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Adding twinkle to your smile

By Priyanka Swami

Keeping your dental health at ease, plan your wedding presents the latest trends in the dental scape for you to add that wink to your chuckle.

This is the grandest event in every women‘s life as it marks the transition of a woman from being a Daddy’s little doll to becoming her man’s queen. Being a bride, in fact being the most beautiful, charming and gorgeous one, is a not only a dream for zillions but is an enormous task in itself. And in this process, how can you ignore the most important and the best gift given to you by the almighty himself—your beautiful, sparkling ‘smile’.

Aren’t you going to flaunt the perfect one? Well that’s exactly what dental care centers offer. One such unit, Dentem believes that women are born beautiful, with their smiles being the most charming part of it all, and their minimal treatment at low, cost effective budget policy is an amazing add-on. Their team of highly qualified, experienced and dedicated cosmetic dentists gives you a smile, which is not just naturally appealing to your beautiful face, but also blends well within the contours of it. Cosmetic dentistry (including smile designing) gifts a lot of people with an aesthetically pleasing, attractive and super dazzling smile that makes an everlasting impression on others.

Zoom Whitening

Well, have you noticed marks on your teeth that do not go even after brushing twice daily? Or does that dark yellow shade of yours bothers you? Are you shy of flaunting a hearty smile amongst your people? If these are the questions that are bothering you and giving you pre wedding jitters, then here’s a quick, long lasting and the most advanced solution—Zoom Whitening.

Zoom whitening is a recent and the latest of all professional whitening systems available in dentistry. Teeth whitening or bleaching as it is commonly called, is a process that lightens the shade or colour of your teeth by using a biocompatible oxidising material, (commonly hydrogen peroxide) in various formulations. Your teeth can be lightened till the shade that you desire to achieve. Oral prophylaxis is a part of this procedure. You also get post bleaching maintenance kits that you can use after wedding celebrations and parties are over. These kits are alternatively also called as Home Bleaching Kits .The kits comprise of bleaching trays and another biocompatible material that can be used during the night time for teeth whitening.

Tooth Jewellery

Have you ever felt that while flaunting your perfect 32 Whites something is missing or you are almost near to achieving that premolar to premolar smile but something is not there? Relax ladies, the concept of tooth jewellery is here!

Tooth jewellery (like twinkles, dental gems etc) come in different shapes (round or triangular), sizes and a variety of colours like sapphire blue, emerald green ,ruby, diamond, just to name a few. The jewel implanted on the tooth is made up of a biocompatible material, which implies that it is relatively safe and as such no side effects have been reported till date. Getting tooth jewellery on your tooth is very cost effective. It’s almost equivalent to a single visit to beauty parlours. It’s a cosmetic procedure that just enhances and makes their smiles sparkle and medically has no downsides.

Smile Designing

Dear Brides, looking amazingly stunning just doesn’t end here. A Smile Designing or a makeover is a procedure that encompasses treatments like Dental Veneers, Dental Laminates (porcelain or composites) and the latest Zirconia (metal free crowns) that ensures you a beautiful smile. This cosmetic procedure takes into consideration one’s facial appearance, skin tone, hair colour, teeth (colour, width, length, shape and tooth display), gum tissue and lip contour to give you an aesthetically pleasing and an ideal smile.

One should note that this treatment is advocated only for those smiles that are already pretty but can become a lot more attractive and functionally more apt and stable by merely making a little alteration in your existing one. Your existing teeth are slightly reduced, i.e. only very little enamel is removed and shaped appropriately so that the new crowns can be seated on them firmly. The major advantage that comes with it is that it prolongs the life of your existing dentition and moreover these Zirconia crowns are almost there with you for your entire life.

So, don’t sit back and revel in your dental distress, get on with these amazing procedures and flash a beauty!

Dr Gunita Singh, cosmetic and laser dental surgeon at Dentem, the dental and orthodontic clinic


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