminous.
To define your lips, first smile. For a natural look, start from the centre of your lips and work to the edges. If you’re not sure, try it in the other direction – you’ll see!
Using a lip liner is a guaranteed way to increase the lasting power of a lipstick. Two-in-one items now exist that create clean lines and add full, deep colour.
To keep lipstick and even gloss lasting as long as possible, fill in the colour by sketching the surface of your lips with the liner. If the pencil is dense enough, you can even use it alone to add colour.
The Travelling Kitty
If you travel a lot or are constantly on the run, you can carry a basic kit with the essential tools for creating any makeup effect.
Tip: Think about buying a transparent bag. You’ll save precious time finding what you need with your eyes, rather than your fingers.
Essentials: a concealer and/or a makeup base. Fine grained skin and a flawless complexion are the two aspects most quickly affected by time. These tools can bring them back.
A foundation: Yours, the one you can apply with your eyes closed, because you know it suits you. In other words, it’s the right colour for you. To select it, I advise testing it on your face in daylight.

  • The shade that’s imperceptible is yours. Don’t hesitate to test them in stores, where a salesperson can recommend a texture you like.
  • The Interchangeables: a chocolate, purple or indigo eyeliner that can also double as an eye shadow smudged out from the lashline with a fingertip.
  • A highlighter: you can also use to set off the arch of your eyebrows or cheekbones. Our cream eye shadows are absolutely terrific for this.

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priya nigam [ 10 Feb 2012 ]
dear mam or sir meri merriage hone wali hai or mujhe pata nahi hai ki mai kya karu mene abhi ta palour bhi book nahi huya hai mai apne bajatmai book karna chahti hu lekin parlour wali to 10 se 15 hazar mang rahi hai mai kya karu pleasehelp me

Nirmala Prabhakaran [ 15 Apr 2012 ]
Internationally qualified cosmetologist would like to associate in regards to pre bridalcare - head to toe and bridal make up.