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7 Beauty Care Tips for Grooming the Groom

By Asra Shaheen

All you grooms-to-be out there, if you thought beauty care in the run up to your wedding was a girlie thing and that it’s enough for you to sweat it out in gym for six-pack abs, think again! Gone are the days when an aftershave was just about it. Today, a healthy, glowing skin is as much desirable for grooms as it is for brides. Here are some handy beauty care tips for you to look stunningly charming on D-day.

Handle Your Hair with Care: Use a shampoo that suits your hair type – dry, oily or normal. For the best effect, use a good conditioner so that your hair glows with a lustrous texture even after lathering and washing with shampoo. When in a hurry, many of us mindlessly rub our hair with towel. Steer clear of this habit as it damages the cuticles. Hot shower may sound appealing in winters but nothing can be more damaging to your hair. Lukewarm water is the best. Keep the comb away as long as water is dripping from your hair after shower.

Right Style and Cut for Your Locks: Experimenting at last minute is an absolute no-no. It is always better to go for something that suits your face cut and personality. Get a hair cut close to your wedding but not too close. Try out streaking, highlights or coloring well in advance so that there are no unpleasant surprises for your beloved.

Nail it Well: Well manicured nails, fingers, hands and feet speak loads about your personality. Having clean, manicured nails not only adds sheen to your look but also enhances your personality. Visit a salon two-three days before the wedding for manicure and pedicure. You could also do it yourself by regularly buffing, filing, trimming and shaping nails and exfoliating the dry skin.

Glowing Glory: After cleansing and toning your skin with the right cleanser and toner, nourish your skin with a moisturizer with SPF factor. This will protect your skin throughout the day. In addition, having a facial done a week ahead of the wedding would be perfect.

Shave well on the morning of your wedding. Take care to trim your beard or moustache. The right way to go is pat your face with a hot towel to soften the hairs and then layer shave using a new razor. Needless to say this should be done before wearing the wedding attire.

For a Sparkling Smile: Your wedding is gonna be a “cheesy affair” all throughout! Oops, what we really mean is that you will be constantly requested for “Say cheese” moments. The face will have to be lit up with that million dollar smile from start to finish. So cut down your intake of coffee, tea and alcohol for stain-free teeth. There are many do-it-your self products for dental care. You could also visit a dentist a fortnight before the wedding.

No hairy apes, please: While some people have scanty hair growth over their bodies, others are not so lucky. Get rid of the unwanted hair growth in your ears and nose for a pleasant and well-groomed appearance. A hairy chest is no longer a symbol of desire. Shave the hair on your chest and pamper your body with a rejuvenating massage for the best effect.

Health is Beauty: Cosmetics and beauty care products cannot play magic wand on your skin. Good diet is the most essential requirement for healthy body and mind. Your daily diet should provide you with all the necessary vitamins and minerals. Drink eight glasses of water as it brings a distinct glow to your skin. Avoid oily and packaged foods and increase the consumption of fresh fruits and vegetables.

The CTMP of Skin Care
By Dr Ram Kishore-Pittala

C for Cleansing
T for Toning
M for Moisturization
P for Protection

I recommend the use of organic products to maintain a healthy skin. I really don’t suggest applying fruit packs on face at home as you need to know the proper PH levels of the product before application. For example, when you apply fresh yogurt it really helps on dry skin and mature skin, whereas fermented yogurt, helps oily skin. Have a check on your diet; more fiber and fluids in your diet really help you have a fantastic skin. I recommend carrots, cucumbers, tomatoes and fruit salads, which give a 100% glow, rather than just rubbing on the face.

Dr Ram Kishore-Pittala, Celebrity Grooming Advisor and Image Consultant.



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