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Anirudh and Shruthi

By Sharjeel Ahmed

This wedding at Mangalore Gopala Krishna Temple was nothing short of a visual treat. Em-Cee Events, who organised the regal affair, made it incredibly remarkable with surplus amount of magnificence and colours.

The Mangalore Gopala Krishna Temple was all decked up and laced with sophistication and grandeur for the royal wedding of the gorgeous couple Peradala Shruthi (daughter of Vidya and Satheesh Kadamanaya) and Belpu Anirudh Rao (son of Radha and Belpu Narayan Rao). The bride is a working professional and the groom is from hotel business background. Though it was an arranged marriage, Shruthi and Anirudh exuded comfortable chemistry which was palpable. It was organised by Em-Cee Events, and every event oozed out richness and class. “It was a very grand event and the reception alone had around a thousand people. We had planned every single detail meticulously to achieve this”, said Mr Kranti, owner of Em-Cee Events. Em-Cee Events is a wedding planning and production company and is one-of-a-kind in the whole of South India. Em-Cee Events brings in the suave and urbane elements to every event they take up. They work closely with their clients to plan and execute a wedding that is unique and affluent. “We also give trials of the decor to our clients that nobody else does”, Kranti says. Driven by a huge and passionate team, Em-Cee Events makes sure the celebrations go on smoothly with a hint of elegance and a dash of glamour. Back to the wedding now...

Pre-Wedding Rituals

For the pre-wedding rituals and the wedding itself, the bride and groom were dressed in traditional Brahmin attire; the groom in a white topless dhoti and the bride in a gold-hued saree. In keeping with Brahmin traditions, Naandi, a small ceremony was performed 10 days before the wedding day. It is believed that once Naandi is performed, the wedding could not be postponed, even if there is a birth or death in the family. Next was performed a traditional ritual where the groom sat on his mother’s lap and his father cut a few hairs from his head. This symbolises the beginning of a new life. The groom then sat in front of a Tulasi Katte and women poured holy water on him to bless him. The groom then wore old flip-flops (made of Tengina Haale, which are dried leaves of areca nut), earrings (made of rice flour), and carried an old umbrella while holding a stick in his hand. He then pretended to go to Kashi to spend the rest of his life there. The bride’s father then pretended to stop and persuade him to stay back by marrying his daughter. This ritual is called the Kashi Yatra. The symbolism of this ritual is that the groom had the option to leave worldly pleasures and become an ascetic or be a householder.

Tying the Knot

After an array of traditional pre-wedding rituals, it was finally time for the Muhurtham. The décor done for the Mandapam was to die for, all the elements used were natural and eco-friendly like banana stem, arecanut, nandi batlu, sugarcane etc. Food was served in banana leaves, keeping in line with Brahmin traditions. The reception, however, was a lavish and contemporary affair with grand celebrations that saw the biggest of hoteliers and businessmen revelling in joy. Dressed in a traditional saree, the bride looked gorgeous while dressed up in a formal suit, the groom oozed elegance. Guests relished the sumptuous spread and a cheerful ethos continued throughout the evening. The celebration vibe continued even after all the events were completed as this striking couple took a plunge towards their new life.

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