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A Guide on Dressing For Your Body Type for the Groom

By Richa

While everyone talks about the bride choosing the wonderful wedding dress, but most forget that the same holds true for the groom as well. Here’s helping the dapper man choose the right style according to his body type.

It was earlier believed that wedding just revolves around a bride and much importance was given to building the bridal trousseau, while the groom was troubled by his limited attire. However, things have changed now and the groom, who shares the centre stage with the bride, is equally in the limelight. Also, when everyone is admiring the bride, her eyes will be paying attention only to the groom. So, the most important man of the day needs a suitable collection of Indian wedding outfits, to complement his lady in gorgeous Indian bridal finery.

While we often associate the ladies with dressing for their figures, guys could use just as much help in dressing for their body type. Doesn’t matter if you’re shopping at a premium store or planning on a custom made design, any well-dressed man will tell you that it always comes down to the fit. There’s nothing more uncomfortable (or more unflattering) than wearing clothes that don’t fit you correctly. Holding your breath to tuck your tummy in will turn you into a shade of purple. So, dear groom, it’s time to alter your style to complement your body type rather than blindly following trends - so you look flattering and well-groomed without any hassles.

A few basic points before we get into it. No matter what your body type, certain prints and cuts will do things (visually) to any silhouette that will expand or reduce the size of a particular attribute. Repeating, thin, vertical lines? They’ll slim you. Patterned pants? They’ll make your legs smaller. Remember that any advice given to you on this topic is a blanket statement, but also that recommendation for certain clothes in relation to a particular body type, is all about an aesthetic give-and-take. Certain things work better for specific body types because they enhance the positive and detract from the negative. Keep that in mind as we go forward.

Human bodies come in all shapes and sizes and not everyone resembles a fashion model for menswear collection. Some tricks to conceal the undesired areas in the body, can easily transform the groom into the most desirable man in the wedding arena. So here’s helping you choose the right Indian-wear style for your shape…


The Stocky Body: This type of body needs Indian wedding costumes that give a leaner appearance. If you have a heavy body on the top, then kurtas with flowing fabrics are better choices against more structured sherwani looks that will highlight the bulge at the waist. A relaxed sherwani however will suit the form.

“If want your mid-section to look flatter, don’t assume tight or baggy wedding dress will hide it. On the contrary, tight groom dress will draw attention to the flab; while a baggy outfit will make you look bulkier. Your groom dress should be not too tight or baggy. Sherwanis and jodhpuris with panels are a big no-no. The panels will make you look bigger,” suggested designer Lalit Dalmia.
“You can get away with wearing two solid colours and look slimmer and leaner in the bargain. Pick vibrant colours, but make sure the top and bottom are of contrasting colours,” he further added.

Wearing a dhoti or a pre-fitted dhoti style bottom with the kurta/ sherwani will take the attention away from the midriff as the silhouette widens below. A loose fitting open jacket with faint embellishments or a stole wrapped around the neck will accentuate the outfit, simultaneously camouflaging the bulk.

The Skinny and Lanky Body: If you have lean and tall frame then you need designs that will add some breadth to your appearance. An outfit that cuts the silhouette horizontally is a good option for such bodies. A western suit or a shorter kurta with Nehru jacket would be great options. Another wise choice would be the hip covering bandgalas with broader bottoms like salwars or dhotis.
The idea here is to give width to the legs and escaping longer profiles, by avoiding long straight cut sherwanis and kurtas. The lean and tall structure has the advantage of going for more colour play or embellishments in the outfit. As darker hues make the wearer appear slimmer, the lean and tall body type can choose eye pleasing pastels. Plus - stoles, shawls or jackets can help in adding volume to the entire look.

The Shorter Body: To give an illusion of height, the legs should appear longer. So it would be wise not to cover them with long sherwanis and kurtas. Any top that does not venture below the knees would be a good choice like a shorter kurta, jodhpuri bandgala, achkan or pant-suit. “Short Indian men should avoid fusion and should stick to either complete western or complete ethnic,” suggested Designer Karan Arora.

While Mr. Dalmia added that “vertically challenged men should go for an ornate turban that will keep eyes of others on their face and prevent them from pondering over your height. A pagadi from satin and decorated with jewels will add a few inches to your height. Also don’t wear an outfit with too much embellishment and trimming, as it will attract attention to your stature.”

Trick with Accessories…

It is true that finishing touches make all the difference. “Since a man is more about detailing, he should avoid loud attires and accessories in his wardrobe. Nice watch, bracelet, leather chappals, five pair of glasses for five different days, good belt without throwing a brand on your face is a must have in your closet, opines Mr. Arora.
On the other hand Mr. Dalmia said “broch, kalgi or sarpech, haar, pocket square and cufflinks are the must-have accessories for every Indian groom this summer wedding season.”

Match with the Bride

While choosing his Indian wedding attire, the groom can also consider the bride’s wedding outfit. By matching the colour or embroidery with the bride, the couple will look made for each other, in their complementing dresses. The groom’s outfit can display a hint from the bride’s outfit colour or maybe a harmonising stole can work as a charm in bringing their looks together.


• Very nice silk kurta with beige colours, onion pink and mustards for day function
• Good Chikankari sherwanis, ajkan should be there for mehendi or night functions
• Bandh gala goes perfect for reception
• Nice tuxedo fits well for cocktail (One should go for international brands since they are good in designing and fittings)
• For the D-Day - Well defined sherwanis or ajkans paired with good leather chappals should be the choice.
• Inputs taken from designer Mr. Karan Arora

Know when to pass on a trend

Sometimes, when trends blow up, we try to make it work in our wardrobes. While the final decision is up to you, sometimes, certain trends (and the clothes therein) look better on some body types than they do on others. That’s not to say you shouldn’t experiment—the best trends usually spawn variations that will indirectly accommodate variations in shape and size. However, you should also trust your gut. If you don’t think you can pull it off while you’re looking in the changing room mirror, you should take that into consideration.

Regardless of your size, get close with the tailor

It is very much important to establish a good relationship with your tailor (or someone who can help make alterations to your clothing). Even if you’re of an average build, almost everyone is better served by having a skilled tailor tackle their clothing. It matters, whether it’s narrowing sleeve width for the skinny guys, or tweaking shoulder bulk and pant length if you’re stocky. While individual brands may fit better than others, very rarely will something fit off the rack, even for the same guy. And before you complain about how expensive hiring a tailor is, think of it this way: you spend your hard earned money on your wardrobe; why not pay a little extra to make it look even better? That’s not even including alterations you can get for free.

Mr. Arora further said “there are no such clever tricks to hide flaws. The groom should be confident, sharp and the detailing has to be prominent. He should hide his flaws and carry himself with poise. Trend doesn’t matter if you are comfortable in what you are wearing and how you are carrying comfort zone. It’s not necessary to wear ajkan with a juti, you can pair it up with good leather chappals as well.”

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