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A Guide to Finding your Wedding Day Fragrance

By Sheen Jain

Sail your way smelling effortlessly good through your big fat Indian wedding!

Image Courtesy: Brooke Tyson Photography

‘Petrichor’, the smell of the earth after rain, that takes us right back to our childhood when we let our paper boats into rivulets of water making them rivers. Smells have a way of doing that, taking us back to the exact moment when life was joyous; wedding day fragrances do just that. The smell of that fragrance worn by the bride and the groom transports them right back to when they were taking the most important vows of your life.

Fragrances worn by the bride and the groom however, tend to take a backseat to everything else. In the grand scheme of things, how the bride and the groom smell seems insignificant. Besides the smell, fragrances also keep you fresh and help you avoid looking like a hot, sweaty mess what with clothes and baubles you are stuffed into.




However, the right kind of fragrance must be chosen, one that will suit you, and endure the festivities of an Indian wedding. The basics of fragrances must be understood to make the perfect choice. All scents we use can be put into one of eight basic categories that exist.


Floral: The largest group of fragrances and the most widely used are based in the natural scent of flowers. They lend femininity to perfumes for women and for men they create a romantic aura. Mostly they are the first ones picked and are easily applied. Elemis with its ‘Life Elixirs’ collection, is the epitome of floral and feminine scents for women.

Citrusy: As the name suggests these are tangy scents derived from lime, lemon, tangerines etc., and bergamot for men. They are fresh, sharp, uplift the senses and are perfect for daytime use.

Oriental: These are warm and musky scents. They are heavy and sensual, with animal based smells, amber being the dominant ingredient; this makes them perfect for intimate settings such as a romantic night out.

Fruity: A major and significant part of women’s fragrances, fruity smells are sweet and pleasant. Mango, apple, peach among other fruits are popular in this category. Very rarely do men’s fragrances have a fruity smell; at most they have apple based aromas.

Woody (Chypre): A strong combination of mossy and woody, Chypre scents are mostly unisex or for women and very rarely for men. This is a classic and somewhat mild scent that has ingredients sourced mostly from the Mediterranean. Maximum, by Natio for men falls right into this category; although it starts off as citrusy, what is left behind after the top note evaporates is a warm, woody smell.

Oceanic/Fresh: A modern invention, these scents are synthetic. They are extremely fresh and pleasant smelling and are made to resemble the smell of mountains, fresh air, the sea, clean linen etc.

Spicy: One of the more popular aromas, spicy scents are hedonistic and sharp. With notes of clove, ginger, cinnamon, pepper etc. being dominant these make for long lasting and alluring scents.

Leather: This one is exclusively for men. One of the earliest aromas in the business, leathery scents are also based in animalistic notes that can be sourced naturally and can be synthetically created as well.

Not only is the smell of the wedding day fragrance used a factor, but the type of fragrance used also is a deciding factor in picking out the one that is best for you. The higher the fragrance concentration, the longer it stays on and can be picked up by the olfactory senses. Parfum has the highest concentration of 20% to 30%, is the most expensive and lasts for about six to eight hours. While Eau fraiche has the lowest concentration of 1% to 3%; it has a water base and is the least expensive. Everything else like Eau de toilette, Eau de Cologne, attar, Eau de Parfum fall in between this spectrum with varying concentration levels.

Making the final decision…

Aromatherapy specialist and expert Rupal Shabnam Tyagi, founder of Wikka Potions Aromatherapy says that, “Sense of smell is the strongest of all the senses, and only fragrance has the power to transport you to any place and any time in your memory instantly.”

Choosing the right kind of wedding day fragrance hasn’t always been a priority for couples, this is however changing. On this she says, “Fragrance is an untapped sector in weddings as people look to pictures and videos to reinforce their memories of the day. As of late though, young couples have started taking fragrances more seriously as it is a nostalgic day for them and they create bridges to the past on this day, their sense of smell being an important part of it.”

Giving her advice, she added that, “brides should wear perfumes with either notes of rose, jasmine, frangipani or ylang ylang creating a floral aura around her and grooms should go with scents that are strong, musky, woody and spicy those have warmth to them.”

The final decision is up to the person themselves though; to this end she concluded, “choosing a perfume is an intensely personal decision. The perfume chosen should make the person happy and feel good about them. At the end of the day they should choose what makes them happy more than anything else.”

The skin type also plays a role in deciding the perfect perfume. Each fragrance and the type of perfume it is will react differently according to skin type. Dry skin has a tendency to hold on to a fragrance longer than oily skin and the higher the body temperature the faster the scent will evaporate.




Although not at the top of the list, wedding day fragrances are coming up in popularity. From high end to drug store, to bespoke there is no dearth of aromas that will suit your senses. So with this guide in hand, go choose the perfect fit for you

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