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10 Vanity Kit Essentials

By Swati Khatri

Let’s talk about ten essential products you should carry in your vanity case post your wedding day.

Picture Courtesy:Star Salon and Academy

So you are already married and want to start each day of your new life with confidence on your face. Plan Your Wedding brings you your vanity case essentials.

Moisturiser – No other skin care product can beat the good old moisturiser. You must have often heard make up gurus preaching about the benefits of moisturising your skin. A good moisturiser will hydrate your skin and spare you that arid feel on your face.
Concealer- Using a concealer will help you conceal the imperfections on your face. It will help you hide those blemishes and under eye circles. Apply concealer before your make up and see the radiant change you always wanted to achieve.
Foundation- The base of a good make up is a good foundation. It is required to give you that even look and even cover up those skin flaws. Aashmeen Munjal, owner, Star Salon and Academy says “Foundations do more than even out skin tones and conceal blemishes; it also helps your skin appear dewier, stronger and healthier”. When choosing a foundation you can choose from thick cream foundation to tinted powdered base ones.
Kaajal- When it comes to make up one can say a woman is incomplete without those smoky eyes. Bharati Taneja, Director, Alps beauty Clinic says “Kaajal is a staple for Indian beauty as it outlines the eyes to make them appear more beautiful. The lower lashes need to be accentuated to match the upper lids and kaajal does the trick by giving them an impressive lining”. When choosing a kaajal make sure to go for a good quality smudge free one to have that defined look for the whole day.
Eye liner- “Using eyeliner gives the opportunity not only to change eye’s shape, but it also fills in sparse looking lashes. Eyeliner emphasizes the shape of the eye by framing the eyelid and accentuating the lash line” says Nidhi Khurana, owner, Brush Strokes by Nidhi. You can also experiment with the colour of your eye liner from neutrals to metallic shades. Choose from liquid, pencil or gel based liners.
Lipstick –There is rare a woman who won’t admit having an inborn love for lipsticks. Lipstick helps you get that classic pink look or that trendy shimmery look without much effort. While choosing a lip shade remember your lip colour should complement the colour of your outfit and not be the exact matching of it.
Blush- A new bride is incomplete without a glow on her face. Blush helps you give the desired glow. “One product in your makeup bag that can immediately brighten your complexion is blush. Just a dust of it across your cheeks can make that tired, sallow looking skin healthy and radiant” says Aashmeen.
Nail Polish- Often overlooked by many, we will say nail polish is essential to give your hands and feet a pretty and clean look. Well manicured hands with matching nail paint is all one needs. “Nail polish is like the icing on the cake when it comes to dressing up. It’s also important as it portrays that you care about your look in a good way” says Nidhi.
Perfume- Nothing is more attractive than a sweet fragrance. It’s often said your fragrance talks about your persona. So why should a new bride not sprinkle that delicate fragrance all over herself. Go for a soft, subtle scent that revives you entirely.
Make up remover- while taking care of your looks don’t forget to remove your make up before you go to bed. It’s important for your skin to breathe while you are sleeping. While removing make up no matter how tempting it is don’t forget to remove that long stay kaajal with a liquid eye makeup remover. You can also use good quality cleansing milks or make up removing wipes to remove your face make up.

 Picture Courtesy:Star Salon and Academy

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